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  1. Komenja

    Doom Slayer in Fortnite

  2. Komenja

    Shadow Warrior and Doom kind of merge

    Confucius say: Man trapped in pantry has ass in jam.
  3. Fun maps! The claustrophobic beginnings, especially on map 2, were pretty blood-pumping, and the ambushes . I like the atmosphere, particularly in that third map. Even empty, I spent a few minutes wandering around just admiring it.
  4. I hate to say it, but yeah. I was already a bit wary of the next id game potentially taking the things I didn't like about Eternal (more specifically it's DLCs) and continuing to run even further with it. This, though... I'm not sure how to put it into words, but I've always greatly admired id Software for somehow, even after numerous key people leaving over the years and getting bought out by Bethesda, managing to consistently put out great games, always being relatively friendly and open with the community, and seeming like a cool place to work at. I've had this opinion about other developers over the years, too, Blizzard in particular. But unlike the rest of them, who gradually morphed into something horrible and unrecognizable, id remained intact. Even when more and more of the old guard left, the newcomers held up the standard. It's extremely disheartening to hear that not only was Mick treated this way, but that no one at the office was willing to speak up for him for fear of punishment from above. That suggests a hostile work environment, and I'm worried it's going to get worse - if it hasn't already, considering all this happened years ago. What the hell happened to Marty? Was he always like this? I'll admit I don't know much about him as a person, but in interviews and appearances he never came across like the kind of guy who'd act this way, at least to me. Besides, I don't need to rely on id for more Doom or Quake stuff, anyway. This community and many others continues to pump out quality content for the classic games, and there's already so much stuff that, unless I get stranded on an island with only a banana-powered coconut computer and the entire idgames archive, I'll most likely never be able to play all of it in my lifetime. Plus I still need to get off my lazy ass and learn how to make my own maps at some point.
  5. Komenja

    Do people actually hate the DLCs?

    My only major gripes are with the story repeatedly retconning itself and the Dark Lord being an unsatisfying final boss to end the series on. To a lesser extent I don't really care for any of the new enemies other than the Armor Baron and the Spirits. I'm not a fan of how much the "Simon Says" design philosophy was pushed with some enemies in the DLCs, particularly the turrets and the Blood Maykr. Other than that, I liked pretty much everything else. The levels were fun, the environments were well designed and varied, and the soundtrack was sick as hell.
  6. Oh! Oh! Oh! Aww yeah! This looks and sounds rad, looking forward to it! I wish you guys luck with development. Also, this was fantastic timing for your 69th post. Nice.
  7. Awesome. Map's pretty fun, too. John still loves his eyeball switches.
  8. Komenja

    What is the Best Weapon From Any Doom Mod?

    The Mask of Basilissa from High Noon Drifter. Sure, on the surface, its your standard BFG replacer. Throws really big balls of fire with juicy splash damage. But more importantly, it lets you take control of a giant skull-faced demon built like a brickhouse, who can throw fireballs and charge up motherfucking Falcon Punches.
  9. People are allowed to dislike things. I think anyone is justified in not liking something if they feel it dips in quality, or changes/removes the elements they liked, in comparison to what came before it. Have you considered that when people complain about things online, they might be doing it in hope that the creator takes their feedback into consideration, and that (hopefully) improves the final product? Of course that isn't always the case; there are always people who will just argue for argument's sake, or to amuse themselves by stirring up drama, but I think its wrong to assume that of everyone who criticizes something. For example, you mentioned about how fans took issue with some of the art style decisions in the early trailers/screenshots for Doom '16. I can still remember the threads/post about that; the Hell areas looked like they had the same piss filter laid over them as the desert/Middle-East levels in MM shooters of the time, the Caco had very dull colors, the Imp had a grey, faceless design some thought was too similar to the Hell Knight (which I personally think is kinda cool, but I like it's final design way more), or even the fairly boring Doom 3 Imp. People also complained about the incredibly generic "render of protagonist standing with logo" box art. id/Bethesda took this feedback into account, and I'd argue the game is better for it. Like, you know how we got that sick-ass art homaging the OG Doom 1 art as an alternate reversible cover? Because in response to the criticism, they held a poll on twitter for different box art and people voted on it. But anyways, good luck on your project. I am genuinely interested, I've seen some of the art you've gotten made for your marine character/cosplay, and its pretty cool.
  10. Playing it now. Your environmental detailing is very nice! Had to restart, got trapped in this hole in the chaingun room near the start. I realize now its supposed to raise up with an Imp and Zombie to surprise the player, but it seems the line that triggers that is on the other side of the room. There's nothing over there, so no reason for players to cross that line, leaving this dark hole with monsters you can hear milling around in, suggesting there is progress to be had down below. Might I suggest moving that line more to the center of the room, or just before the chaingun?
  11. An Imp that wants to know what the hell happened to his freakin' car
  12. Komenja

    How smart are the demons?

    Smart enough to pass the Harkness Test.
  13. Komenja

    Post your Favorite GIFS

    Spoilering this last one in case Ricardo Milos is too spicy