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  1. Ok so prom was two nights ago. It was just so awesome I never got here to talk about it.

    So let's explain the high points of the night

    My date is in another class altogether so she was going as my date, not together if you understand what I'm saying. She informed me in the car she was going out with her friends instead of I after the prom. How insulting. I told her to shut up.

    So I get to the airport marriot where the prom is at. And I goto park. Only to get the parking vouchers designed for us, we were supposed to go to level 2. That's fine. Except we thought to go to level 2 you had to go through level 1. 45 minutes of considering going up downramps I just payed 3 bucks and hopped back on 95 and came back into the airport to try again. We finally got to level 2.

    So in the prom she was acting retarded and she's supposed to double as my girlfriend and all of that. Anyway, I found her being a whore as expected so I dumped her in the middle of prom on the dance floor. Classic! I intended to do it afterwords but I couldn't contain myself anymore. She spread news to her "friends" within 30 seconds. Too bad her friends always agree with me (because I'm always right), so they all came and danced with me. Anyway, I told her to find another ride home because she's such a ho.

    So with her gone my night picked up. I fast danced with hot girls. I slow danced with her friends. I was satisfied.

    So yea, had me losing a girlfriend/prom date just been it perhaps it could've been a bad night. BUT IT GETS BETTER

    I went to pick up my photos and someone stole them. 40 bucks down the shitter. Thanks to the cunt who took them.

    So I walk out to my car and realize that I left my lights on. So here I am with my buddy and his car and mine, only mine had no battery power. Fantastic. Great, we'll just jump it. Oh, we don't have any cables. So after a while we found someone with cables and I finally get out of there. OR SO I THOUGHT.

    First off, my glasses were in the bitch's purse. So I'm driving sort of blind. Luckilly, I can see fine for the most part. It was more of an inconvenience.

    The real kicker is losing my parking voucher. 3 dollars potentially turned into 32 dollars. After about a half hour of talking to these people they finally opened the god damned gate.

    So I finally get home like an hour and a half after the prom is over and me and my buddy and his date decide to go on over to my buddy's since he's throwing a party. So we drive over there and when I'm pulling up the girl's father calls and yells at me. I politely tell him "Your daughter's crazy." and he replies "I didn't ask for your opinion." and I said "Well you got it free of charge."
    That was fun. I hung up because I don't take no shit.

    So really now, I go inside and I have a lot of fun with my friends. And we all talk about how my date was retarded, because it's not like none of us didnt know this before the prom anyway. I just was too polite to tell her she wasnt coming after she got a dress. So then I decide, hey lets order some pizzas. So we order some pizzas and they never come. 40 minutes later I call the guy and he gives me an attitude. And tells me "Last time we called here you stiffed us."
    "What, so you didn't make our pizzas?"
    "No I didn't make you any pizzas."
    "Oh yea? Well yer a fuckin asshole."

    That happened at about 1:15. Good times. So I went home at 3:45. I had to wake up at 8:30 for theatre practice. It was nice.

    For all of the things that went wrong (which was everything), I had a fucking blast. I smiled practically the whole time because I realized that letting people make me unhappy just doesn't work. So, cheers! I hope the prom I goto next month is half as fun.

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    2. Sharessa


      Janderson said:

      + if highschool sucked then it was definitely all your fault.

      Try telling that to deadnail. Or the millions of other kids in America that grew up in a similar situation.

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Haha your prom was in an airport hotel.

      High school's been alright. But I think college will end up being the best time of my life. And it'll go downhill after that I'm sure.

      Our prom is seniors-only, meaning this is my year. It's not for another month but I guarantee it'll be better than Ralphis' prom. And I'll bring back pictures.

    4. Janderson


      Danarchy said:

      Try telling that to deadnail. Or the millions of other kids in America that grew up in a similar situation.

      Sorry man, but I don't know what kind of situation he grew up in, so maybe I was being a bit harsh. What kind of situation?

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