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  1. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    real carabino hours also have a link to an art timelapse i did for a pet site, ft. jimmidis as background music (used with permission of course)
  2. 129thVisplane

    Why'd you choose your title?

    Oh hey we can change that ourselves now, neat. I made mine "Nuclear Member" for now because I go by Malcorium everywhere, I like bright greens commonly associated with radioactivity in popular media, and my mental health is about as stable as plutonium-228. (cough @ all my embarrassing meltdown threads lmao)
  3. 129thVisplane

    About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

    favorite soundtrack: i tend to enjoy a lot of midis scattered through wads but aaliens/strg are cases in which i can listen to the entire ost and bop my head consistently throughout. all time favorite: strg my beloved. wheres my one way ticket to the blue dimension favorite ending: i think those speak for themselves :^) havent played but want to: help you love, everyone hates: not everyone can get behind the extensive gameplay changes in hdest, and i dont hang around the general userbase enough to really know the consensus on it, but i find it extremely comfy. hoarding robots and having my soul consumed is my favorite pastime. you hate, everyone loves: [leans in real close to whisper] MY OWN MAPS no but i dont really hate things in general, people worked on that yknow fondest memory: honestly couldnt decide between my fond memories of Invasion UAC on ZDaemon servers and those compilations of 1994 wads that I played a lot as a kid. but i went with Invasion UAC because the latter is barely playable all those years later lol always come back to: when im bored and confined to my laptop, i just load up doom and go through it keyboard-only. the ol' reliable. guilty pleasure: jokewads.......13 yr old me's favorite, you bet you can find me laughing at lost soulsphere's "shitgun" to this day. and yes uacmn2 is still tasteless as fuck but in a satire kind of way
  4. 129thVisplane

    Maps made worse by their music

    I've found that replacing Countdown to Death with anything else tends to vastly improve my opinion on Doom 2 map03. Usually I would also shit on In The Dark with its 6 minutes of the same 5 notes of fretless bass making any map using it utterly insufferable, but map06 funny doortrack misadventures have made me get oddly attached to that track and I honestly don't mind it anymore, at least not in Doom's OPL with that big fat fretless bass sound.
  5. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    hideous destructor owns my soul (not pictured: 6 other turrets i carried around by the end of plutonia)
  6. As someone who used to get nightmares about minor graphical errors in crappy '94 maps, this would've probably given me super-nightmares if I had this CD back in the day. I gave it a spin, got it to work on my win7 machine with dxwnd, at first input was unresponsive like other people in the thread said but I managed to fix it by tabbing out and back in. I also noticed that the statusbar is prone to freezing when the player's health gets low even outside of demos, and resizing the screen space just makes it worse. Speaking of which, did later versions of Doom95 have that little message at the top when resizing the view? I thought that was neat. Might be a debug feature from this particular early version.
  7. 129thVisplane

    Polyobject collision being weird in multi-layered map

    Yeah my map is quite packed with ZDoom features (i mean, 3 whole vertically stacked portals with a side serving of 3d floors, who does that.) so it makes sense that one or two wouldn't play nice with each other. and tbh I completely forgot about the ZDoom forums, I'll ship myself over there and see how it goes. hopefully i'll remember my account lol edit: so i was making a test map to post over on the ZDoom forums but it works perfectly fine in the test map. what the fuck? this now seems like some kind of weird overflow somewhere since the problem map is pretty big. i'm talking approximately 9000x5000 map units. did i give blockmap a stroke or something edit 2: i chopped down a copy of the problem map to a 2800x2000 area but the problem persists. what in the world is happening.
  8. I'm running into a bit of a polyobject problem in a portal-dependent GZDoom UDMF map. The map contains a bunch of swinging door (type 7) polyobjects, done using the midtex trick with Polyobj_ExplicitLine defined in SCRIPTS, all using the "block everything" flag (I had the walkable midtex flag on but it acted even weirder). The base layer of the map is fine, but the problem starts occurring in portal areas above and below, which are layered at real height offsets (ceiling height at bottom sector = floor height at top sector). So anyway the affected polyobjects are solid when stationary, but when opening or closing, they clip right through the player. If the walkable midtex flag is on, they also (harmlessly) squish the player into the ground. All the polyobjects in the map are functionally identical except for holding sector height (which always matches the target sector height), and the problem persists through multiple versions of GZDoom, I've tried 4.3.3 and 4.5.0 but I remember having the problem in older versions, sometimes with the base floor polyobjects being bugged as well. No combination of impassable, block everything, and/or walkable midtex flags has fixed the problem. My question is, is it fixable? Is it just a weird GZ thing that I should live with? It's not that much of an issue, it just breaks my immersion™ and gets me stuck sometimes, and potentially becomes a bit of an annoyance if I ever decide to somehow release this thing. I would include the map but there would be a..... lot of missing textures since the whole thing depends on a live folder structure on my computer. Video evidence to help explain better:
  9. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    ive never even finished bio menace but here's a quick paint of master cain because of course i would draw the robot-masked hooded villain
  10. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    resurrecting my own thread from the dead with a lil pixel SHODAN and a vaguely SHODAN-inspired (but nicer) AI character from a game idea i had a few yrs back
  11. 129thVisplane

