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  1. Updated May 11th, 2020: Current version is at 0.8.3. Odamex is a multiplayer-centric client/server source port originally based on Zdoom 1.22/csDoom. Despite offering many modern features and comforts, the engine is also capable of playing back many vanilla Doom demos. In addition to its strong netcode, other significant modern features include a truecolor software renderer, widescreen, uncapped frame rates, on-the-fly wad loading, new game modes, and net demos with playback controls. So far, it has been reported to run on Windows, OSX, the common Linux distros, XBox, Wii, Switch and Amiga. Current version: 0.8.3 - May 10, 2020 Home: http://odamex.net Discord: https://discord.gg/aMUzcZE Github: https://github.com/odamex/odamex/ Sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/odamex/files/Odamex/
  2. Ralphis

    Odamex 0.8.3 (released May 10, 2020)

    Odamex has vid_320x200 and vid_640x400 modes. Is that what you're referring to as far as the scaling options?
  3. After a number of correspondences on the forums right here at Doomworld, Aubrey Hodges has released the Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack. Hodges' soundtrack was featured in the 1995 release of Doom on the Sony Playstation. The album features 26 uncut tracks from the original digital transfers. There is also a discussion thread about the release.
  4. Ralphis

    Odamex 0.8.3 (released May 10, 2020)

    We actually had a discussion about your original post and think that future improvements to the netgraph and netcode as a whole will allow you to achieve the same result (seeing how your simulation compares to the actual server and how often your client might be straying from it). Although we check this thread, the Odamex Discord is usually the best place for in-depth discussion.
  5. Ralphis

    Bobby Prince or Mick Gordon

    I love Bobby Prince's music, but the majority of what we hear in Doom is a simple riff set to a 12 or 16 bar blues. Nothing spectacular or notable about that. However, what he did very well was make those simple riffs and melodies memorable within that framework. Mick Gordon's music is cool but so different than they're nearly incomparable.
  6. Ralphis

    Odamex 0.8.3 (released May 10, 2020)

    I think this is just an unfortunate side effect of how SDL interprets those keys on non-US keyboards. All keys should be bindable from the controls menu, even if it says key #XXX.
  7. Ralphis

    Odamex 0.8.3 (released May 10, 2020)

    Odamex 0.8.3 * The Release * Odamex 0.8.3 has officially been released! Since there was no post made for Odamex 0.8.2, this post will cover the combined changes for both Odamex 0.8.2 and 0.8.3. Huge credit to AlexMax, Ch0wW, Dr. Sean, Hekksy, Hobomaster, HyperEye, JSD, Manc, so-sleepy, and vilhelmgray for all of their contributions that made these releases possible. Read on to view a more comprehensive changelog. * Input Lag Fix * Since the project moved to SDL2 with Odamex 0.8, some players complained of input lag. Particularly, this always seemed to be most noticed with the mouse. After years of racking our brains and reviewing all of our input code, we discovered that the issue was in fact caused by changes to the window manager in Windows 8 and Windows 10. To combat this, players are now given the option of two different input modes: Fullscreen Exclusive and Fullscreen Borderless. For users on Windows 8 and Windows 10, using the Fullscreen Exclusive video mode will eliminate the video lag (and a perceived mouse lag) introduced on these systems. * Changelog * Most of the changelog can be found below: Fixed bug 1278: sector scroll speeds. Also reimplemented LS_Scroll_Floor (0.8.2) Fixed weapon offset by 1 (0.8.2) Many Fixes related to client stability regarding invalid stats, floor/ceiling height, and railgun crashes (0.8.2) Fixed crash when loading a game when an Icon of Sin cube was in-flight (0.8.2) Fixed cl_netgraph rendering out-of-bounds on small resolutions (0.8.2) Fixed issues with actions triggered by multiple bound keys at the same time (bug 1282) (0.8.2) Most arguments now automatically translate to lowercase, fixing Many issues that may be a result from wrong case usage (0.8.2) DeuTex is now used to build odamex.wad (0.8.2) Improved support for international keyboard layouts (0.8.3) Corrected multiple video and resolution bugs related to scaling (0.8.3) Fixed issue with demo recordings where multiple map indexes were being written (0.8.3) Bug fixes to weapon behavior in wads that utilize "ISLOBBY" (i.e. Duel2020OA.wad) (0.8.3) Removed classicdemo variable since it was never used (0.8.2) Removed suicide spam and suicide during intermission (0.8.2) Rewrote a loop in SV-WriteCommands (), making the server much more efficient (0.8.2) Added further improvements to wad downloading by removing the constant check for MD5 hashes (0.8.2) Increase number of steps adjusting snd_sfxvolume, snd_musicvolume, and snd_announcervolume to 64 (0.8.2) "players" command now also includes the number of players when used (0.8.2) Reverted the patch for bug 1105. No other multiplayer ports seem to support this behavior and it is not vanilla (0.8.2) Removed cvars "dynres_state", "dynresval", "mouse_acceleration", "mouse_threshold" since they were rarely used and caused confusion amongst the players (0.8.2) Removed cvar "mouse_type", we now only support the ZDoom mouse type since it was just a scaler for the Doom mouse type. Odamex will detect the users settings with the old cvar and update to the new settings automatically (0.8.2) Removed "cl_rocketrails" because it was unused (0.8.2) Removed "cl_unlag" and "sv_unlag". They are default behavior now (0.8.2) Removed "rate" cvar. The client will now allow up to what the server allows with "sv_maxrate" (0.8.2) Removed "cl_predictlocalplayer" cvar. It is now always enabled (0.8.2) Latest SDL2 and SDL2_Mixer libraries are now packaged with release (0.8.3) CMake and compiler optimizations (0.8.3) Added confirmation messages for addmap and insertmap (0.8.2) Added PAR times for the Flesh Consumed (0.8.2) Updated FreeDoom to version 0.12.1 (0.8.2) Added some feedback to the user warning them if their iwad is out of date (not version 1.9) (0.8.2) Added back a few ZDoom/Hexen damage sectors (0.8.2) intermission now plays normally during episode end. Odamex no longer jumps straight to the next map upon exit (0.8.2) Added the ability to spy by name (or closest to what the user keyed in) (0.8.2) Added new vid_filter cvar to control display filtering; options are "nearest", "linear", "best", or "0", "1", "2", respectively (0.8.2) Added "Fullscreen Exclusive" mode as an available option in the vid_fullscreen. The other two existing modes were windowed and fullscreen borderless. Using Fullscreen Exclusive mode eliminates video lag (and a perceived mouse lag) introduced on systems running Windows 8 and Windows 10. (0.8.3) Client now receives control of mouse when client is in console, menu, or alt+tabbed on Windows. This behavior mirrors Valve's Source engine games and is highly useful for users with more than one monitor. (0.8.3) * Going Forward * This is the last release expected in the 0.8.X series. With Odamex 0.9.0, we expect to bring a large amount of new features including support for many more wads (Boom/MBF), a duel queue, new game modes, and many other under-the-hood improvements that we will reveal as we move closer to the release.
  8. Doesn't really matter to me. Some of the best music and arts have been made by people who did nasty things. I just accept the fact that a person who has done something "bad" or is unlikable was capable of creating something great and can separate the two.
  9. Ralphis

