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    Sanity's Eclipse - 3 levels demo (feedback appreciated!)

    Hey, thanks for playing the maps! Before I say anything, I'd like just to address one thing (more of a curiosity for everyone, really): I don't know how noticeable it is, but most of these maps have undergone various reworks/revamps/whatever through the years. What's of particular interest is that the parts that were seemingly appreciated/enjoyed the most were the ones I made just before releasing the demo: I redesigned most of the level 1 fights (that one didn't seem to raise many complaints other than perhaps too many zombiemen at the beginning), added the red key trap room in level 2 (before you'd get the key in the revenant room) and reworked the L shaped big room in 3 (the one with the 2 cyberdemons) - so I guess bottom line is, I've been moving in the right direction at least, but when maps are an agglomeration of design choices scattered through many versions it's bound to have some janky parts. MAP01 The windows: ok, this one was bothering me a bit because I see them fine from my end... however, after some quick investigation, I've noticed that the ones you could see had the two "halves" of the window joined as one sector, so maybe that's the issue. I don't know why I can see them fine on 4 different ports though, so who knows. As I wrote before, it didn't seem this map raised any particular concern, except at the very beginning with zombiemen. As I wrote a few posts earlier, I have experimented with putting the shotgun in the blue key room: that should speed up the process a bit and allow players get to the main part a bit quicker. I do actually like the grated floor though, it's one of the very few design elements that survived through the ages. MAP02 The unpegged DOORTRAK textures were made on purpose: the idea is that it's standing for the moving machinery. Then again, you may have noticed I didn't do that in the other maps and that... well, believe it or not, in my quest for "map identity" I decided that doors should have been part of it, whether by looks or even function at times. A minute detail, but that's the gist of it. Either way, it's an easy fix should others find it weird. Yeah, there's a lot of shotgunners, sometimes a bit too many, and the whole "here's a clump of them" positioning got old really fast. The idea was that the map was supposed to have a restricted selection of monsters (shotgunners, chaingunners, cacodemons and revenants) and play around with that in a game of "mow them down quicker than they kill you". I think the biggest culprit is the second quarter circle room/fight, so I may look into that. The red key room. As mentioned earlier (and in another post), this was one of the last additions in the map... and again, I must admit I am surprised people are enjoying it (sort of, I guess!): the invulnerability is basically supposed to put the player on a timer and I was worried others would find it "cheap" or "forced"... Those scrolling screens do look weird though. MAP03 Oh boy, this one was somewhat of a harsh realization. Believe it or not, for a long time I was sure this was one of my best maps (when it comes to fights), but, watching through the stream, I myself started thinking "oh no he's going to bump into yet another clump of bruisers"; I guess that's what happens when one is its own main critic for the longest time. I agree that there are several parts that require a fundamental redesign in how they work. Funnily enough, the L shaped room seemed to be the highlight... and again, as I mentioned, it was one of the latest additions. To give you an idea, here's how it looked before: Would you look at that, another big room with a bunch of monsters coming from one direction... (not visible in the screenshot, copypasted small rooms filling the 2 sides with cacodemons inside). Granted, the new version is effectively the same, but I think we can agree that the layout makes it miles better. My general impression is that the main issue is that pretty much every single part is "move from A to B, there are monsters inbetween", which, in and of itself, isn't too bad I think, but the map being 40+ minutes long doesn't help at all, making it a slog. Which leads me to the following points... Room lockdown. Now, personally I'm not a huge fan of that - I mean, I love DOOM2016 and Eternal and it's never bothered me a single time, but when making my levels I figured I'd let the player roam as freely as possible - monsters in the way permitting (and, if you can forgive my strawman here, I try to avoid locking the player in a 128x128 room with 2 barons). Given the general layout of the level, though, it may be inevitable to use them, so hopefully I can figure something out that doesn't feel cheap. Door cheese. As I mentioned before I try to let the player figure their pace for each room, I don't mind if they decide to just rush through things as long as it's somewhat challenging still. Ideally, putting goodies in the "danger zones" should entice people to get in the thick of it, but it seems the first reaction is to just stand back (and rightfully so). Again, the open layout with groups of monsters coming from one direction isn't really helping, so that's another reason to try out locking down certain areas. However, I am curious about the L shaped room. Theoretically it should be possible to go back through the elevator room and funnel enemies there... however, I once tried it and it ended up with the cyberdemon blocking the elevator exit (and you can't send it down without standing on it, as far as I know). I'm not sure how good of a compromise that is, but it'd be nice to know what others think of it. A final note, the general idea of the level was to send the player through the 3 "sections" of the level to open the way to the exit. Now, thing is, when I play it I know the optimal routes but I just realized that taking any other path straying from that involves a lot of backtracking and "wtf am I doing here" moments (as mentioned in another post in this thread) - granted, I have tried playing with suboptimal routes, but my takeaway was basically "ok it's doable" so... yeah. I do have a few ideas on how to improve the flow of the level, so hopefully I can fix it (and maybe put some more interesting lightning while I'm at it, but I'll openly admit it's not my forte). Again, many thanks for trying out the map! If you'd like to add onto what I said, please do, it's quite refreshing to hear opinions from the community (the only people I ever shared the maps with before have been a handful of friends who are not much into DOOM, if at all).
  2. ArchCrusader

