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  1. Oh wait no I'm not.

    But really, odd week.

    House is in jeopardy and we won't have any transportation much longer. Sheeet.

    I'm working my ass off though, including trying to get in some large jazz bands. I'm in the Swarthmore college jazz band (!) which is good, because it looks good on college apps. Also I have a job now.

    College is stupid, I don't even know what I want to be yet and I have to decide so soon. Music, or I'm starting to like physics. Maybe if I enjoy physics for two more years I'll be a physics major. But do physics majors get jobs other than school teachers? If so it sounds more appealing than my real passion, music. GAY

    Girls are weird. I'm sure most of you remember my rants about ex-girlfriend Britta. Well she all came back around and apparently has been trying to subtly make my current girlfriend go away. Ok...not going to happen. But hey, I don't let other people pick and choose my friends so she can go away. I feel bad for her a little though. Reasons I won't mention here I guess.

    How about those Eagles getting stomped? WTF was that anyway? Christ.

    Haven't had work in like 6 days, but I work 5 hours sunday so I guess that's like, money. For working. Working isn't bad, I like fridays. I like cashing _my_ own paycheck that _I_ worked for. It's a gratifying feeling, you know?

    UDM3 should be wrapped up soon. Can't wait because then I think all doom editors must be deleted. I just don't have time anymore to actually make the stuff. Also, I'm more creative when it comes to music than architechture anyway.

    Well, time to goto sleep. I stayed home today because I thought it would make me feel good but really it just made me feel stupid for missing school for no reason. Bai2u!

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    2. pritch


      I would do your major in physics then if you pursue music you always have something to fall back on, plus you will be interesting at parties...


    3. DooMer87


      Ralphis said:


      Do I see a similarity between Ralphis and Dr.Doom?

    4. deathz0r


      Danarchy said:

      <> * Ralphis has quit IRC ("IM LEAVING FOREVER")
      <deathz0r> give him 10 minutes, max
      <Duker900> deathz0r: ill see your ten and raise you five
      <KorrineD> I'll see the fifteen and raise you.

      And I still stick by that guess whenever Ralphis announces that he quits something.