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  1. Komenja

    What would you like to see in the Collector's Edition?

    A reprint of the DOOM comic.
  2. I love Duke even more than I love Doom.
  3. Komenja

    Splatterhouse 3D - Full TC

    Holy shit this is so cool!
  4. Komenja

    Why do people keep comparing this game to Halo?

    Because there are things to compare. Doom 4's space marines and Halo's spartans are aesthetically similar, and Halo's multiplayer has had Arena style elements from the first installment onward, namely coordination to control weapon respawns and power-ups. Combat Evolved and Reach even had health packs on the maps. Glory kills are also comparable to backstabs/assassinations from Halo Reach onward, special instant-kill animations you get if you melee an enemy player in the back and hold the button down. Not to mention loadouts which are just a thing every multiplayer shooter seems to have these days.
  5. Komenja

    DOOMGuy and his Identity

    Honestly, I just hope he still has a pet rabbit. Everything else about him can remain a blank slant.
  6. Komenja

    Video games to play while drunk?

    XCOM. Turn on ironman, highest difficulty, get hammered, and get ready for the bad decisions. Try not to break your computer.
  7. Komenja

    Monsters/Demons you still want to see?

    Honestly I'd love to see most if not all of the monsters across the franchise make a come-back, but if I had to limit my choices, the Arch-Vile, Mother Demon, and Bruiser would be my top picks.
  8. In the video comments, Mick Gordon's saying this isn't the theme.
  9. Komenja

    How about the Q3 Doomguy?

    In the immortal words of Eddy Griffin, "You can hobble over to some pussy, but you can't show up with two good legs and no dick."
  10. Savage Dragon. He's like Robocop; even if the other officers aren't doing their job, he will.
  11. Komenja

    Games where pistols aren't useless

    The Redeemer from Darkwatch. You can rapid-fire it by holding another button, and with consecutive headshots it takes down just about any of the enemy monsters aside from the really tough ones. The M-80 Blasters and Revolvers in Duke Nukem: Zero Hour, especially when you dual-wield them. I find it funny that this is the only game Duke ever uses the huge sci-fi pistols he was always pictured using in the late 90's and early 2000's. Fully upgraded, the pistol from the new Shadow Warrior. Extra points for a LoZ reference when you first acquire it.
  12. Komenja

    Most Anticipated games in 2015?

    Doom 4 Hellraid Starfox U Devil's Third Godzilla (PS4)
  13. Komenja

    I am remaking the entire Doom II OST

    It's pretty good!
  14. Komenja

    Your favorite childhood games?

    Gex: Enter the Gecko, Duke Nukem: Zero Hour, Doom 64, Rampage Universal Tour, Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Donkey Kong 64, and Mortal Kombat Trilogy.