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  1. +1 BTW, you always have an example from The Lost Levels. Check this map first and do edits in your version.
  2. No, the game will crash with error. In your situation game tries to make "HOM" due to the game uses unknown textures. That's why I said that you did the wrong Doom build. If you will use Ultimate Doom textures in Final Doom - you will get invisible or black walls.
  3. 2 Options: 1) You make the wrong PSXDoom build (you've built PSX Ultimate Doom instead of PSX Final Doom) 2) BSP died
  4. Damn, this Cyberdemon from N64 poster. BRUTAL Mastermind looks really cool BTW, the chaingunguy is cyber-chaingunner? xD
  5. Some people who abandons their project just posts all of their work to the community. So, while this project is alive no need to post it's source code to anyone. Still, I understand your frustration about "top secret" status of both projects. Kinda sad, but... Anyway, I'm not complaining just because I really wanted to hack PSX Doom, and the only 2 guys who really find the way to do it - brothers. I agree with all conditions due to this.
  6. DeXiaZ

    Rails of Doom

    Hey, glad to see you on the Doomworld forums! P.S.: Только русские используют скобки в качестве выражения эмоций, за рубежом их не понимают в силу культурного барьера. Палево, короче))) [ Only russians uses ")" instead of ":)" due to english speaking users never got "problems" with ":" symbol. LoL (((: ]
  7. Ok, I'm finishing my previous pack of maps (the last one is Mount Pain which is finished on 98%). I'd like to take those maps: Master Levels: Trapped on Titan (TTRAP.WAD) TNT: Level 19: Shipping/Respawning I have an idea for Level 19. It will use A LOT of 3D floors. UPD: An experiment, not related to my claim for TNT Map19
  8. Ok, thanks for replies, folks! I think I'm pressing buttons TOO FAST. The last time I succesfully did it (after I wrote my post) I was typing "slowly". But I also know that "too slow" typing have no effect too. Lmao. "Doom Difficulty: Try to Cheat, you bastard"
  9. Oh dammit. Does somebody know why cheats are not working most times? I thought it was the UV issue (becuase UV is the latest difficulty, possibly it was disabled like the Nightmare difficulty on PC), but no. Sometimes cheats are works fine, sometimes I can't enable them after 10 types. Dafuq? Sometimes it makes me really angry because I don't have time to play it on full force, I need a kinda speedrun. Tested on keyboard and xbox360 controller. I'm talking about the Final Doom.
  10. In my opinion it's not the UAC Door. It's a Green Techno Door (DOOR05)
  11. Cyberden. Still W.I.P.: Major difference from the BaronOfStuff' version (TLL) - I've saved the idea of CyberSatan Switch: I've got the idea of this map only yesterday - the map represents as enemies Cybernetic demons. But due to limits I had to cut away pinkies and mancubi. That's why there are a lot of chaingunners: I've also saved the idea of bleeding gargoyle. Hope you will like it: Sometimes I'm getting this LOD issue: But I'm not sure, possibly this is the emulator-only problem.
  12. As @riderr3 said, you just forgot to check "render the mid-texture" flag Don't forget that wrong exit also was an exit from the level. The player must have a way to get out of this room even if his health is 1%
  13. DeXiaZ

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Thank you, @Keyboard_Doomer! I lol'd, even this thread is now uses this image:
  14. DeXiaZ

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    Yeah, the new music is a quality content included for this WAD.