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  1. Here's my newest song. I hope you enjoy it.



    Destined to save this land
    Swimming through lakes and sand

    Zelda, just killed a man
    Had a triforce on his hand
    Cast evil across the land

    And Zelda, my job is done
    and now you'll all live to see the day

    Ohh Zelda, ooh ooh
    O'er the lands I ride
    I won't be back again this time tomorrow
    but carry on, carry on
    because Hyrule is what matters

    Zoras and Gorons too
    They helped me through my quest,
    helped me to become the best
    The Gerudo had bad attitudes
    Locked me in a cell to rott away

    Ohh Zelda, ooh ooh
    Back through time I go
    I saved the world and people will not know

    A hole I found
    A mask of pure evil in front of me, that wanted me

    My horse is gone
    Left alone
    All because of my quest for my buddy, oh navi

    Twisted World
    Broken clocks
    Evil crimes

    All these masks
    in my hands
    to save time

    This place is wrong
    It's not my world
    Where is mine?

    Send me back to Hyrule now I've saved the world for the final time

    But with time
    A new hero surely will rise
    Garbed in green he'll cleanse the skies
    of Hyrullllle

    1. rf`


      Sing INTO the microphone next time.

    2. Kenny McCormick

      Kenny McCormick

      Kickass!!! ...Except for that last stanza seems a bit...off....idk why. Just leaves something to be desired.

      Edit: I still think this one's better: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/lost