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  1. Doomtodeath

    Wrack: Starfall

    Looks pretty cool. Ill probably try it if it comes out.
  2. Doomtodeath

    Great Games no one ever heard of!

    Not very obscure IMO. Good game though.
  3. Doomtodeath

    Great Games no one ever heard of!

    Edit: uughh Never noticed this thread was a thing. my bad admins.
  4. Doomtodeath

    Short lasting series that you adore?

    Lexx. Its an old sci-fi series that I generally found to be highly underrated. Good humor and creativity that you don't see much of in Star Trek (IN MY OPINION PLEASE DONT KILL ME****)
  5. Doomtodeath

    Are flamewars bad?

    I generally don't bother arguing over the internet. It only invites trouble. If someone does the internet equivilant of "starting on you" then just leave. Who cares what other people think?
  6. Have you ever seen a movie, loved it, then checked reviews/asked friends and found out that it was apparently pretty bad? one of mine was the original Clash of the titans.
  7. Doomtodeath

    North Korea Claims Successful Hydrogen Bomb Test

    I have a feeling little ol' Kim is just claiming that in an attempt to scare off America. Spoiler: they failed
  8. Doomtodeath

    need recommendations of screenshotable maps

    I'm sure you will be a great architect! Just get a lawyer for when the ceiling collapses and kills someone :)
  9. Doomtodeath

    The Incredible Baron - Released!

    when will it come out on wii u
  10. Looks like he played enough Call Of Duty
  11. The project looks awesome! I would gladly test for it but I cannot garuntee I will be available when you are testing. I am in the UK so there should not be any time issues. Just tell me when your testing and ill see what i can do. ;)
  12. Doomtodeath

    Things I miss from FPS games.

    I would like to add that not ALL linear games are bad. games like Half life and l4d are linear but still great and fun to play.
  13. Doomtodeath

    Fallout 4

    Im disappointed that the game didn't suck. i love it when people get hyped for something then it turns out to be garbage. =)
  14. Doomtodeath

    Things I miss from FPS games.

    1. Non linear level design. I miss having large levels with many different paths and areas. games used to reward players for exploring, with items and weapons, but now in modern fps games there is no reason to go anywhere other than the next checkpoint. speaking of... 2. Lack of checkpoints or saves. The feeling of beating a hard level without the help of checkpoints is geat, and rewarding. 3. Health that does not regenerate. regenerating health is lazy and makes a game way too easy. imagine if in Doom all you had to do when you were low on health is run to cover and wait 10 seconds for it to regenerate. 4. enemy variety. self explanatory. (yes I know not all modern Fps games are like this, but this goes to the majority of them)
  15. I saw the film yesterday. It was pretty good, but I prefer the older ones.