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  1. Ok, maybe some of you remember my disaster of a prom last month. If you don't, you can refresh your memory here.
    Anyway, I went to the senior prom last night and I have to say it was entertaining and fun and overall a way better night.

    We started with some huge ass limo a bunch of people ordered that fit 26 people. It was a ford excursion stretch. Personally, I didn't like it. When they say it fits 26 people, they meant it fits 16 comfortably. I would've rather driven my car, but it wasn't my prom.

    The prom was held at a place called King's Mill. I tried to find some pictures of it but I can't find any on google. Anyway, the place was a refurbished mill which is now used for special events and such. It looked great. It was all built out of stone and had a river and waterfall in the back. Good stuff.

    My date was great. Not a whore like my junior prom date (who recently contracted an STD, I love karma). We had a lot of fun there. I danced for about four hours, mostly with her. Good times.
    I was going to kiss her and just about went in for it but she did it before me. Interesting I guess. I knew it was going to happen eventually anyway so it wasn't surprising. Anyway, I guess we walked out of the prom as an "item". That's alright

    Afterprom was badass. They had a bunch of those moon bounce type things. One had a mechanical bull type setup, except people pulled ropes to move the bull while someone was on it. It would be easier to probably imagine it if I could find a picture of it. Anyway yea a lot of stuff happened there but I don't really feel like typing all of that up.

    I drove us all home around 5am I guess and I was happy to get home and goto sleep. So overall, the prom was great fun but a lot less dramatic. I sort of liked the drama of the junior prom, but probably only because it was MY prom.

    So today I woke up and the power blew out for about 2 hours. That sucked but oh well. Then I had a jazz band concert later in the day and I played two solos. My first one was great. I really liked what I did with it. However, I used up all of my steam on that one and when the second rolled around I made it sound like shit. I walked off pissed because it was so horrible. And what makes it even worse is that everyone always says "Great soloing!". I want to respond and be like "You must not have been listening/You're deaf." At least my family is brutally honest:

    Rob: Yea, that sucked. I could've played it better than you.

    Mom: What happened in the second song? It sounded like you were dying up there.

    I love the brutal honesty, and that's not sarcasm. People say trying is the most important thing, but not sucking ass is the truly most important thing.

    Yea, then we went to hibachis a bit ago and now I'm home and ready to goto bed. So, later fags

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      College girls touch me. ^_^

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      insertwackynamehere said:

      wow just shut up now. last time I brought that subject you'd have thought this place was fricken preschool what with the "eww no you didnt". so yeah, maybe we just all learned our lesson about posting are PERSONAL LIVES on an INTERNET FORUM where you are bound NOT TO GET ANY RESPECT HINT HINT RALPHIS IM LOOKING AT YOU

      Oh shut up you big baby.

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      YOu know, when retards start insulting you.... ugh man. Wacky.. ew