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  1. keiyakins

    The Great Immersion Debate

    There's lots of great games built around immersing you in an experience. The Call of Duty single player stuff, Dear Esther, the Myst series... but why does every game need to be like that? You might as well say every game needs to be completely story-free because Bejeweled was popular. Pick the aspects you want to push for a game, and then let everything else serve that, I say.
  2. keiyakins

    FreeDM level issues

    The stuff in MAP08 appears blue on the automap, so at least the engine thinks it's supposed to be... and what the heck, now I can't reproduce the issue on MAP06 either. I'm going to call that one cosmic rays or something.
  3. keiyakins

    FreeDM level issues

    I tried in both, because running around the maps in SP is a good way to get to know a map's layout, which was my initial goal, and then I wanted to test if the issues still happened in DM ;) And yeah, you have all the keys in DM, but I'd argue it's still bad style to have the yellow key door and no yellow key. Completely understandable to be missed though, I probably wouldn't think to test in SP either :P
  4. keiyakins

    FreeDM level issues

    I ran through FreeDM to get a feel through the maps and noticed a few issues, so I grabbed the latest daily and ran through again. Here's what issues I noticed: MAP05: Teleporter nonfunctional MAP06: CRITICAL: All items tagged singleplayer-only MAP08: ALL teleporters nonfunctional MAP12: CRITICAL: no deathmatch starts, South teleporter teleports you to south teleporter, north teleporter nonfunctional MAP14: (stylistic) Inescapable pits suck. Even in deathmatch maps. MAP15: (minor) No secret exit. Doom2 iwads typically want one here and in map31. MAP16: (stylistic) Teleporter exit looks like a teleporter, but isn't. MAP28: Yellow key door required to access exit, but no yellow key MAP29: No exit, most items tagged multiplayer-only MAP18-20, 24-26, 30-32: Placeholders (not a 'bug', but nice to track) All testing was done on zdoom 2.6.1, on difficulty 3. I can take a look some time in the next week to see if I can fix some of those if no one else gets to it before me