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  1. 129thVisplane

    St. Anger isn't bad

    very much same here, St. Anger carried me through some Very Dark moments as both an angry depressed teenager and an angry depressed adult. honestly it's not even a guilty pleasure for me because i don't feel guilty about enjoying it. it's definitely a "listen only when i'm absolutely down" kind of thing for me though. also i enjoy both the st. anger snare and dave mustaine's vocals, what does that say about me
  2. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    late night roadtrip vibes only
  3. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    im glad at least someone appreciates the fruits of my unhinged duke obsession phase LMAO <3 even if 99% of the shit i draw also includes miss meowmeow over there. such is life, i fall for a character, i invent a shameless self insert oc (or in this case, resurrect one from the forgotten depths of time), i proceed to draw nothing but the two for a couple weeks/months/years, i make it everyone else's problem too have another memepost that i just drew the art part of, the rest is game content:
  4. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    edgelordry and shitpostery, all flavored with duke nukem and/or karri stormson, is the name of the game lately when it comes to my art. idk why i tapped so hard into my art drive recently but i did. i hope the pictures embed right bc they didnt auto embed i had to pull the bbcode move and idk if that works anymore. it worked in the preview. anyway, the edgelordry: the shitpostery: assorted unfinished/unrefined sketchposting:
  5. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    the kings of ms-dos platformers kick butt together. unparalleled speed vs unparalleled explosions but they both go to space and blast enemies away with laserguns to bangin' music (this started as a crusty referenceless sketch made in like 20 minutes on a break at work on a scrap piece of corrugated cardboard. also i might still shade this but for now it's flat)
  6. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    we interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of unashamed dukage with 4 AM Vent Artwork Fueled Entirely By Amaranthe and Recent, Regrettable Incidents (featuring Mal'kyr who very nearly got wiped from the maltiverse but i decided to keep her around and make her suffer. sorry mal'kyr ur my new depression vessel)
  7. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    my time machine got destroyed and im stuck in summer of 2010 with a Massive crush on duke nukem helppppp
  8. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    this wasnt originally meant to be a half life duke, just a generic scientist duke made as a joke for a certain post-nuclear-apocalypse scifi setting, buuuut i guess nihilanth's gettin his alien baby ass kicked
  9. 129thVisplane

    Sector Trees & Mid Texture-Based Trees in Doom

    shameless self promotion of the janky tree that grows out of the initial hell portal in Trouble Over the Rainbow: the same wad also contains a dark forest that, however, is too dark to take any good screenshots of but trust me
  10. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    went through the thread and fixed some broken images, we're so back lets goooo also here's some expression practice with miss kittycat over here. drawing facial expressions is very hard and face consistency is an impossibility
  11. 129thVisplane

    Favorite Male Video Game Character

    as a character with thoughts and feelings and motivations, i'd say Gordon Freeman is my favorite even if his thoughts/feelings/motivations are completely unspoken and up to the player in a silent protagonist way. to me he's just a humble science guy trying his best but getting fucked over at every step and forced into increasingly dangerous situations that he conquers through sheer perseverance and an HEV-suit-supplied morphine high probably. he's not a big hunk of roided up meat who's built specifically for badassery, he's just an everyday man whom circumstances placed into an HEV suit, put a crowbar and a gun in his hand, and said "lmao go ahead pal, try to survive, i had bet some big interdimensional bucks on you so you better do" and also he's cute i would give him a hug and buy him a beer god knows he deserves it but if we disregard all that and have me drool unstoppably over hot guys with hot voice acting then the list is very long but right now my favorite is Duke Nukem. idk why but that big hunk of roided up meat built specifically for badassery has somehow outranked even Samuel Hayden on the would scale i mean what
  12. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    hey. you know what time it is. its catgirl time [duke nukem theme riff, rudely interrupted by a record scratch and a song from my workplace radio station]
  13. 129thVisplane

    Do you design pistol only sections in your maps?

    i am admittedly a coward and give the player a weapon as soon as combat starts. usually a shotgun but i've done berserk and rocketlauncher. pewpewpewing with the pistol is reserved for shootable switches and sigil eye secrets
  14. 129thVisplane

    Things about Doom you just found out

    ah yes, my favorite red door track with the door action on a 1 sided line..... arguably the funniest part is that in the vanilla executable on dosbox it just freezes and throws a bunch of illegal memory access but then continues just fine after a moment, however if you do it on that in-game computer version in doom eternal, it instantly crashes the whole entire game to desktop lol this is the only time i will acknowledge de
  15. can't wait for the inevitable release of doom: the new colossus