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  1. I'd like to go visit fellow doomers in England sometime this summer (something like a week-end or so). I can easily get to London Luton Airport, but I'd need someone to come and take me there.
    From there, I'd like to meet as many limey doomers as possible. Let me know guys.

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    2. Jenblaze


      The Merovingian said:

      Sorry, Grazza, can't hear you properly. Damn plane phones :/



      Ralphis said:

      Gimme your location, my girlfriend might not be too keen on it though

      I live in Connecticut... do u live in the states?

    3. Ralphis



    4. Jenblaze


      cool:D its about a 3.5 hour drive from my house to there.... i think... sesame place is in philly right?