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  1. 129thVisplane

    What is the "nukage"?

    100%, as an avid worldbuilder and story/fanfic writer myself, I love digging deep into a universe and its every microscopic aspect. The tiny "irrelevant" stuff matters to me. That said, nukage is probably another case of stereotypical green glowing radioactive sludge. Probably with the consistency of molasses or oobleck or those weird slime toy things. Possibly corrosive. Maybe it's refuse from whatever reactors UAC has running its bases, judging by E1M2. Maybe UAC weaponizes it for the BFG. bit weird that they have it sloshing around random sections of their bases but about half of those may have been Accidental Spillage due to Unforeseen Demon Invasion. naw it's gamer juice (BIG SIP)
  2. 129thVisplane

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    a 128x128 FIRE01 and its variants, some korax faces, and a Doom-style lava crackle also wanted to recolor it to Heretic's BLUEFRAG but i don't have Heretic on me right now. If anyone has a BLUEFRAG at hand real quick I'll gladly colormatch it. (or you can diy it, i don't mind. go wild) also a variant overlaid with, funnily enough, ICE01 because i find it gives a nice texture to the otherwise flat.......texture. hah. makes it look a bit like obsidian shards imo
  3. your wish is my command [Arnold Rimmer salute] icannar_statusbar.wad once again thank u all for the feedbacks and encouragements and stuff, y'all are (unironically) epic <3 i have done some sneaky fixes and enhancements™ after a streamer friend's regular + hideous destructor runs of the map yesterday, and i am now officially contemplating calling it done and submitting it to the idgames zone. unless any other issues pop up im likely gonna submit it later today.
  4. 129thVisplane

    Issue with importing PNGs

    I'd check three things: - if your PNGs are in truecolor (try right click > graphic > convert to, from there select PNG (truecolour) and set the "current graphic" palette selection to Doom (or whichever)) - if your sprites are between S_START and S_END markers (or in a "sprites" subfolder if using zip/pk3) - if your GZDoom setup is using hardware/truecolor software rendering, without a palette tonemap. Software rendering or hardware palettization will just take the blue and, in the absence of blue in the palette, convert it to the nearest palette color. Also welcome to Doom modding, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it :)
  5. thanks <3 aw heck I knew I broke something. fixed the missing stair texture predicament, i choose to blame UDB for that one. occasionally it messes with upper/lower textures that aren't visible immediately. as for the missing enemy, the map does have off-map monster teleporter chambers that sometimes don't like to cooperate, so might have been a late-teleporting caco or pinky or something like that. haven't quite gotten the hang of those things yet lmao
  6. once again thank u everyone <3 i have observed the vid/demos with great enthusiasm and i bring u a new version. once again op link should be auto-updated but just in case: download 3: the downloadening hopefully i didn't break anything. changelog: -removed rogue medkit that had a tendency to get stuck under crusher -fixed rogue secret armor that didnt show up on uv -an extra secret to block direct view of sky jank around shuttle -a janky attempt at difficulty settings (monster count only atm, severely untested) -assorted texture alignments and visual adjustments -space rocks babey!!! (3 flavors, two from blood, 1 from hexen) also contemplated making an actual texture for the questionable STEPTOP cable but don't quite feel up to fuckin about with TEXTUREx right now. f
  7. 129thVisplane

    Post your Doom textures!

