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  1. So I was at work earlier today and I thought about the Doom Community. Then I thought about the Doom Community's views...on everything! It then occured to me that "The Doom Community is never satisfied with anything. Ever."

    Does anyone care to disagree with this statement?

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    2. myk


      pritch said:

      That's the official line which, you'd want and expect BS to give as he's an admin.

      The truth is that the community is mostly fucking retarded, as in deed are most communities.

      Indeed, the more en masse people are, the higher the incidence of retardation.

      That's such brilliant thinking, my noble friend, that I'd be inclined to say you ought be counted not as a mere single man, but are worth a score, all by yourself.

    3. Arckra


      Danarchy said:

      A census on the Doom Community reveals that we all have 3 arms and own a hyena.

      I seem to be lacking that third arm. You own a hyena? I can agree with that too. I think.

    4. Scuba Steve