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  1. For me, Doom is a bit of a constant, something I'll always come back to. I'll go off and play other games for awhile, or, as I get older, play no games at all for a bit. Eventually, however, I always find myself coming back to Doom. It's because the core game play is great fun with few others like it and there is a lot of quality custom content at our fingertips. It is also a bit of a stress reliever when life gets annoying or I just need a break in general.
  2. terminus12

    Your favourite level to Deathmatch on?

    A bit old school here but I do love gothic dm, especially map 6. I think it's a well balanced duel map that also has a great ambiance due to the nice architecture and somber music. D5M1 is also a classic.
  3. terminus12

    More Private DM Games

    I'd be down for some Saturday tournaments or something like that. Mostly duel tournaments, classic style etc. None of this capture the flag stuff, that's what Tribes is for. It's been some time since I've been on any of the servers. I have been quite busy for awhile now and when I have had time I typically only feel like doing single player. However, I am trying to carve out some more time for things other than work and I would like to get back into Doom DM.
  4. terminus12

    Romero releases another new map: E1M4B

    Fun map, I liked it. Definitely easier than the first map though. I also personally like the look of all the cracks, despite being apparently controversial.
  5. terminus12

    are there near-Vanilla deathmatches out there?

    I am on doomkids irc server sometimes and I like some good vanilla style deathmatch and dueling. Unfortunately I can be a little in and out because life, for example I haven't been on a lot recently because of finals and end of school. However, that will be done soon and I'll be on a lot more so if your ever on doomkids irc channel (quakenet.org, #DMStuff) hit me up for a game or two.
  6. terminus12

    Chocolate doom league?

    I'm still around I'll be on irc later tonight. I'm more the weekend warrior type cause school during the week takes up most of my time but we just got on Easter break so I'll have extra time.
  7. terminus12

    Chocolate doom league?

    Excellent! I'll be on irc this weekend!
  8. terminus12

    Doom Deathmatch

    Yes unfortunately other than map 1 from doom 2, none of the original maps are very good for DM. Even then map 1 is only good for 1v1. However, if your up for some old school DM via chocolate doom I'd be down. I'd love to do some old school DM pwads like dwango5 or Gothicdm.
  9. terminus12

    Chocolate doom league?

    We'll run some tests to see if it is feasible :). If it is I'll open it up to anyone but for now I figured just NA cause pings would be too high otherwise. Also I was hoping to use a variety of wads, new and old!
  10. terminus12

    Chocolate doom league?

    This is for NA players only unfortunately. I just want to pitch this idea and see the interest level. Is anyone interested in a dueling league for chocolate doom? Nothing real huge or anything but just like a round robin for seeding then a tournament. Depending on the amount of players I was thinking people would play a game each week (maybe 2) and it would go over the course of a few weeks and then on an agreed upon weekend or something we'd all get in IRC and have the tournament. We can tweak the rules later I'm just curious as to how many people would sign up.
  11. terminus12

    Little rant

    A good challenge i used to always do was to try to play all the way through without dying at all. Made it a real different experience because dying meant so much more. Obviously this only works with megawads or the original iwads.
  12. terminus12

    Hexen: 20 Year Anniversary

    I'd mod for Hexen if I knew how
  13. terminus12

    "Multiplayer" section on DW revival?

    It would be great for setting up duel leagues as well, or finding people to play chocolate doom with too hehe
  14. terminus12

    Hexen: 20 Year Anniversary

    awesome! quakenet.org #DMstuff I'll be on a lot today, Monday, and Tuesday, but not much time during the week, next weekend will be pretty good too though, usually late afternoon and evening US central time is good.
  15. terminus12

    Hexen: 20 Year Anniversary

    Would anyone in the eastern half of the US possibly be up for some Chocolate Hexen co-op sometime this month in celebration? I have beaten the game before so if you haven't gotten past hub 1 this might be your chance haha I'm on #DMstuff on irc.quakeworld.org a lot, hit me up there if you're interested