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    A bit of something I've been working on for a while...
  3. ArchCrusader

    Sanity's Eclipse - 3 levels demo (feedback appreciated!)

    Fair enough. Truth be told when I built that map I arbitrarily decided that it would have no blue key, so I guess that's why the "random" switch exists. Adding the blue card shouldn't really change much, aside from improving clarity (and I currently don't see how I could notify players that the door you mentioned is opened by a switch, at least not without adding confusing key markers), so it's probably a good idea to go with it.
  4. ArchCrusader

    Sanity's Eclipse - 3 levels demo (feedback appreciated!)

    Thanks! I've experimented a bit putting the shotgun in the blue key room. It does make the following fight a tad easier but also a bit snappier without fundamentally changing the overall difficulty. I may keep it. One thing I kinda like is making "hub" rooms that lead to different sections of the level. In theory, when it comes to the first level, a quick glance at the automap should make it clear that there's more stuff there, and once the yellow key is acquired the attentive player should remember it. As for the third level, it's kinda the same deal, although I'll admit that a few of the "objectives" were made purely so that the player would have to move through the entire level. Granted, if there's more people finding it disorienting, I may have to look more into it. Maybe... however, you gave me an idea, since there is some space to the sides of the 2 doors leading outside. I've tried adding some windows, which should enable players to at least see that there's weapons laying there. This was one of the latest additions I put in the map and I was a bit worried some people may find it a bit too extreme. I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, I guess the length of the level doesn't help with that. Granted, I'm a fan of dancing with barons with the SSG, but it's understandable the whole level may not be for everyone. Many thanks for the feedback!
  5. ArchCrusader

    Sanity's Eclipse - 3 levels demo (feedback appreciated!)

    Quick bump to showcase some WIP stuff, namely a pair of MAP09 parts and a little gif about MAP03. Some hellish architecture: Metal to flesh, flesh to metal:
  6. Greetings everyone. Here's a 3 maps WAD, an excerpt from my 11 maps WAD, Sanity's Eclipse (still working on it), which, in theory, should be pretty challenging on UV. DROPBOX Tested in ZDoom, GZDoom, Zandronum and glboom+. Highly recommended to disable infintiely tall monsters. I play with mouselook (I like some verticality in my movement, if you catch my drift), but they're doable without it (tested). MAPINFO edits are included, so a ZDoom-derived port is recommended (nothing too important though). Uses the Community Chest 4 texture pack and custom music (credits are included in the readme). Runtime: a couple of hours (third level is a big and long one) - give or take, I spend about 1h to UV-MAX them all. The criteria for how I approach making these levels goes as follows: - Levels must be doable with pistol start - I must be able to UV-MAX them with pistol start - I must be able to at least complete the level without finding any secret - Each level must have its own identity, whether with colour palette, monster selection or theme (granted, most of them - especially in this demo - are techbases) - Levels should have some continuity between each other, usually with parts of one in the beginning or end of the other (an exception here are levels 02 and 03, since 03 is supposed to be level 07 in the original project) - Vanilla DOOM gameplay (except mouselook, personal preference) I think that's all. If any problem arises, make sure to let me know. Constructive criticism is welcome; most importantly, good luck and have fun! Bonus: level 2 red key room (avoid watching if you intend playing)
  7. ArchCrusader

    When Hell Freezes Over [W7ALF4PE]

