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  1. The game uses Unity for display, input, sound, etc. The original Doom engine is running underneath it. It's even the original Doom's software renderer, it doesn't use Unity's 3D rendering at all. Making the game exactly how it was on id Tech 1 but in Unity would've cost a tremendous amount of money and time to develop, with no real benefits, when you can just run the original game's code source code is still portable and can be used on these platforms.
  2. Just popping in to mention a minor update to BTSX was pushed out. The black texture on MAP02 was fixed, and the green health packs were converted to the new palette properly. You can just redownload the WAD from the Add-Ons menu to get the changes, there's no auto-update or anything like that built in.
  3. We've definitely been erring toward more recent WADs, since people are more likely to be around and easily contactable, and because it's likely that players will be less familiar with a lot of the newer stuff coming out. I hadn't heard of or played almost all of the mods we chose before starting this process, and I'm someone who has been community adjacent for a while. Stuff like Simon's Destiny and Adventures of Square rightly get a lot of "mainstream" attention, but people don't talk enough about the more traditional Doom stuff. Newer releases are also generally better at documenting sources for assets, and not using stuff from other games (see pretty much the entire soundtrack to Hell Revealed) In general the recency bias is also because the quality bar has only gone up over the years. To me, the design lessons employed in Back to Saturn X shows a mastery over level design that just isn't present in a lot of the id levels. 25 years of hindsight definitely helps, but there is heaps of talent on that team.
  4. Note that we ran into a last minute issue with it as an IWAD, so it's still technically a PWAD on Doom 2 only, but we're hoping to resolve this in the future.
  5. Hi all! I'm not sure if this is useful for anyone else, but I've written a quick little Python script that scans a WAD's linedefs and attempts to find potential sources for Tutti-Frutti, and Medusa effects. These two types of errors are the most common fixable errors I've ran into in trying to verify if a map works in the 2019 re-releases, with the hopes that some light automation now will save me a bunch of time later on. Hopefully, if you're making vanilla levels, it may help you too! The code is rather simple, but at the moment it definitely has some false positives. There may also be some false negatives, since I don't have a ton of experience with map editing. https://github.com/sponge/rutti-tutti-find-a-frutti
  6. We can't release anyone's work without a signed license agreement, which is typically why these changes are made. I don't make any changes to the releases myself, they are all made by the authors with their approval. The idea that id would officially release some of these WADs on consoles is obviously something people never had in mind creating levels originally (hell it wasn't even something I thought would happen as recent as last August) so most releases are going to have some minor changes due to textures sourced from various places without permission. (I don't have any problems with this mind you, I'm a big proponent of remix culture and reusing/modifying stuff from different sources, and absolutely is a benefit for the community and the works as a whole.) The "you may use this" stuff in READMEs is arguably not a valid license, and there'd be nothing stopping that person from revoking it if they found it was being used in a way they don't like, which is why we don't just scrape idgames and upload stuff from there. It'd be cool if more stuff was released under Creative Commons as that would make that permission more explicit and CC is something that was built within legal frameworks to specifically grant those rights. (I have no idea if that would make things easier for us to release stuff, but I think it's a good thing in general) We sometimes have to make changes to WADs for technical reasons, but Deathless didn't have any of those.
  7. Slayers Club also has the announcement post: https://slayersclub.bethesda.net/en/article/645K63Q8tZugE01zUhelMa/new-add-on-deathless and the interview with Jimmy: https://slayersclub.bethesda.net/en/article/3XhNE2zFTqGXfK6YUF4SjW/nods-to-mods-interview-deathless Announcement tweets will be out on the usual channels, they're just spacing them out in what has been a busy day of announcements for other games!
  8. sponge

    dmsvg.py: make pretty SVG renders of maps

    For anyone curious, I saw the big SVG files and how slow they can get, especially on mobile, and spent a couple of hours seeing if I could render the SVG to tiled images. The end result was this: https://spongeserv.com/doommaps/ In this case, you're trading off performance for filesize, as the 6 zoom levels here make up about 15mb of JPGs instead, but the end result will run great even on lower end phones/tablets. Knocking off a zoom level might get it down to 8mb or so. The conversion process is pretty straightforward, although converting SVG files to PNG files is needlessly complex, and I settled on a node package svgexport that basically runs headless Chrome in the background. node ./node_modules/svgexport/bin/index.js $1.svg $1.png pad 8192:8192 "svg{background:black;}" mkdir $1 for z in 0 1 2 3 4 5 do zz=`expr $z + 8` sz=`echo 2^$zz | bc` convert $1.png -resize ${sz}x${sz} -crop 256x256 +adjoin -set filename:f "%[fx:page.x/256]_%[fx:page.y/256]" "$1/${z}_%[filename:f].jpg" done The disk space might make something like this unworkable for something like DoomWiki except for the most high profile of maps, but I could definitely see a TC release hosting their own maps as a guide for key locations and such. I know I would've loved something like this playing through some mods.
  9. Was it full resolution or just upscaled with nearest? I don't remember at all.
  10. I'm not aware of any higher resolution version of that art besides the one that's in the Unity resources files (and I think that one is basically ~400px tall)
  11. sponge

