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  1. Wasn't sure if I should put it in the texture thread or here, since it's technically not a completed texture, so I'm posting it here. What was supposed to be a simple detail enhancement on the Icon of Sin turned into a complete repaint and a slight redesign and this is the result. Feel free to recolor it (or request a recolor), edit it, and use it in a wad as long as credit is given. Here's also a shoddy marble version that I whipped up real quick:
  2. I used to misread it as "degreesellness" when I was a kid. I admit I still pronounce it like that in my head when I read the word.
  3. I had a load of fun playing this. Didn't encounter any game-breaking bugs, only a few misaligned crate textures and a tiny hom which has apparently been reported already. Also loved the map design a whole lot, it's pretty fuckin good (except for these cattails in map03 that i got repeatedly stuck behind and facerocketed myself with). Overall I'd rate it 9/10, just because map09 kicked my noob ass very, very hard and I got kinda frustrated at the end. It's a really great mapset other than that, though.
  4. That seems to have done the trick. Thanks man. I had considered making a dummy ammo type when trying to fix it earlier but I wasn't sure how to implement it. This works perfectly, thanks again.
  5. Ok first off, there's a catch: The altfire doesn't use any ammo and I think that's what causes my weapon to be selectable even when out of primary fire ammo. Is there a way to make the game ignore the altfire availability and refuse to select the weapon? Possibly even through manually pressing the weapon select key. The reason I want to do this is because it's a grenade esque weapon and I don't want it showing up when the player has no grenades. But I suck at Decorate so I have no idea how to do it. I've tried just about everything but nothing I came up with has worked. Wad with spaghetti decorate code attached to post, run in Hexen, ignore the unfinished sprites and the very mature and serious weapon concept. flechette.zip
  6. Most of the time I just end up tossing wads in the general direction of my E:\Doom\wads folder without any sorting, or keep them zipped in C:\Users\EvilNeutral\Downloads and don't give a further fuck. I really gotta sort that stuff soon because looking for specific wads among all the other shit gets quite annoying. C:\ZDaemon\wads is also a rather unorganized mess but I think ZDaemon would bitch if I sorted that folder. My own wad projects get stuffed into their respective subfolders of the E:\questionable projects folder so that's a bit more organized at least.
  7. My desktop cycles between 10 wallpaper sets of various themes every 10 mins or so. Right now it's at this set:
  8. I had crushes on a lot of fictional characters. Fancy Pants Man when I was 10 years old, Duke Nukem in 2010, a Skulltag/Zandronum bot in 2013, Gordon Freeman in 2014, Samuel Hayden 2016-current. Honestly it's kind of an excuse for me not to get in real relationships because they're scary and I fuck shit up everytime. Anyway aside from videogames I've also had crushes on characters from other media (movies etc). In fact right now I'm massively crushing on the ESET android. I'm not even using the antivirus, what the hell. (I'm sure this post will define me on Doomworld forever now, great.)
  9. E2M2 is honestly my favorite. Mostly because of the music and the crates.
  10. I had a dream that I posted a status in which I shamelessly confessed that I wanted to be banged by Sammy Hayden on his office desk. So here we go, it's not a dream anymore.

    1. rodster


      living the dream :D His voice and lines were awesome.

  11. I present myself as a metalhead in public, but in fact I frequently listen to a certain radio full of 90s electronic stuff and modern pop trash. Some of that shit is catchy and I often find myself jammin' to it. I also absolutely love midis even if they're bad. @TFK I hope it's not Samuel Hayden. Because then that would make two of us.
  12. I'm quite content playing games at around 20fps. Anything higher is just a bit of extra smoothness that I find nice and pleasing but it's not necessary. Multiplayer would be an obvious exception but I literally don't play any multiplayer game except ZDaemon and I get a solid 35fps there. My gamemachine isn't the best thing in the world so with the more modern and more graphics-heavy games (see also: doom 2016) I'm often stuck at low framerates, but I don't really give a fuck, as long as the game runs at all. I do have my limits though. Trying to play a map that makes the framerate drop to 5fps (im looking at you, doom maps with shitloads of linedefs in view) is pretty much impossible.
  13. My cover photo is the error message that inspired me to take up this particular username.
  14. Samuel Hayden.
  15. My first map was a very short test map involving a STARTAN hallway, a single imp, a very badly textured secret room with DOORTRAK as the midtexture of the door, and a star-shaped exit room. It was like origwad but much, much worse. I made it when I was 13, had no idea what I was doing, and lost it to a hard drive crash since then. Now, my first released map... (please ignore the text file, it's cringy as hell)