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  1. Is there a modern doom modding tutorial?

    Ok, lets start from simple things. Map formats. VERY SIMPLIFYED. I mean, I will ignore a lot of moments to create an easy explanation for you. 1) Vanilla Doom from 1993-1994. You can create maps like in the original Doom games. But you're totally limited about sizes, quantity of monsters and quality of details. 2) Boom. 1997-1999. With this format you can create big sized classic Doom levels with much more details and some advanced features. 3) ZDoom. 1999-... With this format you can do things you have seen in Duke Nukem 3D, for example. Mirrors, video cameras, 3D floor imitations, slopes instead of ladders, you can also create cutscenes and some specially programmed things, events. 4) "GZDoom". I mean, UDMF. Same as ZDoom, but...realtime floor reflections, vertical and horizontal portals like you've seen in Portal games, absolute 3D floors (room over room), dynamic lighting...what else... The best answer is:
  2. Is there a modern doom modding tutorial?

    Well, as far as I know there is no United Guide of modern Doom modding, but you MUST learn how to edit Classic Doom (Doom, Boom formats), when next - you can use advanced engine like UDMF. So, at first time try to create levels for Doom/Boom format. When you'll get the idea - try UDMF.
  3. Working with doom palettes

  4. Working with doom palettes

    I'll advice to create it by yourself instead of searching for it. It's not hard to do. Copy PLAYPAL file from Doom/Doom2.wad into your wad and edit it in Slade. Left Mouse click to select color in table, Right Mouse click to select RGB parameters. After editing just press "save"
  5. Working with doom palettes

    Nothing. You will just install it into WAD. It will be an already working element.
  6. I'd like to do Even Simpler, because I've already worked with this map, lol. BTW, should I "succ at playing" like people do in the original demos? I mean, in most Doom demos (including Playstation Doom) player just dies somewhere. That's....unusual. I thought that making an empty .wav file will fix this problem.
  7. Full Weapon Sprite

    Ubermutant from Wolfenstein? BTW, who holds a ROCKETLAUNCHER protruding out the center of their chest?
  8. The old Doomguy adventures

    But I think that "greyscale" is not enough for such mod. I mean, it needs also some ACS magic for filter effects + adding "commentaries" while doing something (also ACS with stopping time to prevent getting damage). Anyway, I'd like to create such mod, but only if you'll do other remades in this style.
  9. The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Why not just to google for it? That's why this thread named "stupid mod idea". BTW, CoD in Id Tech 1 exists too
  10. Doom 64 EX: Fusion of Realities [WIP]

    A little update. I've started this project earlier than Brutal Doom 64 was even announced. Still, my project is still not finished. I was planning to release "classic" (for 64EX) version of this mod on 31 of March (yay, Anniversary!), but it was not finished. At now I'm planning to release 2 versions of this mod. Both at the same time. "Vanilla version" for EX and "Director's Cut version" based on BD64 with bonus 1 level and improved visuals. The bonus level is E1M1 mixed with Map01. This map doesn't exist in EX version because this map already exist in "CDoom64.wad". Even more, I've decided to create other map mixes due to this mod. But now I'll add this map into Director's Cut version with few improvements: Before: After:
  11. Sorry to bug you, but I've noticed that the textbox to post responses to threads has disappeared.  How easy is it to get your posting privileges taken away on this site?

    1. DeXiaZ


      I think it's just a connection fail. Refresh your page.

    2. Myst.Haruko


      New accounts have this restriction, because of the spam/trolling in the past in these forums. You shall wait until next day and try post as usual. 

  12. The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Already exist, BTW. Same is here. I remember the Skulltag mod which allows to play different playerclasses. It was good, but as far as I know this mod is not famous. Even more, I don't recall the name of this mod. BUT the MAIN Tactical FPS Mod is "Hideous Destructor", of course. This mod is good and not released idea, +1
  13. WooD

    Haha, folks, you thought that I will not release the another one stupid crazy joke-mod in this year? So, "WooD" mod must be literally "DooW" in vise-versa. But...My friends sent to me this pic: And I've started it...too late...for April Fools release. Anyway, now you're in Canada the Axeman who goes to kill every demon in the Lost Woods... If you're lucky you will find the super chainsaw to kill your enemies faster. This mod supports weapon/monster packs. Download: http://www.moddb.com/mods/wood/downloads
  14. First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    I'm from second generation, because my mom and dad were playing Doom in 1990. So, my children in theory must be "third generation" :p
  15. Sprites defective

    Psychophobia is still a Doom mod. It must work in the same way. The wad/pk3 format didn't changed from the 2000.