    iOS DOOM - Controller bug

    DS4/XB1/MFi should all work the same, but they mostly just worked as a consequence of the input library we used without doing anything special. Since we didn't test for supporting controllers on mobile, I think there was a regression in either all controllers or DS4 as of the last update.
  12. sponge

    iOS DOOM - Controller bug

    Controllers weren't officially supported yet, so that one got missed. It should be fixed in the next update, and have the same mappings as the console.
  13. Now that the sound is back to what it should be, I'd like to properly fix/enhance the cases where the original behavior sounds broken or is undesirable. Was just too much to fix in one go in what was already a high-risk change.
  14. Customize Controls is a PC only thing. That change just means you can hit F5 and F9, and rebind them, and you no longer have to pause the game to quick save/load, like it works in every other game that has it.
  15. The summary of NEIS changes looks correct, our engine doesn't have a fix for tutti-fruiti and medusa effects, so we just merge the patches down. I think the E3M6 music bug is an unintentional regression. I've had this on my list of wanted fixes, but renderer changes like that are way outside of my knowledge wheelhouse so I definitely can't promise anything there, unfortunately. I'm a big ol' dumby when it comes to math, especially the archaic inner-workings of the Doom renderer.
  16. Hi all! There was a patch that also accompanied this release. Patch notes are here: https://bethesda.net/community/topic/388434/doom-doom-ii-patch-notes The headlines are new sound, and some minimap additions. I think the Switch sleep mode freeze is finally gone, too, at least I haven't ran into it recently.
  17. sponge

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    For Doom 1 + 2, there's not enough pixels in the graphics to pull off inverted without it looking wrong. It was one of the alternatives I tried but we liked the green out of the options.
  18. No vertical looking is planned, either aim up and down or the kind where it doesn’t change your aim. That’s too big of a change, especially with the rendering issues present in the original renderer.
  19. It's also on my list! I'd like to as it is definitely how I preferred to play Splatoon, but I can't confirm that it'll definitely make the cut. It's potentially one of those features that takes a lot to get right and be valuable.
  20. sponge

    Pinkies not being fast on Nightmare?

    I'd like to, but the 360 port was playing back the music real-time, while these are using pre-recorded audio files. I haven't looked into yet what it would take to setup loop points in the audio, but unless it's playing back two instances of the song, I worry that the reverb cutting off might sound weird.
  21. sponge

    Pinkies not being fast on Nightmare?

    I believe some of the nightmare stuff was intentionally disabled because of https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Demon_speed_bug way back in the original 2003 Xbox port, or the 2009 360 port. It's on my list to fix, which also includes auditing what's exactly working and not working at the moment with Nightmare, so hopefully I can get around to cleaning up all the nightmare behavior to act like the DOS version.
  22. Thanks for the reports! I've ran into the menu one but have had a hard time tracking that one down. For quick load, the intent is the game unpauses after quick load (it's intended to be as quick as possible for those wanting to save scum heh) so the menu staying up is the issue here. In order to license WADs, we have to be able to contact all the original authors, and they must have made all the assets themselves. Heretic, Hexen are often seen in people's works, but because id only published them, our rights to use assets outside of the original game are a little less clear, so we just avoid that situation entirely. Doom 64 is similar. Wolf (except '09), Rage, Quake, and the other Doom games should be fine. They must also be vanilla or limits removing (although some still crash) without DeHackEd. That one has been actually the tricky part, given the amount of awesome Boom compatible levels, and levels that have a light amount of, but still critical DEH patch, but I'm pretty happy with what's we've at least got planned. I don't think I converted them to MUS in our WAD, and they might've been MIDI in the original release too.
  23. Thanks for the report! Just to confirm, are you saying it sounds like my Sound Canvas recording of E1M4 might've have one of the intro bars chopped off?
  24. The new intermission pic is Eisen from Quake Champions, who is actually an engineer in the game. It also is kind of fitting since he started his life as an unused piece of concept art from new Doom, so I thought it would make a neat little easter egg that Double Impact is kind of an alternate reality Doom E1, and that it used what could've been the Doom guy in an alternate reality.
  25. Unity is just the input/display layer. It’s the original Doom engine, specifically the XB360 versions converted to run as a DLL. That means it can be loaded and driven from just about any language that can load native libraries. In this case, it’s loaded into Unity. It has had many limits raised, but no DEH support, and no support for any of the Boom specials. Some limits removal stuff still doesn’t quite work, but many should.