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  1. Dexiaz

    You know 100,000 Revenants, now get ready for...

    True reaction. "Oh no". Check the old gold "4000 monsters", for example. And make something similar to this.
  2. Dexiaz

    [WIP] Doom 32x: Delta Version

    The second one - Episodes on different patches.
  3. Piranha fish from Doom 2D. It kills you very fast, they are hard to see, so you don't want to be underwater too long.
  4. Dexiaz

    Google stole my account

    I don't know, is this my problem you didn't understand what I've texted in OP or your problem. I do have 2 factor system and linked email with my phone. And with those things Google said "Nah, it's not you, I don't believe". Anyway, I'll ask the moderator to close this thread, because, as I said in UPD - I've managed to login with my phone-only.
  5. Hey there. I think I need some help/advice. UPD: Managed to login (somehow) with my phone only. It's helped me to save my Steam account, btw. But still, this is inappropriate situation. Few days ago I've was checking my gmail and this happened: Well, I have 2-step authentication thing and I did everything Google said. And after that: And nothing more. I was sure there are no "suspicious apps" installed on my device (I've checked it with antivirus after that), I'm extremely sure about my password. And I've tried it again. I've got a message on my another e-mail which says like "Wait 3-5 days we'll check the situation". So I waited. Today I've got a message and it's just forced me to log-in again. And I've got the same situation. And in the end: What the hell? And now I see in "Google help page" the recommendation "Just create the another one account". Hello no. First, I've linked a lot of my profiles to this account (even Doomworld's profile), plus I do have an Youtube account with 4k subscribers, plus I've linked my Steam account with many games to Google account. And now I'm kinda lost it. The Youtube account is definitely lost, because I can't log-in. But I don't remember the Steam password. And when (WHEN, not IF) got problems with Steam, I'll lost it too. Erm, what I should do to restore everything back? Any ideas, please?
  6. Dexiaz

    Doom 64 - I Don't Get It

    Oh dear Lord. DOOM IS DOOM I'm really getting pissed off from such affirmations about "Doom [Place Any Number or Subtitle] doesn't feel/is not Doom game". What? What the hell? What does it mean at all? Any Doom game is Doom. It's like to say Quake 2 is not Quake game.
  7. Sometimes, reading mesages like @nayoz post, I'm feeling that people don't understand how Vanilla Doom works at all.
  8. Dexiaz

    What If Doom Was Real?

    As far as I remember, in some Russian Absurdopedia was mentioned, that John Carmack was a main engineer who created Gates to Hell for UAC. And when demons killed most people, Carmack, like the Serious Sam did in BFE, used the time machine to come back in 1990s to create a game which warns the Humanity to not to do this. According to this, yes, Doom WAS Real. In future. We must prevent the Extinction. As said in some old movie: "but the final battle would not be fought in the future. It would be fought here, in our present." (LOL'D)
  9. Dexiaz

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    Thank you, @Jimmy! That was a really all of sudden, and also very pleasurable! BTW, there was a ship assault mission in Covert Operations TC:
  10. Uh, ok. I was searching for "P.T.", GZPT doesn't suit this search. A kinda bad move from Batandy, but yeah, my thread should be closed.
  11. A bit late, but Happy Halloween! I didn't find a thread related to this exact TC, so here we go: Source: https://www.freegameplanet.com/gz-pt-download-game/ Download: https://batandy.itch.io/gz-pt
  12. Dexiaz

    Doom II - Hell Unleashed (Applications Open)

    Looks cool so far. I'm kinda surprised this thread has been dormant so long time without any replies.
  13. Dexiaz

    List of Doom WAD Fan Remakes

    Yes, of course! I even wanted to add the Switcheroom to the list, but forgot it (: