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  1. Everyone wish happy birthday to Samuel Horwitz, our resident insertwackynamehere! I am currently stalking him

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      heh wow i was gonna post a birthday thread but Ralphis remembered.. which is kinda creepy.. yeah heh thanks tho

      also can you believe i'm 17 and i've been here since i was 13? its such a weird feeling :P

    3. Use


      Scuba Steve said:

      Nobody remembered my birthday.

      Or mine. ;(

    4. Lüt


      Mine gets overshadowed by Ling's... it usually goes that I'll think about posting a thread but figure I'll do it in a few days, at which point I'm reminded Ling's a few days after me when he posts on time :P

      Though in the end the reason I don't post is probably because I don't care what anybody thinks, unless they have a spare $20,000 or so they'd care to send in a birthday card.