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  1. Yes, I'll be at San Jose from 01/18/2004 to 01/22/2004. I have an article accepted at a conference. I sure would like to meet guys there so let me know.
    And to think I didn't manage to get to the UK this summer. Anyway, plane tickets will get paid by the uni, wheee!

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    2. Bloodshedder


      Well, according to Yahoo, it's about 5 hours.

    3. Julian


      Lüt said:

      It depends, who knows what holiday rates might still be in effect. My sister's husband has been working for a major airline for a long time now, maybe he could hook you up with a deal. I'll ask him and see. Also remember you'd be staying for free so plane tickets would be your only expense. If they're really that expensive I could contribute a little bit to the cause =)

      Sounds like a plan. As soon as I have some news about the congress program, I'll let you know when I have to leave San Jose. And I do expect to see you there, bs... heh, and SoM damnit! And arioch. Wheee.

    4. Bloodshedder


      Well, depending on when the new semester starts, I might have to skip a few classes...unless I were to visit on the weekend of course.