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  1. I only have 2 resolutions: 1; stop rushing into the middle of monster hordes all the time, especially in TNS and 2; actually put effort into projects instead of crying over being shit at mapping. Maybe resume working on Destination Aquarius while I'm at it.
  2. Blood and Duke3D are probably my most favorite games ever. Classic Doom would be #1 but I like it mostly for the gameplay and moddability. Aside from these top 3, I also particularly enjoy Hexen, Doom 2016, the Half-Life series, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, and Quake 1. I also like Quake 4 and System Shock 2 but really only for the aesthetics/lore. Still, I'm gonna include those in my favorites cuz I love em but for non-gameplay reasons.
  3. I am hyped. Orange is my favorite color.
  4. Vinesauce Joel once showed this commercial on a stream and it had, so to say, left skidmarks on my soul.
  5. Recently decided to pumpkin spice up my backgrounds with some quality dogs I grabbed from a quick google search.
  6. If it counts, ZDaemon is based on an old version of ZDoom (around 1.23 iirc) and it still has a bit of a playerbase. So in a way, yes.
  7. One time I was screwing around on a throwaway VM trying to find some obscure file on shady af sites, but quickly noped out and force shut the VM down when a drive-by-downloaded file with a .rar.png extension leaked into my main and triggered an alert in my AV. That was fun.
  8. I haven't had anything weird happen with a computer for quite a long time, but sometime in April 2014, I woke up one day to find that my computer won't boot, and according to my dad, the hard drive surface became completely corrupted. To this day I'm not sure what caused it. Probably some malware since I'm pretty sure I was running without an AV on that iteration of Windows. Oh and there was also that one time when my GPU died. It started with the occasional flash of glitchy stuff on the screen, then one day it completely froze the computer and when I rebooted, my screen looked like this. I found it quite amusing instead of scary, actually. Especially with the "Malfunction" plastered on the corrupted screen. Was really fitting. I'm just glad I never had any of those freaky malware/rogues that mess with the user, like Navashield or the Magold email worm. Those would honestly be kinda scary to deal with personally, they remind me a lot of my computer-themed nightmares.
  9. Wasn't sure if I should put it in the texture thread or here, since it's technically not a completed texture, so I'm posting it here. What was supposed to be a simple detail enhancement on the Icon of Sin turned into a complete repaint and a slight redesign and this is the result. Feel free to recolor it (or request a recolor), edit it, and use it in a wad as long as credit is given. Here's also a shoddy marble version that I whipped up real quick:
  10. I used to misread it as "degreesellness" when I was a kid. I admit I still pronounce it like that in my head when I read the word.
  11. I had a load of fun playing this. Didn't encounter any game-breaking bugs, only a few misaligned crate textures and a tiny hom which has apparently been reported already. Also loved the map design a whole lot, it's pretty fuckin good (except for these cattails in map03 that i got repeatedly stuck behind and facerocketed myself with). Overall I'd rate it 9/10, just because map09 kicked my noob ass very, very hard and I got kinda frustrated at the end. It's a really great mapset other than that, though.
  12. That seems to have done the trick. Thanks man. I had considered making a dummy ammo type when trying to fix it earlier but I wasn't sure how to implement it. This works perfectly, thanks again.
  13. Ok first off, there's a catch: The altfire doesn't use any ammo and I think that's what causes my weapon to be selectable even when out of primary fire ammo. Is there a way to make the game ignore the altfire availability and refuse to select the weapon? Possibly even through manually pressing the weapon select key. The reason I want to do this is because it's a grenade esque weapon and I don't want it showing up when the player has no grenades. But I suck at Decorate so I have no idea how to do it. I've tried just about everything but nothing I came up with has worked. Wad with spaghetti decorate code attached to post, run in Hexen, ignore the unfinished sprites and the very mature and serious weapon concept. flechette.zip
  14. Most of the time I just end up tossing wads in the general direction of my E:\Doom\wads folder without any sorting, or keep them zipped in C:\Users\EvilNeutral\Downloads and don't give a further fuck. I really gotta sort that stuff soon because looking for specific wads among all the other shit gets quite annoying. C:\ZDaemon\wads is also a rather unorganized mess but I think ZDaemon would bitch if I sorted that folder. My own wad projects get stuffed into their respective subfolders of the E:\questionable projects folder so that's a bit more organized at least.
  15. My desktop cycles between 10 wallpaper sets of various themes every 10 mins or so. Right now it's at this set: