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  1. 129thVisplane

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    once again im highly disappointed in being unable to live in my maps. (yes it technically counts as doom, look at window title)
  2. 129thVisplane

    My Doom pixelart

    Goodness me, your pixelwork is absolutely amazing. The palette choices are top as well, you've got some real great color theory knowledge going on. Also the last piece's artstyle reminds me of Contra/similar games a little bit. Good stuff.
  3. 129thVisplane

    An Avatar Conundrum

    Oh nice, I'm a literal starfish now. Or a computer screen displaying it. Either way's good.
  4. 129thVisplane

    Post your Doom textures!

    I once made a tiling skull texture, but it was from beta content so it doesnt line up with the retail skullwalls. So I tiled the actual skullwalls and some variants. Idk if anyone else did that before but here's my take anyway.
  5. 129thVisplane

    Win 7 users, what's your plan come end of the year?

    My guess is I'll just get Win10, slap classic shell on top of it, bitch about it for weeks like I bitched about Win7 back in the day, then get used to it. Maybe I'll get a VM with Win7 for some of the stuff that doesn't run on 10, but honestly I expect that most of the stuff not running on 10 also didn't run on 7 already and I'm just gonna keep my WinXP VM for those occasions.
  6. 129thVisplane

    Post your Doom textures!

    I uh, tried to replicate soul sand from Minecraft. With the best texture for it, of course. (yes i play minecraft, im a babby i know)
  7. 129thVisplane

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Speaking of stock sounds used in Doom and elsewhere, World of Warcraft (pre-Cata at least, idk about retail) has tigers/big cats making pinky demon sounds and stags making imp sounds. I didn't find that out just now though.
  8. 129thVisplane

    How many maps have you created and released?

    Created: Many. Released: Two, both of which are too embarrassing to even list.
  9. 129thVisplane

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I actually never beat the entirety of Sunlust. I was able to finish most maps on stream a long time ago, up to Proxyon I think, which alone is a pretty good personal achievement imo, but then I kinda just never picked it back up. Also I struggled really hard in it even on HMP. I wouldn't ever dare do a no-save run.
  10. 129thVisplane

    Post your Doom textures!

    Hi welcome to your local hell outpost's Duke-Burger, where you can get an ENTIRE WALL of worms for free with every double rat dog burger purchase. Available in both fried and non-fried versions and an additional unpaletted version. (i painted these real quick and im not sure if they're even gonna match doom's artstyle, but maybe they'll match some other artstyle idk)
  11. -I put up a video on youtube that's literally just a fucked up playback of D_E1M1 in a manually corrupted version of a Doom executable. -A guy in the comments asked to use it in a project and asked me for the corrupted midi. However I do not have a corrupted midi because the corrupted playback in the video was achieved through fucking with the executable and not the midi. So I thought i could send him the corrupted copy of the executable so he could record the e1m1 playback (and the rest of the songs if he wanted) himself, instead of ripping it from my low quality video. -I know it's a pirated copy because it was on a cd from early 2000s full of other pirated shit and I know my dad's piracy antics. Does that explain anything at all?
  12. I'm only asking because someone on youtube wanted a download link to the midi data of a corrupted Doom song, but I did it by corrupting the executable, not the midi, so I thought i'd offer the executable itself. However im not sure how legal that would be, since it'd just be the exe without the iwad, but it's a shitty pirated commercial v1.2 exe I found on an ancient cd, and it's tampered with on top of that. Am I allowed to go for it and slap the executable online anyway, or is it a strict no-no warez zone even without the iwad data? I don't want to piss anyone off and get a storage account deleted by distributing forbidden stuff, yknow.
  13. 129thVisplane

    Post your Doom textures!

    Not entirely a Doom texture, but if anyone else is doing Blood-textured mapping (in either Doom or Blood) and wants to get into a festive mood:
  14. 129thVisplane


    I like dogs. This one is mine: And here's one of my favorite dog gifs:
  15. 129thVisplane


    Paging @rhinoduck to thread. Also: