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  1. How about modifying E2M9 so that EVERY area of the level transforms to look like something out of Episode 2 once the fake exit has been triggered? Perhaps make every homage to E1M1 transform into a homage to E2M1 instead. I do like it a lot though regardless, just a suggestion that I think might be quite cool. Also maybe add one more additional area to open up in the room with the homage to the E1M1 stairs leading to armor. The new areas and fights in the current version are already very nice though.
  2. Soldat

    Best sold or once sold expansion wads

    I prefer all wads to be considered on their own merits, not what they inspired (or might have helped inspire).
  3. Soldat

    Best sold or once sold expansion wads

    @Kirby I hate to break the word, but the screenshot, while very cool looking, tells a lie. All but one or two of the maps in The Lost Episodes can be found in some freeware wad. I know fond memories can invoke lots of nostalgia though. TNT has some good levels, but unless you just aren't a fan of the whole Plutonia style it's far too inconsistent to match up to the latter IMO. I like virtually every level in Plutonia, and I doubt I like any more than half in TNT. I will however disclose that by reading some old threads, I know there are people who prefer TNT. I wouldn't be honest if I said it doesn't baffle me a bit as to why, but I'm sure there's a reason even if it isn't one I agree about. I find positives in TNT (that are at least in a way unique to it), but I don't think any can bridge the gap between the ratio of good levels in the two.
  4. Soldat

    Best sold or once sold expansion wads

    I had always heard HacX felt ridiculously uneven and unfinished. Isn't that why it failed commercially so quickly, not to mention why we have HacX 2.0 in progress? It does count, as it was once commercially sold, but I never, ever played it. Of all the ones I know of, Plutonia is the only one I'd consider to b be a 'staple' (and this is based entirely on just the original, PL2 and PRCP are still independent releases despite requiring Plutonia, so they aren't factored when judging Plutonia itself). That's why it's my clear favorite. Sure there are others that are nice to have, but none to the point in which I consider them a 'staple megawad'. I picked Perdition's Gate for second since I do think it has the largest quantity of good maps, and lacks the sound/sprite issues of its sister Hell to Pay.
  5. What are your two favorite wads to be sold, or have at some point, been sold commercially? Anything but doom.wad and doom2.wad is fair game. TNT and Plutonia count as two different wads even though they are sold together. All Master Levels count as one wad collectively. Mine are Plutonia (definite favorite) and Perdition's Gate (probable second favorite).
  6. Soldat

    Megawads: You pick 'The Grand Five'

    deleted, moved to new thread
  7. Soldat

    Megawads: You pick 'The Grand Five'

    Well since a lot of people are paying more than five, and understandably so (I'm not sure I could just keep it to five myself TBH) let's just make this a top ten. So you can expand your lists now, if you want! :)
  8. Soldat

    Megawads: You pick 'The Grand Five'

    I couldn't agree more. I find it the most modernly fun IWAD by a long shot. So many people mention all the wads that it probably (or definitely) helped inspire, yet forget the classic that started it all. Even today, Plutonia is awesome, a blast, and easy to love. In fact I'd even go so far as to say it's a timeless classic, just as much as all those PWADs are.
  9. Soldat

    Megawads: You pick 'The Grand Five'

    Doom I/Ultimate Doom are perfectly allowable. Anything that is single player compatible, 20 or more maps, not a jokewad, and not doom.wad or doom2.wad. (Even other IWADs are fair game.)
  10. Soldat

    Megawads: You pick 'The Grand Five'

    Interesting picks there. Aside from AV and perhaps MM2 I found the other three to have a lot of bland architecture, but then again gameplay is most important.
  11. Soldat

    Megawads: You pick 'The Grand Five'

    While 'equally awesome' is quite subjective, based on the five you listed I'd have to presume you have the taste for quite a lot of action, even slaughter at times. That being considered I can't really think of any megawads in progress to squarely fit that bill. If I had to make mention of releases in the last three years that might partially satisfy the style, I'd say from 2010 Epic 2 has some such maps, and is quite hard. From 2011 there's PRCP but it's not as much in that aspect as PL2 as it's gameplay is somewhat closer to the original Plutonia. Jenesis has perhaps some levels to fit the bill though, as does KSSHT, which is all small maps but lots of action. Finally for 2012 we had CC4 which had some maps potentially in that style. But these I'm listing are just ones that come to mind as possibilities. No definites. SF2011/12 are obviously full of slaughter, but to varying qualities and tastes.
  12. What are your top five (EDIT: up to ten) megawads ever? Anything with at least 20 levels can qualify. The only exclusions are the original (Ultimate) Doom I and Doom II can't be picked, and it must be a wad that has seen final release. Oh, and no joke wads. Anything else, even commercially or once commercially sold stuff, is fair game. At some point I may do a tally in order of most mentioned. Just as a possibility. Post away! Ps Oh, and single player wads only.
  13. It might be interesting how Monochrome would go. Obviously the look of the levels will be just about as much a non factor as possible, so that would give extra room to discuss design and gameplay. What levels can truly leave an impression based on modern design and gameplay alone?
  14. What maps beyond Map11 are actually a good play, if there are any? I always recall reading the demo is best. But is the rest really a turd, even if I manage to get it legally?
  15. Soldat

    Cacowards 2013 nomination thread

    That's the correct link. I'll remember to add them though. Saliva is the forum username of the author.