    Thanks for playing the map! Onto your feedback... Tell you what, you're probably right on losing weapons on death. I was focusing perhaps too much in making death a bit punishing but then it also makes progressing harder/more frustrating so perhaps it's not worth it. As for the ammo, I'm not sure... perhaps it's unfair for me to say this (since I've made the map and I know what is where) but to be honest I often finish every room with max (or almost) ammo. If anything it's possible that some of that is hidden a bit too well (or maybe blends in too much). Heh, as I mentioned in my previous post I think this map would benefit a lot from the weapon wheel. 99% of the time when playing it I'd get double shotgun and rocket launcher and just roll with them forever, quickswitching between the two (it's well possible to kill a baron in a few seconds by doing that) and making quick stops to refill ammo. Giving an actual weapon choice would probably spice up things a fair bit (and would allow some different weapon placing to ramp up things more nicely). As for fights getting tiring/repetitive, I can see where you're coming from - the problem may be in the structure itself: fight, checkpoint, fight, checkpoint, etc... tbh I would have loved adding some different stuff and even "calmer" sections (and I may in some other map) but between the resource limitations (as mentioned before, this map takes up 95% network), coop optimization and weird spawning mechanics (sometimes spawns work in a really weird way and you may end up with less demons than what it's needed to progress) I figured I'd play it straight with just fights. That said, thanks for the feedback, it helps!
  8. ArchCrusader

    When Hell Freezes Over [W7ALF4PE]

    First of all, thanks for trying the map. I feel the 2nd room is the main culprit, it's got some fairly tight areas while having a decent amount of hell knights and barons. It gets clumsy really fast if you don't abuse the high places. Tbh I'd love to change the module but I fear that deleting it would corrupt the map (as it contains a teleport for the checkpoint). Yeah, I decided to keep decoration to a minimum and even then 5 rooms are taking up 95% network. I have tried using multiple rooms for fights in another map of mine but it seems that sometimes spawns bug out which is annoying. I think the problem here lies in the 2 weapons loadout, I wanted players to have some weapon variety but unluckily when minmaxing only a few weapons will be good enough (and others that would, like the gauss cannon, are held back by their multiplayer heritage - in this case having 4 ammo total that can barely take down one Baron). I'd love to implement the weapon wheel as soon as its available for snapmap. The weapon respawning is actually a good suggestion. I wanted players to feel some setback (aside from losing score) when dying but when playing coop I think it's best to have them respawn so that everyone can have what they want. I have updated the map, tweaking the second room (it has many less hell knights/barons) and adding respawning weapons, hopefully that addresses some of the problems.
  9. ArchCrusader

    When Hell Freezes Over [W7ALF4PE]

    Hello everyone. I'd like to share my latest snapmap effort, When Hell Freezes Over, a rather linear but fun level filled up with all sorts of demons. Can be played solo or coop. Map ID: W7ALF4PE Features: - A linear succession of increasingly difficult rooms, complete with checkpoints inbetween each other - it may sound boring to some but it's also the best way for making large, custom fights happen. - Upgrade crates: increase your max armour and health after each checkpoint... or don't! The game does not feature limited lives, only a scoring system, so if you want a challenge and keep going at it with 100 hp and armour, sure! - Over 200 monsters. It can get pretty crazy but there's a somewhat generous amount of pickups (as well as powerups!) in each room to ease up the job. Here are some screenshots: The level doesn't really pretend to be anything else than what it is: just a sequence of exciting fights against the hordes of hell. Personally I'm quite happy with the result (except maybe room 2, hard to say) although I'm considering applying a few modifications such as difficulty tweaks for higher amount of players. Whatever the case, should you give this a try, good luck and have fun!
  10. ArchCrusader

    Variables question

    That's actually pretty neat, I figured the 0.1s delay would have prevented some screwups but I didn't take in account the fact that when I used it the variable had a lower limit (as in it could not go lower than 0). Glad to have been of help!
  11. ArchCrusader

    Variables question

    You can, just take whatever activator you need (like for example "on resource spent", "on variable changed" and that kind of stuff) and make 2 connections to the "Experience Remaining" variable, one being "set" using "Level 2 Experience" as value (press ctrl+x when hovering on that property) and the other being "minus" using "Experience" (and you may even want to set a 0.1s delay on it).
  12. ArchCrusader

