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  1. Đeⓧiaz

    Community Chest 64

    Uh, "that" meaning. Yeah, you're right, I'll change the water texture to make it more "soft"
  2. Đeⓧiaz

    Community Chest 64

    I don't get it. What do you mean? It's not the GZDoom engine where you can do unsolid transparent water.
  3. Đeⓧiaz

    Community Chest 64

    Some w.i.p. screenshots right from the builder, because I did nothing except geometry and some texturing (no lighting):
  4. Đeⓧiaz

    Community Chest 64

    Sorry guys, I remember that I've taken the slot here, I just don't have a time for anything due to a hardjob without days off. My map will be like this: I hope I'll finish it somehow near the deadline. But I'm not sure, just because I have a little time for this
  5. Đeⓧiaz

    Community Chest 64

    Too bad my map is far from finish, it's just a "Spooky scary mansion"
  6. I have a question: We've added an invisible texture for making fake "I won't chase you right now" effect for monsters. Is this texture uploaded in new texture archive in OP? I just want to use it but I don't know the name of this texture.
  7. Đeⓧiaz

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    With classic Linkin Park tracks like "What I've done", lmao
  8. Đeⓧiaz

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Nice concept, I'm gonna use it This is the stupiest idea ever. P.S.: You've reminded to me an old megawad which starts as usual Map01 and your pistol is a Glock from Counter-Strike, but when you're finishing Map01 you're going to entirely new (and good) maps, lol
  9. Đeⓧiaz

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Stupid, not unfinished ideas. Nice one!
  10. Đeⓧiaz

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    But save from what? Or they're stuck in slime cocoon?
  11. Wow, I do like this main change on map. It's creepy in a good way.
  12. I am forever alone a lone wolf in this place, so I don't chat with doomers in Discord. I'm just leaving some messages right here. Anyway, I'm not the project leader, I'm just a random-stuff-guy which decided to finish the HUB map. So I should shut up just because I'm not the one who must answer your question :]
  13. Đeⓧiaz

    Doom 3: Final Scream (Community Project)

    And...nobody is interested in participating? I mean, the project rules needs kinda rework, but that's not a big deal. I just don't see any post about "Count me in". About myself - count me in, lol. Just not right now, just because I've taken A LOT of side projects already, I can't take this map-pack right now.
  14. Đeⓧiaz

    DooM : Revenge of Evil (demo released)

    I'm kinda curious why this project release is ignored? It's not interesting for forum members? Just because I'm reading this thread and I see just my comments.