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  1. Ralph Vickers got mad, and the Orlando Magic got even.

    Trailing by 10 points at halftime and facing an unlikely 3-1 deficit, the Magic came out of the locker room with a postseason purpose and ambushed the Utah Jazz with a huge third quarter. After grabbing the lead, they never looked back en route to a 55-49 victory that evened their first-round series at two games each.

    As they have been for long stretches of this series, the Magic were flat in the first half, trailing by as many as 14 points. A frustrated Vickers picked up a technical foul just before halftime, which ended with the Jazz holding a 19-29 lead.

    William Koch scored 32 points and John Stockton added 17 for the Jazz, who return to Orlando for Game 5 on Tuesday at 7 p.m. ET on MAME TV.

    No but really, who's interested in joining an NBA Jam league and falling to Ralph Vickers and the Orlando Magic?

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    2. Danarchy


      Mutant League Football sucks. Real mutants using exploding footballs is better.

    3. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Doom sucks, real invasions of hellspawn are way better.

    4. Bucket


      Doomworld blogs suck, talking to real idiots is better.