    Doomed Team, a SnapMap coop (or solo) map

    Admittedly I was concerned that the inclusion of a class who can supply ammo would make its management a bit trivial so I may have gone a bit overboard with that limitation. Then again, knowing what kind of enemies are there and the location of ammo packs definitely also played a big part in my solo run tests. I'm actually considering making it so that checkpoints reset health and ammo for each player, thus being able to distribute a bit more of it without making "stockpiles" at the start of each section and then barely put anything around other than that. Gotta say though, being at over 99% network isn't really helping (hooray for limits!).
  13. So, hello everyone. After hours of working around snapmap's limitation, crying at spawns not working, cursing at the lack of features and crashing, I managed to complete Doomed Team, a coop (or solo, if you like a challenge!) map with class selection. ID: KPP3FXJ7 Featuring over 100 monsters (and a miriad of triggers just to circumvent the 12 demons limit, yay) 6 playable classes, limited lives and checkpoints, it's comprised of a serie of rooms with increasingly difficult fights, up to a final 2 minutes survival. Not much attention has been paid to decoration since I just focused on placing crates (and blocking volumes!) around to improve the flow/hide ammo (I love hiding ammo) and so on. Keep an eye out for power cores and their respective receptacles for some help in the final battle. There MAY be a pair of sections where a pair of spawns just don't work, which is a bummer because the waves work on a counter that increases on kill. If that happens hang on for a bit (90 seconds, to be exact): I've implemented a failsafe that summons the needed monsters (in a hidden room) and kills them (to be exact, kicks in if there are 4 or less monsters needed to continue and you - or any demon, in fact - haven't taken damage in 90 seconds). If anyone's interested, here's a list of the playable classes: Thanks and have fun! P.S.: one more thing... does anyone know what's up with the game (talking about snapmap lobby) loading up to 99%, hanging for what seems like 5-10 minutes and then starting with everyone else disconnecting? I've tried to play with other people (with wait times as long as 20 or more minutes, yay) only to end up on my own again due to that.
  14. ArchCrusader

    Have YOU tried to make a one-man 32-map megaWAD?

    1) Have you tried to make a one-man 32-map megaWAD? Yes, Sanity's Eclipse. 2) Did you finish it? No. Not yet, at least. 3) How far did you get? Level 9 - still to be finished. I had reached level 10 a long time ago but then I decided to bring a whole bunch of other levels to higher standards. 4) Did you release what you finished? Nope, not yet. 5) Why did you stop? Well, I haven't really "stopped", let's just say that I tend to take long (very long) breaks. If anything, I have stopped thinking of the project as a 32-maps megaWAD and instead focusing more on a 11-maps pack and then eventually move on from there. 6) What did you learn from this? A lot of cool stuff about level design, which I love. 7) Would you recommend anything to others in their attempts, or just tell them to reign in the ambition? For the most part, start out small. As for going for 32levels megaWADs, just remember that patience and good method go a long way in keeping up a good mapping work.
  15. ArchCrusader

    Sanity's Eclipse WAD project

    Hey guys, a little update on the current progress... Here are a few screenshots from MAP09 (and a pair of new ones from MAP08): http://s653.photobucket.com/user/Crusad3rMKII/media/Sanitys%20Eclipse/Map08scrn08_zps8d2db55e.png.html?sort=4&o=32 http://s653.photobucket.com/user/Crusad3rMKII/media/Sanitys%20Eclipse/Map08scrn09_zps074648b0.png.html?sort=4&o=33 http://s653.photobucket.com/user/Crusad3rMKII/media/Sanitys%20Eclipse/Map09scrn01_zps51cb7589.png.html?sort=4&o=34 http://s653.photobucket.com/user/Crusad3rMKII/media/Sanitys%20Eclipse/Map09scrn02_zps608ec15a.png.html?sort=4&o=35 http://s653.photobucket.com/user/Crusad3rMKII/media/Sanitys%20Eclipse/Map09scrn03_zpsb3ffc0f2.png.html?sort=4&o=36 http://s653.photobucket.com/user/Crusad3rMKII/media/Sanitys%20Eclipse/Map09scrn04_zpsc8526e94.png.html?sort=4&o=37 http://s653.photobucket.com/user/Crusad3rMKII/media/Sanitys%20Eclipse/Map09scrn05_zpscad72f33.png.html?sort=4&o=38 http://s653.photobucket.com/user/Crusad3rMKII/media/Sanitys%20Eclipse/Map09scrn06_zpsd75dcd1b.png.html?sort=4&o=39 Just as a heads up, I'll be rather busy this week so I won't be able to work as much on the WAD. Hopefully I'll get it back on track as soon as possible.