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  1. Why to spam multiple messages instead of adding all videos into 1 post?
  2. Dexiaz

    A Techbase level inspired by a dream I had

    My big respect to mapper! I had a lot of dreams of custom Doom levels, but I never finished any of them.
  3. Newborn Alien/Xenomorph from Alien Resurrection for PS1. Motherdemon from Doom 64 is also made me shit bricks when I was playing Doom 64 for the first time ~15 years ago. Don't know, can it be counted as real "Boss encounter", but Jin Yoshida from SOMA (last enemy which runs very fast and kills you very fast if you don't lock doors behind, for some reason it stops and walks slowly at you if you look at him directly). Regenerators from Resident Evil 4.
  4. Dexiaz

    Multiplayer map editor?

    A pretty interesting idea. But TeamViewer (or something like this) is not enough for such idea. I mean, while Mapper#1 doing something, Mapper#2 will just seat and wait. It would be kinda interesting to see the double work.
  5. I thought the voice narrator is the goat. (The story by John Romero :>)
  6. Dexiaz

    Doom 64 Palatte?

    That's impossible to merge those colormaps into big 1 colormap. The PSX/N64 Doom engine works not like PC vanilla engine. But you can try to make your palette based on this information.
  7. Dexiaz

    How old is ''doomworld'' ?

    It was created almost a week ago.
  8. Dexiaz

    Valhalla :: Temple Massacre (video)

    I suppose you must post it here instead of creating the whole thread.
  9. Dexiaz

    Doom64 with classic sprites and sounds

    Thanks, @Immorpher! I'm still working on my project, it will be released someday. For your desire I can also change sounds, but only as external addon (because I don't think classic sounds suits D64 music)
  10. If you don't care anymore, just let it go. The easiest solution.
  11. Possibly it would work, but I didn't find it worth a try. It's too complex solution for a such small task. Not really, if you're playing games not in Chrome browser. But thanks, for some situations it would be helpful.
  12. Playing on gamepad, didn't care about the mouse. For Doom just play my mod which already inverts maps without VideoAdapter Magic
  13. Never was a problem since most games does have key binding options. I don't know why you're posted this.
  14. No, I didn't find a solution for this
  15. Dexiaz

    [GZDOOM] Deluge: Onset [WIP]

    Very impressive, keep it up! Me and my friend can't wait to play your project!