    John Romero and John Carmack return to Doom ?

    My expectations: the game would take 20-30 years to be developed. It would likely tie in to some sort of new technology like sensory immersion of the feet. Personal computers might not exist anymore by the projected launch date. 15 days before launch, the game would be delayed and not receive a true release until 15 months later. The new Doom is critically panned due to a frustrating game mechanic that requires the player to manually breathe.
  10. Coronavirus may take our lives, but it'll never take...OUR FREEDOM!
  11. Ralphis

    DOOM stuff modelled in Cinema 4D

    Leg days are optional
  12. Odamex can play 100% like vanilla out of the box with Zandronum style c/s networking.
  13. I hope nobody ever compares udm1 map01 to dwango5 map02 or my ass is GONE
  14. Ralphis

    Odamex 0.8.3 (released May 10, 2020)

    No, Odamex is originally built off of the Zdoom 1.22 renderer but has had many improvements and additions over the years including, but not limited to, more precise line calcs, slopes (with GPL physics), 32-bit software renderer, widescreen, and other improvements. We anticipate that, hopefully by the next major release, the renderer code will be abstracted so that it's easy to build new hardware driven renderers. I recommend dropping by the Odamex discord if you'd like to have more in-depth discussion about it https://discord.gg/aMUzcZE
  15. Ralphis

    Odamex 0.8.3 (released May 10, 2020)

    Thanks Gokuma, I've passed it on to our team
  16. Ralphis

    Things about Doom you just found out

    You think correct. Not a coincidence
  17. Ralphis

    Playstation Doom Soundtrack Officially Released

    After a number of correspondences on the forums right here at Doomworld, Aubrey Hodges has released the Doom Playstation: Official Soundtrack. Hodges' soundtrack was featured in the 1995 release of Doom on the Sony Playstation. The album features 26 uncut tracks from the original digital transfers. There is also a discussion thread about the release.
  18. The following is a list of multiplayer related Discord channels. If you know of other channels, please post them and they will be added to the OP. Channels are "official" unless otherwise specified: Engine Centric Channels Odamex (Official) Zandronum (Official) ZDaemon (Official) Community Channels Down Under Doomers (Australia/NZ) Multiplayer Classic Doom Discord Multiplayer Doom Federation The Sentinel's Playground UniDoom U.S. Quake Community
  19. Pretty sure iD doesn't own the rights to Doom 64. Really, a "better safe than sorry" sort of situation. The Eisen addition was late (and very awesome, thanks to Sponge and iD for making this happen), but we did have a laugh that we should've added the eyepatch to the HUD after the release.
  20. I rewrote it entirely to get rid of the Doom 64 remnants. I also changed the arpeggio to not match it
  21. Ralphis

    doom 64 mugen characters

    Some cool custom animations going on here. Maybe these will show up on saltybet one day
  22. I still like to 1on1 on it
  23. 100 on the coop which kind of bombed out. 70 in the deathmatches and those games actually played fine (which was like, a sight to behold). Since then, there have been some hot hands on the code and we believe 254 players could connect and successfully play now.
  24. Awesome to see these maps re-imagined like this. I played through these in survival coop with Blair and it was pretty awesome. The only map that was brutally hard was map02, but we still had a ton of laughs. Really cool stuff
  25. Could you link the wads?