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  1. RyRy13

    Is Doom multiplayer still alive?

    May I ask how your server list is so glorious?
  2. RyRy13

    Is Doom multiplayer still alive?

    Okay, just wondering, but when the news for the zandronum saturday night survival shows up, and it says this weekend, does it mean the saturday of that day or the next saturday of the week? It is kinda confusing because I expected today to be played with Alien vendetta but then news suddenly appears that we will be playing Hellbound. Does it mean next saturday we will be playing hellbound or today we will be playing hellbound? Apologies for my ignorance.
  3. RyRy13

    Is Doom multiplayer still alive?

    Haha thank you man, y'all are awesome.
  4. RyRy13

    Is Doom multiplayer still alive?

    Thanks for the suggestion, never was interested in ZDaemon for its peculiar lighting and lack of features compared to Zandronum, but I have heard it has a lot of players so I'll try it out. Also, what exactly do you mean by "doom new section"? Is that on a different website or thread?
  5. I have had a large interest in playing Doom multiplayer (Zandronum, in particular) but when I load up Zandronum Online it seems slightly dead. Yeah, there is a less-than-decent quantity of 2/28 player cooperative servers and even maybe 2 servers with actually more than 20 people (albeit those servers probably have more undesirable gamemodes, at least personally). I'm just a bit dissipointed because of all the neat gameplay videos I have seen of Zandronum (some of them were even released in 2013!). My friends are too busy playing LoL, and have never taken the time to play or appreciate Doom at all, so that definitely isn't happening. Is multiplayer for Doom dying? Or is there something I am missing, or not seeing? Or am I just unappreciative of things as they are? The latter is always possible.
  6. RyRy13

    Some of the best wads out there

    To me, probably the best megawad is Deus Vult II. So much great design and gameplay, I had such a great experience with it. I would say use it with Russian Overkill but then you wouldn't be able to use the awesome necromancer's gauntlets! The best part for me, though, has to be the music. Gotta love that Diddy Kong's Quest music. A megawad that I am very excited for is Extermination day, a collection of SgtMrkIV's (the creator of Brutal Doom) best wads.
  7. What I meant was that just having better graphics on Doom 4, and having it be successful would start something like that that would be bad for the series. Like I said, I was probably exaggerating.
  8. You understand that is exactly how the Call of Duty series ended up? If it went like that, yeah it could be successful. Then they would make more Doom games, each year with slightly better graphics. Then multiplayer. Then people only play multiplayer. Then before you know it, we have Doom: Modern Warfare 3 out with a new map, slightly improved graphics, and 2 new weapons. Doom would just become a money making poorly made trilogy that fades into obscurity. I hope you see my point, I might be exaggerating it. Doom 4 should be unique in many senses. Sure it will keep the same feel and weapons and ememies etc. but it should add. It shouldn't just be an upgrade to graphics, that would be boring.
  9. RyRy13

    Doom Vs. Heretic/Hexen?

    I don't see it as tired, I am simply curious and haven't gotten a good survey anywhere else. So far it seems everyone favors Doom more, which would kinda make sense considering this is "Doomworld" ;3.
  10. RyRy13

    Doom Vs. Heretic/Hexen?

    Heretic and HeXen are based on Doom's Engine :3.
  11. RyRy13

    Doom Vs. Heretic/Hexen?

    I've been wondering lately what most people think is better, Doom or Heretic. From a few videos I've seen, a lot of people think that Heretic is better for its superior level design and such. I believe this is true, and while it would make sense for Heretic to be better since it came out after and has naturally improved on faults that Doom used in the engine, I still want to get other people's opinion and see what they think.
  12. RyRy13

    If Doom 2 had another boss

    I've been thinking about what a boss battle with Satan would be like in Doom. I've always thought one NPC would be too little for the dark lord himself. Satan's battle needs to be more grand than that. Like a giant red Baphomet head in which you have to teleport and kill the 3 avatars of Satan (what you described) which after being killed you have to smite the final head honcho demon that guards the switch which keeps the essence of the Satan alive which you have to press to destroy him! So far, this is the most complex and original I could think of other than just a cool sprite or a generic icon of sin. Unless there is no Satan.. Which is a different story.
  13. RyRy13

    Just started playing Doom3 again after a long while.

    I actually never thought the game was scary. It might have been a bit startling when an imp just jumps at you from opening a door, but I don't see what people find so scary about Doom 3.
  14. RyRy13


  15. RyRy13


    I just wanna say thank you for posting that Godzilla NES link. I wouldn't have found it without you and now that I have read it I love it. Thank you so dang much. May Acacius be with you.