    a brighter, slightly grimy MFLR8_4 and an ep2 sky edit to match SP_ROCK, made for my icannar.wad remake, and a full height skyless version just for y'all: i have been on a frankentexture roll lately but the majority of it is for my big mod thing so that's secret™ for now, and it's also all optimized for said mod's custom palette. but i guess u can have this simple fence bit and a doompal-converted brick wall based on BRICK5:
  8. thanks y'all <3 loved the vid @thelamp, the realtime feedback was very useful (and the deaths entertaining) a slight, mostly visual update: sprinkled in a little bit more ammo, fixed some texture misalignments in opengl mode caused by negative offsets, made post-yellow key progress a little bit more hinted at, made a certain secret a bit less cryptic and added another secret near the end..... (more of an easter egg than a proper secret). also expanded the outside boundaries a bit to prevent glaringly obvious sky wrapping, and added some fences. down-re-load (even though the op link is unchanged bc apparently google drive works like that) //sneaky edit: ssg window now has even more of a view
  9. you are stranded on an asteroid by the name of Icannar, and thanks to some nukage-related incidents, demons have taken over the local UAC techbase's nukage processing facility. shoot the demons and find a way to escape this miserable space rock. while shatterdawn my beloved burns in development hell, i thought i'd put on my big boy arm warmers, get blasted on 1 bottle of alcoholic cider, dust off an ancient wad of mine and overhaul it completely. "oh no drunk mapping, this can't be good" well lemme tell ya, the booze took the edge off just enough to not instantly cry upon opening udb, but not enough to inhibit my mapping faculties. so anyway, here's the result, come play it and/or drop ur thoughts and suggestions and bug reports help i have been testing it for 3 days straight i can no longer tell how playable it is >>> get a (down)load of this wad <<< now featuring: boom format (instead of the original vanilla) brand new map (and nukage) flow ? actual combat??? maybe? a slight touch of custom texturey flair here and there 100% more forklift the necessary details: iwad: Doom 2 (MAP01 replacement) map format: Boom tested in: DSDA-Doom (on default complevel) difficulty settings: extremely janky, uv recommended midi from: Descent (i think) (was gonna use a custom track but it's a tracker module and i couldn't get it to sound right when exported to midi) texture edits by: me statusbar graphics by: 16 year old me in ~2012 cider flavor: wild berries screenshots:
  10. I most certainly hope not. Doom 2016 ended on the perfect cliffhanger and i would hate to see that ruined with like, over-explaining exposition cutscenes and the wrong cues taken from D2016's gameplay or something like that. /s
  11. 129thVisplane

    What type of dog do you own?

    As of May he is no longer with us, but my old man Ron, who we got as a puppy from the neighbors in 2006, was a mutt with some terrier blood in him from his mom's side and probably some pinscher/basenji(?) from his dad's side. A super-fluffy leggy chaos machine, a fuckin badass puppy that trucked all the way to 15 years and 11 months. Before a laundry list of ailments hit him full force the last few months, he was a chipper man with a hatred for brushie time and a penchant for obliterating christmas wrapping, saying "nom" for treats, and simping over the neighborhood bitches lmao what a guy. i miss the mans image dump incoming:
  12. 129thVisplane

    Why do you like software rendering?

    Software mode uses the colormap lump and those can be sexy as fuck. I can make GZDoom's hardware renderer look Mostly like software with the palette tonemap setting and all but it doesn't use the colormap, and in games like Hexen that have such nice colormaps, it muddies the colors in dark places. And in general software is just nice and crisp and honestly the only thing i don't like about it is the y-shearing mouselook which gives me heartburn lmao visual comparison of software vs palette-tonemapped hardware with regards to colormap, using a random hexen test map i made in 1 minute: Every day i wish there was a hardware renderer that uses the colormap tbh (iirc build engine polymost renderer kinda uses it in a way but blurs the transition between shades as the light level fades? At least that's what i noticed when last playing a build game w/ polymost. I would die to see it done like that in a doom port. And i know most ports are free real estate to fork so i "could" do it myself in theory but my ability to code ends at setting up a simple acs script) edit: didn't gzdoom have an experimental not-y-sheared-but-colormapped softwareish renderer at some point???? i vividly remember testing a hexen wad with it, but tbf it ran like hot garbage everytime it had to render translucency so i can see why it got cut though
  13. another day, another instance of opening udb and my brain shutting down as soon as i draw a linedef. im never gonna be able to release shatterdawn at this rate lmao

  14. btw playing on choco, i seem to have found some rather tutti-frutti-licious computers in toxin refinery, both sides of the exit room stairs: (theres probably more little bits of tutti frutti out there and most other sourceports don't care but these caught my eye so i thought i'd report)
  15. As an enjoyer of original KDiZD (played the thing as an impressionable teen and skipped the controversy so all i have for it is fond hyperdetailed nostalgia), this is hype as fuck and im loading it up in dosbox right now. oops my attempts to apply the patch the old fashioned way made an error, so chocolate doom it is edit: made it to toxin refinery so far and holy fuck this is good. the soundtrack remixes are superb and i love all the little (and the big) workarounds to make it vanilla compatible. overall impressive as hell. and i forgot to disable savegame size limit so i am playing saveless lord help me