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  1. There were no Vampyre Doom mods (except mentioned earlier "Jojo's Dio Doom") because this concept must contain a lot of Fatality/Glory Kill scenes. I mean, beat your enemy to the super-pain state and "kill" him in cutscene where you drinking the blood. Yeah, yeah, like in Brutal Doom HDoom. To be honest, I'd like to create such mod. But if I'll be "tagged in team".
  2. I'm really want to recreate some dream-maps due to their quality. I remember 2 maps which are reminds something like "Alien Vendetta". That's not so bad, I think x)
  3. Wait, what?
  4. I can say that I'll definitely will add every "lost" level into PSX Doom. With nightmare demons ;P But only if Erick allow to create maps with his reworked level editor, of course.
  5. To be honest, I don't like the idea of lighting bolts in the static picture. It looks too "supernatural". Light must be flickering, not freezing.
  6. Nightmare imp? Yeah, I remember about "flags" which allow to make every monster look different (for example - THE spectre cacodemon in the original PSX doom) Looking forward for your video!
  7. Create a shortcut of the converter, add required commands into shortcut's parameters. It's the same thing as opening and typing in CMD.exe Also, you can't convert from vanilla format into UDMF. You need to convert it into Hexen and then into UDMF.
  8. Nice work. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME WHEN I LIKED THE DOOMGUY'S HUD FACE (HD remaked). Next step: force the Neural Network Machine to create a Doom Level. Yeah, we have an Oblidge, but Oblidge is a tool, not an AI.
  9. Well, your task requires some scripting skills, so you had to create scripts in any way.
  10. I'll also advice to open the mod "Master of Puppets". The goal of this mod is "driving" monsters. Just do the same about your motorbike. And yes, you need to create a weapon to imitate the rudder of the bike. But you don't need to create something like "fire" to this due to Master of Puppets script.
  11. Died due to Doomguys' Katana?
  12. Uh, why really not to try to google about map lumps before asking such things? :\
  13. I've did a research and I've found that CDMage is the best that we can use in PSX iso hacking. Sad. We can use an alternate method - I've also used it when I did a GBA Doom 1 hack: Just replace ALL maps with empty wads and you will have a free space for maps. You remain dependent on the maximum number of bytes of memory, but you can create the really big map for testing. For actual making "the hack" - this method have a trouble - you should manage the mapsize and filesize of the level to get all needed maps in your project.
  14. Got it. I've tried to modify the nodebuilder, but failed. I think that such programm exists, but at this moment I don't know which one will help us in this. I'll search for it. Maybe I'll find something.