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  1. Komenja

    Random Image Thread

    Turok: Booty Hunter
  2. Komenja

    Build Engine Poll!

    Hey speaking of Lo Wang, you guys should read the Shadow Warrior novels! If you thought his character was a little off-putting in the game, you ain't seen nothin yet! Turns out, even Wang's inner thoughts are in broken engrish. On topic: Duke > SW > Blood > RR, need to give Ion Maiden more time to think on. I loved it, but I don't know where I'd place it yet.
  3. Komenja

    Lookin' for some Metal/Rock music

    Lot of good recs in this thread, let me throw out a few of my faves: A Band of Orcs - "Adding Heads to the Pile" (Fantasy death metal, the dudes performed in-character in orc costumes) Hexen - "State of Insurgency" (Some good thrash; one song in this album is based off Doom, I'll let you guess which :P) Malevolent Creation - "Dead Man's Path" (Floridian death metal) Eternal Champion - "Armor of Ire" (some cool old-school sounding power metal that came out a few years ago) Dream Evil - "Dragonslayer" (Super cheesy Swedish power metal) Overkill - "The Years of Decay" (Someone already said Overkill, but I fucking love this album) Oxygen Destroyer - "Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death" (Thrashy death metal based on Godzilla) GWAR - "Bloody Pit of Horror" "America Must be Destroyed" (No one's posted GWAR yet? For shame, DW.) Megadeth - "Rust in Peace" "Youthanasia" (again, someone already said Megs but I FUCKING LOVE THESE ALBUMS) A Sound of Thunder - "Tales from the Deadside" (Concept album based on the 2013 Shadowman comics. Amazing female singer) zYnthetic - "SoundtracK For the Apocalypse" (Atmospheric industrial, essentially the soundtrack to Killing Floor, remixed, and with some extra tracks) Troglodyte - "Welcome to Boggy Creek" (BIGFOOT METAL) Probot - "Probot" (Dave Grohl's side project where he got a different singer for every song)
  4. Komenja

    Games with infighting

    Turok 2 has it, to some extent. I've gotten Raptoids and Endtrails to fight each other, don't know if other enemy factions have that behavior too.
  5. Komenja

    How old is everyone here?

    24 for about two more months.
  6. Nah. If someone can't handle The Beavis and Butthead Experience, they can get outta my car.
  7. Komenja

    Does anyone else think this game is going to suck?

    "Oh no! More mobility options for combat encounters and level traversal! How terrible!" He doesn't even have a cape. Or wear black. Secondary weapons were already in Doom 16 and even Doom-engine games like Heretic and Hexen. It's literally the grenades from D16, but now you don't put your main gun away to use them and they have more utility. The armblade exists because people complained the glory kills took too long and it allows for some faster kill animations. Any resemblance to the Predator is a bonus in my opinion. The meat hook is actually a callback to early versions of Doom, and the fortress is a hubworld. You know, like in Quake? Hexen? Except with easter eggs. The name is a bit silly, I agree with you there.
  8. Komenja

    Am I just alone in wanting something...more retro?

    I don't know, I appreciate that id is pretty much the only big-ish developer who wants to make a AAA 90's influenced singleplayer FPS in this age of MMS/crafting-survival/Esports-focused/single playmode gimmick/MOBA-influenced/live-service virtual casinos/etc. Closest before D16 we got was what, the Shadow Warrior reboot? And that was more like Serious Sam but with a kick-ass sword and a style ranking system. Meanwhile there are plenty of awesome retro shooters that have come out and are coming out soon copyright scott miller 3drealms , and awesome stuff for OG Doom still comes out all the time from folks here and elsewhere. Feels like the best of both worlds to me. What would a new "retro" Doom even be like? Honestly I feel like Prodeus is the closest we can get. It's demons in techbases, ultraviolence, metal riffs, usermap support, and (if memory serves right) actually has some dudes from id Software and Doom community mappers working on it.
  9. Komenja

    DOOM Eternal or Duke Nukem Forever

    Don't you mean "Dork Norkem Never" ?
  10. Holy fucking shit that bookcase is going to kill me with laughter. Every subsequent title is an even deeper pull that I wasn't expecting.
  11. Komenja

    Eternal Quotes

    "It's time to kick ass and eat granola, and lucky for you I brought plenty of granola!" - Doug Huggem
  12. Komenja

    unpopular retro opinions

    -The best music in Quake 1 was in Dissolution of Eternity. -While Daggerfall technically improved on it in every way, Arena is still more fun to actually play. -The Gex trilogy are genuinely good games and part of me dies inside when people lump them together with stuff like Bubsy in quality. -Turok 1 > Turok 2