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  1. The following message is taken from my other weblog

    What started as a horrible day turned out to be great. My parents went out around 3 and are gone for the night and noone was interested in doing anything, so I made Daniela ask her dad if I could come over. Well I could, so I hopped in my truck (oh I'm so illegal) and I drove over.

    I met her dad, pretty cool guy. He was a little bit hard to understand at times but thats because I'm deaf. Daniela translated all of it though. So anyway, we did some homework which was the 'main' reason I went over. Her dad was sitting there and I watched some of the Flyers game with him. Then I watched some videos of Albania. They apparently don't have deep water there, because people were standing for miles in the beach. Then some secret tape of her singing came on and she flipped out. She fed me some pizza (come on, that's the main reason you hang with girls, AM I RIGHT?) and I met her mom who was nice and called me respectable, then we looked at some class ring stuff and then I bailed. So I was there from 4-8:30. Fun stuff. I skipped some parts but I'm too lazy to go back and type them

    I guess I got myself all worked up when I could just go out and do the same thing. Breaks aren't so bad. I can do the same thing everyone else can. And that's that for now, I might do something later tonight but it depends on who's around

    So you were all right, keep trucking. I rocked the house and I will forever. Hail to the King baby!

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    2. lupinx_resurrected


      Wait... earlier you were in the dumps, and now you live out a great time? Your mood changes scare me...

      Glad you got over it though.

    3. Job


      Hanging with non-exes can be very therapeutic. You've discovered one of the ancient secrets - congrats.

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Ralphis said:

      On a sad note, Flyers just lost against Maple Leafs

      You should be thrilled that you don't have to watch hockey for like another 7 months.