    DE makes me so unreasonably mad [rant]

    honestly i havent even touched the game since i begrudgingly replayed it for a friend several months ago, but it lives rent free in my head and makes me suffer everytime im reminded of its existence. sadly i cant exactly step away from myself even if i want to. ultimately deternal isnt 100% behind my shit meltdown, not sure if its even 50%, but its definitely a contributor to my sanity leaving the building. re: playing other games, i have found some solace in system shock lately, cant quite fill the doom shaped hole in my head but its a fun time. i know i sound hypocritical as fuck when i diss deternal's controls and then admit to enjoying the og dos version of sshock, but at least i can play the latter at a pace that isnt 99999 actions per second. and re: getting some air and exercise, i admit i've spent the better part of the year being a goblin wired to my computer staying up all night and eating leftover pizza which probably doesnt help my mental state whatsoever lmao. i'll have to work on that but its been hard doing anything but existing in a perpetual feedback loop. overall i know i shouldnt post during my shit meltdowns but then i do anyway and embarrass myself, and im sorry for being an inconvenience, but at least im glad to see im not the only person in the world who isnt a fan of the weird direction of new dooms. i liked d2016, i had a fun time there, would've been fun to see more of that without going so over the top to the point of overflowing to the bottom. guess i'll have to make my own doom eternal, lets see how that goes
  12. 129thVisplane

    DE makes me so unreasonably mad [rant]

    Not only because I'm a gremlin that gets overwhelmed by the "press every button on keyboard within the timespan of <1 second just to live" gordian knot of a gameplay loop even on ITYTD, but the lore just makes no fucking sense to me. I know lore in Doom is like a story in porn but at least make it consistent. "you know these characters with laid out backstories in d2016? sike they've been someone completely else all along and now they're acting completely different. oh you started to slowly come to terms with it? haha it was all a lie again. fuck you" it makes me so tilted because suddenly everything i knew is wrong and i dont have any trust in the characters anymore, it feels like everything i do in the game is an arbitrary fuck. everytime a character speaks im just begging them to shut up. i'm a person who gets really into story in videogames to a hyper obsessive level and to have it ruined like this is absolutely soul-crushing. i hate it so much. i've been crying over this shit for 3 days and i can't stop. everytime i think of this game it just makes me cry again, and i can't escape it because everywhere i go people keep bringing it up like "hey 129 have you heard dlc 2 came out. have you played dlc 2 it's so cool. lemme shove this lore down your throat" tl;dr i havent been outside in a year, doom has been my main source of escapism, and now i feel dead inside because id fucked with my special interest. i'm honestly not going to buy any more id software games because i know they're gonna fuck me over again tbh sorry i know i shouldnt be meltdownposting but i cant help it aaaa
  13. 129thVisplane

    Female Slayer

    Femslayer would be cool. As long as she'd be reasonably proportioned and reasonably clothed, not wearing a praetor bikini with ginormous hooters and dumptruck ass. You're supposed to kill the demons, not fuck em.
  14. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    real pic of @Looper breaking the world record, ft. way too many puns
  15. 129thVisplane

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Doom Eternal makes me cry just thinking about it.