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  1. I am talking humongous, imposing fortresses and complex labyrinths of fire! Really challenging is preferred. Thanks!
  2. I specifically mean the one that says Metus dolor mors ac formidonis. I have always wondered about it. Could it be a hell knight? It disappears so swiftly!
  3. I have just noticed that few maps really take advantage of the hell resources that were criminally underused in the official game. There are a few, such as In Hell and Shambler's castle which are almost on par with ID standards. What are some fantastic maps besides those that really realize hell the way the main game did, or are at least as good as the two mentioned above?
  4. 36appl0912

    Any DOOM 4 leaks of any sort( except descriptions)?

    While I found your troll attempts cute, they did not answer my question. Therefore, they were epic failures.
  5. I know they were searching people at the door and removed people from the room if they pulled out devices. I wouldn't wish that on any fellow DOOM fan, but I heard some leaks actually made it online but were quickly pulled. I was wondering if some daring fan got a video and someone managed to save it quickly before it was taken off. Somewhere in the darkest abyss of cyberspace there must be something. I will keep looking a bit but ultimately will not lose sleep over it. Please Keep me posted with anything you find.
  6. 36appl0912

    DOOM themed halloween attraction

    I know that the time of year is off, but considering my somewhat recent thread about the Hell Knight prop I began to wonder. Considering DOOM 4 is coming up, Universal should do a DOOM themed haunted house just like they have done for other games. Whether or not DOOM 4 will be a success is another topic, but if it is it would make a lot of sense. With their budget, it could be pulled off nicely and they did produce the DOOM film. Tell me what you would like to see!
  7. I found one that was a very basic recreation of the fps sequence, and I know Legacy of Suffering ties into it. Tell me about any you have heard of please. Doom 3 mods too.
  8. 36appl0912

    Why the DOOM hate christians?

    Now good people, I was not making generalizations at all. I am fully aware that many people who are religious love demonic fiction and if you think I was implying that Christians can't understand logic, you are putting words in my mouth. I don't hunger for a flame war so I will leave you now and make not a comment more.
  9. 36appl0912

    Why the DOOM hate christians?

    This is something that has irked me since I was little. Religious people (specifically western Christians) seem to criticize DOOM or any game and movie depicting demons even though they are the villains. YOU KILL THE DEMONS! That is a good thing. Someone may have brought this up before, but answer with your genuine unfiltered opinions. Furthermore, this logic problem also occurs with any game involving the killing of malevolent beings like aliens or terrorists. People criticized Wolfenstein 3d even though you kill Nazis. That is a good lesson to teach kids. See racist mass murderer, blow his brains out. LOGIC!
  10. Usually while dying, I have a tendency to vocalize my frustration in a rather monstrous manner. It also often happens when I am just running and gunning down monsters. My family asks where the sounds come from and I am honest with them. Am I insane or does DOOM have a mystical power?
  11. 36appl0912

    Doom 4 scrapped version

    I am curious. knowing id restarted doom 4 and scrapped it's original incarnation, I wonder what it was like. I read on Kotaku that it was very much like COD. Apparently it also had a scripted driving turret sequence to. Does anyone else have interest in someone discovering it someday and seeing just how bad it was and what the monsters, weapons, and locations were like. How would this be possible. I know it's unlikely it even exists still, and I would not want this version to be released, but I am just interested in seeing maybe some early test footage or screenshots. post your suspicions.
  12. I think if you are a doom fan you probably appreciate haunted houses, and may know this. I don't know if there has been a forum already but a company called scare factory who does really large scale animatronics for haunted attractions has the demon knight, which is modeled literally after the doom 3 hell knight. I don't know if id had to approve it, but it looks exactly like it. It is used in a few different high-profile haunted houses including The Dent Schoolhouse, Creepy world, and one in Texas I cant quite remember the name of. I point it out because it is cool to know id's designs are still scary years later and managed to transcend the game itself.
  13. 36appl0912

    help using downgrad.zip to play doom 1.1

    I have the steam version of Ultimate Doom, latest patch. I put it in a new directory and then unzipped the downgrade folder into the copied directory. I run the patch.bat file and it says Doom is patched but I cant find the wad or exe, or run the setup.
  14. Hello, I am honestly kind of a noob when it comes to dos games and patches. I follow the instructions and run the patch.bat file with dosbox. It seems to work but I cannot figure out how to setup doom from their or play it. I would love to play the original doom in it's pure unpatched form but could someone give me a clearer tutorial rather than the one included with the patch software and precisely tell me what to do.
  15. So, I was wondering, considering all the source ports, console tc's, and wads distributed underground over the internet, is there by any chance a copy of the original registered doom or a wad of it in existence. By this I mean pure DOOM without the ultimate subtitle on the title screen and no episode 4. I know there is the shareware wad, but the latter 2 episodes are locked. I ask this as a rock hardcore doomer if there exists a 1.9 or earlier doom purely for nostalgic purposes.