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  1. Komenja

    Your Favorite Doom Armor?

    I'm a real basic bitch, for me it's the Doom 1 box art design. I also really dig Eternal's take on that design.
  2. Komenja

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    I don't watch too many. Decino, Dwars, Civvie, Icarus, Doomkid, and Marphy. Does Kinofabino count? I'm not really the kind of guy who likes watching reviews or let's plays that much (especially videos that are really fucking long, I ain't got that kinda time), the person's either got to be real knowledgeable about the subject matter or at least funny.
  3. Komenja

    What If Doom Was Real?

    If the demons were real, I'd try to date one. And probably get eviscerated. Totally worth it
  4. Komenja

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    Fuck that, I wanna read GUNS & NACHOS!
  5. Komenja

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    I don't think it was ever released digitally, but you can get a print copy on Amazon for like ten bucks. https://www.amazon.com/Duke-Nukem-Glorious-Tom-Waltz/dp/1613771207/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=glorious+bastard&qid=1603415204&sr=8-8
  6. Komenja

    What is your honest opinion on the Doom comic?

    I love the Doom comic. It's absolute 90's cheese and revels in it. The art's pretty nice and has some good energy to it, and almost every line of dialogue is quotable. In addition, there was a four-issue miniseries about Duke going back in time to WW2 called Glorious Bastard, which is actually pretty good. There was a trade paperback collecting both Glorious Bastard and the one-shot from the BoS edition.
  7. Komenja

    Perdition - A Doom 64 Tribute Album

    Yeah, holy shit Average, I'm glad you bumped this too. Can't believe I missed this! It Rules! RULES!
  8. Komenja

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Excellent idea! That way everyone will get to see Donna leap over the front desk and dropkick my ass.
  9. Komenja

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Holy fuck. The soundtrack for Ancient Gods better get it's own release, or so help me, I'm gonna march into id's office and indiscriminately slap people with a pool noodle until it does!
  10. Komenja

    Brutal or Vanilla: Which do you prefer?

    Neither of those let me kick ass as a beer-chugging eldritch cowboy and his 12-foot tall brickhouse demon gf, so I'm going with High Noon Drifter.
  11. Your avatar has to be my favorite one on the site. Carl as an imp actually works perfectly, it's so easy to imagine him trash talking the player.

    1. Komenja


      "What're you doin' in my freakin' FIREBLU?!"

  12. Komenja

    I just finished Imp Encounter on Nightmare!

  13. Komenja

    Funny Protips and other Game Over messages

    Wasn't that also what the announcer in Skulltag (and/or Zandronum) screamed at you when you died multiple times in a row without scoring any kills? Am I remembering right?
  14. Komenja

    DBP28: Fear and Loathing

    Sweet! I love Doom 3's aesthetic and atmosphere, so this looks really neat! The Doomer Board projects always deliver. Speaking of; shit, I've fallen way behind on their stuff. They've put out how many projects this year?! Better get killin' fast, I guess.