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  1. I thought about that, but I think there is no need for this. To be honest, I didn't want to create any GFX pictures (like TITLEPIC, INTERPIC, etc), so that's why I didn't edit HUD
  2. I did this mod by thoughts about Doom Builder simulating. In Doom Builder any level without edits have brightness "192". So I've changed a brightness of all sectors into 192. You can see that on moving sectors it's not really 192 (possibly ~220), but still - no more dark sections.
  3. Ok, guys. So here is my the Ultimate reply to this thread (lel)
  4. Hello community. You may know about this thread, so...Are Startan textures ruined forever? This mod will help you with answer. This mod supports Doom I, Doom II, TNT Evilution and Plutonia Experiment. Requires GZDoom 1.9 or above, latest builds of Zandronum and ZDoom. Download here P.S.: I've changed my mind. I think that STARTAN2 is NOT ruined for me. It's a good texture, though. And STARTAN1 too.
  5. Well, it's impossible to create a such level with this ammount of monsters. But we can trick this situation. Thanks to old games like Matrix: Path of Neo and Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban: It's kinda a sucker punch, but still, with animated fake-textures we can create a billion of revenants. Of course, without the real monsters the such map will be stupid shit, because nothing happens. With respawning scripts this horde can be felt as "1.000.000 Monsters"
  6. OMFG. I hope you'll get better soon, dude. I didn't see this thread before (because I'm blind sometimes, lel). I'd like to participate here, but I don't know which map I should "recycle".
  7. Hmmmmm, after finishing my Startan mod I should use those textures...Maybe...
  8. Actually my "dream" megawad is REAL dream wad. I mean, I saw a lot of dreams where I'm playing doom pwads which ones doesn't exist in real life. I want to recreate them from my memory, but...I'm too lazy for this. But I hope that I'll do this one day...
  9. Hi there. In this thread you can see that Kaiser have released some useful tools for console Doom hacking. While this thread is really old (2008), I can't post something there and I want to start the new topic about PSX Doom level hacking. I've tried this several times, but always failed. Today I've failed again, but now I've got really far than before. But still, nothing impressive. I have some experience in console Doom hacking, so I want to try it again. Yeah, like THE REAL Lost Levels project. As always I just doing first steps in same way: 1) Get the working tools 2) Create a simple "box" map 3) If everything is ok - do the real levels. And I stuck at first step. Kaiser did the glBSPX program - a modification of the glBSP for PSX Doom. It seems working, but I can't run even re-converted E1M1 map. I mean, I just tried to extract this map (successful), convert it to PC (successful), convert it back to PSX (hm...) and replace it in the image file (.bin+.cue). And when I run my PSX Doom [starting new game from menu], I'm getting the error "Z Malloc: Failed allocation on 3336". Well...what does that mean??? For me it says nothing. Maybe somebody can explain, please? But honestly I think that nobody (except Kaiser) will help me :\ UPD: Tried to swap Map 16 to Map01. Got "Cache miss on lump 1068". Hm, I think that's because the original texture pack (for each level), but it seems that everything is not good (easy, right) for PSX hacking. UPD2: Tried to replace every map01-related files (including texture packs) - failed again. Hm, is this tutorial can help with PSX Doom too? OK, FORGET ABOUT IT, I DID THIS! Screens/video will be soon. Heh...
  10. I think that such soundtrack pack is illegal, because the 20th anniversary soundtrack cost some money. It is supposed to be packed by people themselves (who bought this soundtrack)
  11. Interesting, I thought that my Doom folder is about ~600 mb. No...that was a BIG mistake. GZDoom folder = 12,8 Gb Zandronum folder = 4,01 Gb Oh...
  12. Well, 2 weeks ago I've started a mini-project (it changes only txt files) which one changes every Doom level into unfinished Doom Builder level: It will support also Doom 2, TNT, Plutonia, and some famous megawads. Yes, for me STARTAN textures is ruined forever.
  13. A-WE-SO-ME. P.S.: Don't know about weapon patching, I remember that there is the way to fix this by XY scaling in Decorate? [Possibly I'm wrong]
  14. The looping hallway concept isn't new, I've seen such thing even in "Stalker: Call of Pripyat". But I'd like to see this hallway from your "Project Legacy".
  15. Thank you! Currently I doesn't work with this mod, I've just uploaded a video about old beta. But I think I'll finish it someday.