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  1. That would be even crazier if more people will do this. Different maps with the same one 32-level Megawad
  2. I like the idea, who exactly offered this?
  3. My friend tested the new build from Map01 to Map16. Chocolate Doom. Well, some bugs:
  4. ZDoom spriting carnival thread will help you. But don't forget to ask author of the sprite-set before putting it into your mod.
  5. I've asked my friend to play the existing beta version in the OP. He found this:
  6. It was tested on GZDoom 1.9 (pretty old version at present time). Well, hm...
  7. I really like this map, good job mate! Well, all puzzles are very good, the blue key puzzle is the puzzle I really wanted to see (like in D64). But I didn't get the final battle working. Just nothing happens. I also used all keys to "block", but...nothing.
  8. No, the worst is E3M1, because E3M9 looks like the "Director's Cut" version :>
  9. Don't forget that it's not official "Arch-vile" in Freedoom. Just a placeholder joke. 'blob things' is interesting concept, though.
  10. Nobody can do this. I've tried a lot of times, but got nothing special. I've asked kaiser for help, but got nothing. So we can' do anything with this.
  11. It's SCARY to see that Pinkies does strafe things.
  12. As far as I know soundtrack never placed inside the console IWAD file. You can find it in another section which not related for Doom resources like sprites, textures or maps. Anyway, I didn't noticed that in first looking, but your texture placement on wads sometimes is really strange (and sometimes I saw texture misaligments). I know that it wasn't easy job, but maybe you could try to replace some original textures into Doom 2 textures? For using them on your Doom 2 maps to make their look more "fitting"?