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  1. Well, he did a Doom 64 hacking. Which is based on PSX Doom hacking ;) Same to my Gotcha except it doesn't work xD Anyway, it's kinda interesting to do the same mod again
  2. Gosh, this is EXTREMELY STUPID. I've opened my converted map in Hex editor. Changed "PWAD" to "IWAD", and..."Map 01 not found". Damn. I remember those old times when it helped me. Crap. P.S.: Which f_sky is a FireSky?
  3. Without compression P_SetupLevel: Map01 not found Heh. I even thought it's because I've edited "Map20" at saved it as Map01.wad (Map20). Changed it to Map01.wad (Map01), nothing changed. UPD: With Compression: OpenMapWAD: Invalid Map IWAD ID
  4. Hm. Finished my map. Tried to pack it. Well, it's 164 kb instead of 64 kb. And when I'm try to run new ISO, I'm getting blank black screen. Looks like PSX limitations are very limited, lol. Or I'm doing something wrong. BTW, used mini-tutorial by @CoTeCiO
  5. BTW, does "Multiplayer" flag means "Deathmatch" only? Not Co-Op?
  6. Does Firesky consume more Vram than static sky picture?
  7. I've started working with "Gotcha" map. I'm making it from sractch instead of using my previous map for TLL. BTW, I'm gonna really use this 3D effect (on Gotcha map already used for secret soulsphere on lava).
  8. Exactly! No "imitations", the real thing. Looks like PSX doesn't like this map with moving "water" platform.
  9. Finally! Awesome to see this project is going further than just brainstorm. I'd like to take "Gotcha!", "Downtown", "Industrial Zone", "Titan Manor", "Trapped on Titan", "Black Tower", "The Sewers", Well, of course I can't work on all levels at the same time, at first place I'll do "Gotcha!", because this was the same first map I did for The Lost Levels TC. BTW, will this project also include "Map 33" and "E1M10" maps?
  10. Hey DeXiaZ, where are you?

  11. DeXiaZ

    4800 Hell Knights. We dumb, MegaBlast smart. Alpha 3

    Yes, my map is based on the Painkiller's boss fight. Even more, this giant Cyberdemon uses Alastor's sounds (from another boss fight, on the Tower of Babel)
  12. DeXiaZ

    4800 Hell Knights. We dumb, MegaBlast smart. Alpha 3

    Thanks, you rock!
  13. DeXiaZ

    E1M1 Remade Midi

    "Slap bass" instrument in intro sounds bad. It needs some more drums in this moments, because at first time it sounds like you've deleted drums and instead of them you've placed Slapbass. I know Drums were not deleted because I've opened it in editor. But still... BTW, when I'm running your track in player it sounds slowly, like 120 tempo. But in midi editor it's 220. BTW, 220 tempo sounds like much better.
  14. Uh, that's the point! I mean, that's I forgot to do. Thank you very much