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  1. You know, I've played a lot of games in my life...and I've never played some cool games (they are mostly 20-years old, but still). It's obvious, that our top lists are subjective, but I want to add that my list is not "solid" and might change in future easily. Resident Evil 4 (original) Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines Titanfall 2 Silent Hill 2 Max Payne 1 Postal 2 VA-11 Hall-A Fallout: New Vegas Road Rash: Jailbreak Return to Castle Wolfenstein
  2. Will do :) Hmmm, you're talking about the regular attack sounds? I could try to cut it to fit the timer. And thanks! Thank you! Well, I don't know about major changes, I can only improve the older ones (:
  3. TNT and Plutonia? Yes. This is why mod works fine with them.
  4. This is pretty obvious that my mod is refering Doom 2 items and monsters, which is impossible to implement in the Ultimate Doom. You can only run UD maps in Doom 2 IWAD with CC4 textures. In Chocolate it's pretty easy to write in command line, btw. For DOS I'm planning to create a PWAD with UD levels (they will be altered, though). This is how I've got a demo record with E1M5 playthrough with Doom 2 monsters.
  5. Uh, damn it. Fixed it, thank you! New link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/boiled-doom-brutal-doom-for-doschocolate/downloads/boiled-doom-beta-early-access-version-hotfix-2
  6. Ok, I'm still not sure about things I've done, but here the BETA version of the mod: https://www.moddb.com/mods/boiled-doom-brutal-doom-for-doschocolate/downloads/boiled-doom-beta-early-access-version-hotfix-2 -New M_Doom logo (lmao) (still not sure about this design); -Destroyable gore corpses (hanging and impaled); -Brightmaps for all sprites and textures, thanks to @Muusi -Changed rifle/minigun sounds. It's impossible to make 2 different sounds in DOS/Chocolate, sad. I didn't came up with the right sound. Need your opinion. -Chainsaw is not silent anymore, also changed sounds (eh) -Reloading sounds are present for Rifle and Plasmagun -New sprites for imp's fireballs and revenant's rockets. -Something I possibly forgot, but it's not very important. I would like to hear your opinions and ideas! But don't forget, it's not Decorate anymore, so many functions are unavailable. Have fun!
  7. Dexiaz

    Asian Themed wads?

    The "Doom Shinobi" mod. Yeah, it doesn't include asian themed levels, except the small tutorial level (Dojo). But in the whole it could be counted.
  8. Try to create a vanilla/boom map. After that try to create a map in UDMF. You will got an understanding about differences about formats. So it will help you to create more maps.
  9. https://doom.fandom.com/wiki/Crapi With/without monsters might be relaxing.
  10. I will release a "beta" soon. I would like to hear your opinion (:
  11. Thanks, @maxmanium, you rock! (Definitely will credit you). Damn this chainsaw. You might know that I've used TDRR's Dehacked experiment and built a mod upon. And I don't know what he did to this chainsaw, it's code doesn't make sense. I mean, it uses the same states but some codepointers are swapped. When I'm trying to restore it to the original, game crashes wile trying to change weapon. Plus the animations works not as indented. I'm stuck, because I've just made the similar states as the original, but something is off. I don't even know why TDRR changed anything in chainsaw code, at first I thought he reused some states to advance other weapons, but no.
  12. I will need a DOS machine... Not a biggest problem I can get here, but still. Thanks for info ;)
  13. What if the sounds are the problem? Could you try to delete them and play with the original sounds? unfortunately, that's not possible. Maybe, in future, I'll try to do this in ACE.
  14. Well, "yes", I wanted to make something working in given limitations of original Dehacked (for example, it might be much easier to make a Boom hack or even DEH-Extra, but this doesn't feel challenging and makes less sense to play while having original Decorate mod) BUT possibilities mentioned in ACE Engine sounds like "You can do things like you're working in ZDoom but it's actually the DOS" and this buys my attention. Maybe, after releasing my current Boiled Doom project I'll try to recovert it for ACE Engine.
  15. M_DOOM lump is replaced, you're right, I have to release it.