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  1. Đeⓧiaz

    Do's and Don't's when making your first WAD

    Don't call your thread as "My first WAD". Call it "[Nickname]'s First Wad" at least.
  2. Đeⓧiaz

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

  3. Đeⓧiaz

    Question about DOS Doom 2 Map 30

    Well. When I was a kid I've played Doom 2 via original DOS executable. And on Map 30 my health points were passively reduced to zero. 1% per 2 seconds. Only in final area and no matter where are you standing. I've even tested it what will happen if health came to 1%. Well, I died. Without monster attacks. Standing on solid floor. When I've launched Doom 2 via ZDoom (and other Sourceports lately), I've found that player doesn't get any passive damage. I was surprised. But I quickly stopped thinking about it. And now, after so much years, I remembered this again. And I don't see any info on Wiki. So, why is that? Is this a kinda bug or something? I'm sure that's somehow harcoded in DOS .exe, but not emulated in sourceports. But why?
  4. Uh, I thought that's a problem of the PSX Engine. Heh.
  5. Đeⓧiaz

    Question about DOS Doom 2 Map 30

    Well, I can't say about technical reasons, but that's ok for Doom. Height difference, damaging floors - they're still affecting "outsides" of map.
  6. Ok...ALMOST... I found this: UPD: Also having problems with moving boxes. The funny thing is "lighting detector" near the button is working fine. Eh...
  7. Đeⓧiaz

    Question about DOS Doom 2 Map 30

    Yeah, just tested it in DOS. False memory. I was sure it happened not on slime floor, but looks like I was wrong. (Maybe it was a memory corrupt like here, but I can't get proofs) Anyway, thank you very much!
  8. Đeⓧiaz

    My Doom music remixes

  9. Đeⓧiaz

    My Doom music remixes

    Hi community, I am big fan of Doom franchise and I am working in FL Studio and creating remixes from Doom 1\2\Final\Famous Megawads (sometimes with help of my friends). Doom 1 and Doom 2 Symphonic Orchestra Final Doom (TNT, PRCP, PL2) Orchestra PSX Doom: The Lost Levels Soundtrack Doom E1M1 Doom E1M1 (Remastered) Doom E1M2 Doom E1M3 Doom E1M4 Doom E1M5 Doom E1M6 Doom E1M7 Doom E1M8 Doom E2M2 Doom E2M4 Doom E2M6 Doom E2M8 Doom E3M2 Doom E3M3 Doom Unreleased - Track 45 [Done just 4 lulz, this track inspired me to do this wallpaper with girl] Doom Victory Theme Doom 2 Map 04 Doom 2 Map05/13 Doom 2 Map 09 Doom 2 Map18/27 Doom 2 Map 25 Doom 2 Endgame Theme Hell Revealed 2 Map 07 Hell Revealed 2 Map 09 Doom Hell Revealed 2 Map 11 Hell Revealed 2 Map 15 Hell Revealed 2 Map 28 Scientist 2 Main Theme Plutonia Revisited Map 10 [Another version of Doom 2 Map 25] Plutonia Revisited Map 25 Doom PRCP E1M7 theme remix Doom 64 OST Orchestral Remix - Watch Your Step/The Broken Ones I'll update the list when I will release new tracks. Hope you like it! P.S.: And sorry for bad eng.
  10. Đeⓧiaz

    Doom 2 (Tropical)

    Really makes you wonder what your actual first work might look like. Wads shouldn't really be that heavy, unless they are basically edited IWads or are stuffed with new sounds and graphics. I've tested your new wad. It looks like much better than previous "Tropical" level, it seems you took into account the feedback (no more MS Paint walls? Nice!). But this new level is still far from perfect. You need to add much more details.
  11. @Welfare Prodigy Totally wrong thread. It's not the TC.
  12. Đeⓧiaz

    Question on graphics conversion?

