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  1. Dexiaz

    Is it possible to make maps in Doom 64?

    You can always ask for help or solutions in Doom 64 modding discord, by the way: https://discord.gg/Ktxz8nz
  2. Dexiaz


    He is talking about the another major mapping rule by id Software - every level must be compleatable with pistol start. If it's not possible - something is wrong with the item/monster balance/placement.
  3. Dexiaz


    Yeah, that's the John Romero's mapping rule. But the map looks cool anyway!
  4. Dexiaz

    Cancelled Doom 3 mods?

    Back in the day, around 2005, I've seen such pirated CD. On backside of the box was a screenshot from the Doom movie, where is Dwayne Johnson firing from the BFG, which made me think it was based on the movie. But I'm not really sure about the image. And no, I didn't bought this, so I never played it. BUT I do remember the text. I mean, I've found it right now, and this is what I've seen typed on the backside many years ago. I suppose you've found the same text. Lemme translate it in proper way (better than autotranslate, I believe): And I've found some playtrough on YT. I'm not sure it's everything (because it's separated), but still: Does this look like a pack of stolen maps? I'm not really familiar with custom campaigns.
  5. Dexiaz

    Cancelled Doom 3 mods?

    Well, this bootleg is counted as "released ", since people bought it back in a day on CD/DVDs. I don't think it can be mentioned as "cancelled" mod in that case.
  6. Hey there. I haven't posted mods for a long time, but I'm planning to release all my mods from Development Hell until next year (except Duke Nukem Advance GZDoom remake, it's a different long story). @Scileboi posted a fun small mod on his YT channel, which is heavily inspired by NES' "Wild Gunman" and "The QuickDraw" minigame from the Kirby’s Adventure: I found this wad pretty cool, but also incomplete. I mean, a Wild West "High Noon" gun duel might look like as true "Wild West Duel" themed wad even more. So I've asked a permission to edit the original release, and I now I can show you an upgraded version, v2.0: Yeah, I took sprites and background level from the oldie but goldie "A Fistful of Doom" wad + gun sounds from the "High Noon Drifter". I hope you'll like it. Have fun! Download
  7. Dexiaz

    Brutal Doom 64 requires Doom 2? (Linux)

    You need to place your Doom2.wad into this folder, but I don't know how you will run the mod without the exe file. UPD: Do you see the "Start BD.sh" file? SH is the script installer file, you need to open your terminal, drag this .sh file on it. The installation process should start from this moment in a separate window/or in this exact terminal. Sometimes, to execute a script, like on Windows, you may need admin rights - you just need to put "sudo" in front of the script command and everything should be fine.
  8. It looks pretty much cool! Keep it up! Waiting for the updates!
  9. Wow, it's nice to see more PSX Doom styled projects! Will play it as soon as possible. UPD: Just finished it on UV. Pretty much fun mapset! I liked all maps. But the best are Map03 and Map07 for me just due to visual design. Monsters are pretty much balanced for the UV. Even few Cybbies are not the big problem here.
  10. Dexiaz

    UAC Phobos Facility

    Nice work! I've added it into my list.
  11. Dexiaz

    List of Doom WAD Fan Remakes

    The list is updated, thank you. Also added the MAP01 but it's Hell by @Dee Legit
  12. Dexiaz

    List of Doom WAD Fan Remakes

    Thanks. Well, it's impossible to keep in mind everything ;) Could you provide a link, please? Googling it referencing to the D2 Map10