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  1. Searching for the voice actress on a small female role for game mod. If you know somebody who can help with this for free - please PM me. Thanks in advance.

    1. Dragonfly


      I have a few friends who may be interested - before I approach them:

      1) Is a british accent acceptable?

      2) What sort of game is this?

      3) How much 'work' do they have to do?

      4) What sort of character is it they will be portraying?

      5) You won't be weird and creepy, will ya? :P

    2. Đeⓧiaz


      1) Yes

      2) Third person shooter with bullet-time (slow-motion) mechanics

      3) For last female character they need to read (record) a Word document text (1 page, Calibry-12). But we also needs male actors. For them the scope of work is slightly larger.
      4) Female character is the director of mega-corporation, young woman, age 21-30.

      5) I think I'm pretty cute :p