    Erm, why not to check a PSX Doom modding thread for this info?
  13. Đeⓧiaz

    horror WADS

    https://www.moddb.com/mods/lasting-light https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/The-Ghoul-s-Forest-3 https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=45213
  14. Đeⓧiaz

    how to inport obj to slade 3

  15. Đeⓧiaz


    How this is related to the DOOM? Or "Doom General" section at least? And what are you mean by "unstable"? If Build was unstable in any way it won't be used to make great games.
  16. Hello community! A little preface: In 2014-2015 I've started a map project for Doom 64 EX inspired by the E1M1 map from the CDoom64 wad. It mixes a Doom 1 map with a Doom 2 map together and I found it a very interesting concept. So I've tried to do remaining maps (E1M2+Map02, E1M3+Map03...etc). But I also encountered some problems with the EX Engine modding which I didn't expect earlier. This is one of the reasons why this project started even before the Brutal Doom 64 was announced and finished long after the BD64 was released. Doom 64 EX sometimes looks unviable for making new maps as some mechanics are completely broken. There was a moment when I just gave up working with it and decided to finish only the first episode (E1M1-E1M8), and finish the remaining maps for Brutal Doom 64. As you can see, I've finished the 64EX version of this project, and I have an unstable version for BD64. So, I need your advice. Will you play the alternate version of this mod (based on Brutal Doom 64) with all of the maps included? Or is it not worth it? About released mapset: "Doomguy got too far. After the death of the Motherdemon the great Demon Lord Marbas decided to stop the main hero by putting him into the illusion created by memories of the past. Now you must relive all those brutal battles mixed together like in a bad dream." Contains 9 maps (E1M2-E1M9 from Ultimate Doom + E1M10 from XboxDoom), new sounds and sprites. Map 04 (E1M5+Map05) randomly crashes on startup for no apparent reason (but you still can run it, just restart it again until you get in). Download link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/doom-64-fusion-of-realities/downloads/fusion-of-realities-v10-doom-64-ex Demo video about Brutal Doom 64:
  17. Đeⓧiaz

    Anyone know how to edit levels for doom 3?

    Well, you need to download GtkRadiant (or just Doom 3 Radiant/Doom 3 Editor). This programm is similar to Doom Builder for classic Doom. Of course you will need some tutorial.
  18. Mentioned in description of the video.
  19. Đeⓧiaz

    adding xbox levels to The lost episode wad?

    Read this first. Learn how to work with this program. Realize how the WAD files works. And just do it. I've already said that you need to copy-paste maps, that's pretty easy after some work practice.
  20. Đeⓧiaz

    adding xbox levels to The lost episode wad?

    Slade3 will help you. Copy-paste map files into lost episode wad and do some edits in mapinfo. BTW, you've created topic in wrong section.
  21. I thought about this many times, but I'll decline this idea at present time, sorry. Why? Because I also a fan of true hacked experience. I mean, I've used Doom64EX just because that's the most faithful to N64 version port (in 2016). IF I have a chance to make a hack for REAL N64 Rom - I would definitely do it on N64 instead of EX. So I decided since I don't have access to hack N64 rom, I want to go from one extreme to the other. So it's Brutal Doom 64, because it have too much non-canon things. But I like the Ketchup and other visual things used here. And yet I remember that maps for BD64 were taken from your Retribution. So I don't see a big problem here, though. Both projects uses UDMF with D64 Colored lighting implemented in GZDoom. And that means I can port it also for Retribution, but only AFTER the main release for BD64. But these conversations doesn't make sense, I don’t really see people’s interest. So I tend to quit this.
  22. Đeⓧiaz

    Recommend me YOUR wads

    Hey, that's mine! :{ DooT Plutonia Simulator Linear Doom 1 PSX Doom goes NUTS
  23. Đeⓧiaz

    How To Add more demons to doom 3???

    Perfected Doom 3 is a tweak mod, it shares the same problems as the original game. So then no and no.