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  1. Icon of Sin repaint

    @ETTiNGRiNDER @Dragonfly Both the IoS repaint and the Hexen skull are indeed free to use/modify with credit, so go ahead guys o/ @Halfblind That's a neat idea. I'll be sure to throw together a few edits/recolors/variants (including detachable jaw ios) into a pk3 tomorrow if I have time. Also thanks for all the kind words guys <3
  2. Icon of Sin repaint

    Reviving my own thread cuz it's somewhat relevant. Did anyone ask for a Hexen texture repaint (sort of)? No? Well here it is anyway: This is the original texture btw, for those who haven't played Hexen: //Edit: I went ahead and colored it cuz why not.
  3. Doom Streams

    Gonna struggle through some Struggle cuz the new beta seems like the perfect thing to stream. https://www.twitch.tv/malcorium
  4. Struggle (March 19. 2018: Beta 5 is available)

    @antares031 Happy birthday man. Love your maps, will be checking out the beta asap. The screenshots look gorgeous.
  5. Post your Doom textures!

    Whoops, didn't know you already made em. Sorry. Oh well, there can never be enough brick variants.
  6. Post your Doom textures!

    @printz I'm gonna take that as a request. ;) Here ya go, stock id brick mix: EDIT: Guys I think I need an intervention.
  7. Post your Doom textures!

    @Jimmy Thanks man. Here's one more texture for good measure:
  8. The story behind your custom avatar

    My current avatar is a fishified version of a computer texture that I made for a project of mine. This is the whole texture in question, although the star in my avatar is slightly different cuz I didn't bookmark the exact star in Space Engine and had to find a new one: Not sure if I'll ever finish the project but making textures for it is fun.
  9. Can the doomguy hear the music in the map?

    I like to think he hears the music in his head, especially considering the never-ending looping nature of most midis usually used in maps. I often get loops of music playing in my head for hours so perhaps he's in a similar situation.
  10. Post your Doom textures!

    Could be useful for big hell structures, as a gradient between red and green bricks that doesn't require extra separator textures like SUPPORT3 etc. Maybe hell ran out of red bricks and had to finish a wall with green ones. Or vice versa. ////Also edit so I don't doublepost: //Edit 2: I got inspired by 40oz's tutorial on the first page and made my own take on a BSTONE1 light, as well as some other tan texture lights: Also some kind of raw marble rock texture? Also while i'm at it here's an alternate version of BSTONE1 which I made using this as a reference, as well as a Wolf3d brick wall mashup/heavy edit:
  11. Post your Doom textures!

    I'm actually planning to use it as exactly that in my project (which the original non-fishified texture is from). ;) Also just so i'm not posting empty-handed:
  12. Post your Doom textures!

    I know Jimmy already made a GSTONE fix that's 32/4x24, but I made a 4x32 version:
  13. Anyone else get this feeling?

    I still feel bad for killing houndeyes in Half-Life cuz they sound like weird puppies and it's adorable as fuck. In fact most of the time I just outrun em just to avoid killing them. Also one time I was playing a Smooth Doom esque enhancement mod (not sure if it was Smooth Doom or one of the others) and the cacodemons' pain sound was replaced with a much more sad-sounding caco noise. I couldn't bring myself to shoot em so I just stopped playing. Basically if an enemy sounds/looks cute I'm going to straight up avoid killing it cuz I'm a huge softie and it makes me feel bad. It's like "hurting" a plush toy, I know it's just a toy (or just pixels in a game's case) but I still feel really bad when doing it, yknow.
  14. Cyberdemon VS Spiderdemon, Who wins?

    BFG wins over both. also nice username you got there
  15. What's your favourite MIDI soundfont?

    Not sure how one would go about extracting those for use on a computer (if anyone has any idea i'll gladly hear it), but I'm quite partial to the soundfonts built into old phones (such as a Nokia 6131 or old Sony Ericsson models) from the pre-smartphone era when phones could still play MIDIs. They might not sound super high quality but I quite enjoy the sound myself.