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  1. Good afternoon. Thank you for your feedback. Yes, we are currently updating the mod. We fix visual and gameplay bugs. Adding locations and improving old locations. We may even add a new level. Unfortunately the terms are still limited by my laziness and my employment).
  2. Small bug fix. Link updated.
  3. Ascension has been updated to a version 1.3! - Added a new map with a new quest - Most of the trees and some other sprite objects are replaced with 3D models - various bugs fixed New screenshots: Have a nice game! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c3Xae6DP50d5UXr2vs0uyOPi1tPCKXK2/view?usp=sharing
  4. BigMemka

    vorpal's 2020 wad picks from the community

    Thanks for the mention of the Ascension. iwad in it doom2. And now there is a revision of the balance and bugs. A new map will also be added.
  5. I didn't understand the expression about a Cup of tea. This is a wad or some kind of saying? ))
  6. The developer tandem (Big Memka and Shadowman) brings to your attention a new project, which has been under development since 2016. The main developer now is Big Memka, and the project has 18 maps. The Ascension is the direct heir of Inquisitor III. A modified RPG system, which was developed for the first time for The Inquisitor III, is used. The world of Khorus needs a hero once more! You have been summoned to this world to fulfill your destiny. Only you can decide how the great prophecy will take its course. But, in order to deal with the fate of the world, you need to master powerful weapons and magic, and for that you will need to regularly increase your character attributes. Therefore, search for teachers all over the world — they will be willing to help you for a certain price. The game will need a GZDoom 4-3-3 or higher. In the menu, configure the necessary keys to call the quest journal, the statistics screen and defensive magic. By default, J button - quest journal, P - shows hero's characteristics, M - opens menu with defensive spells, T - casts chosen defensive spell. L - show land map. The dialogs are now controlled by the cursor keys ("Forward" / "Back"), the activation of the selected answer - by the Use key (Use). English and Russian versions are available. Change the language in the settings menu. You can change the language during the game repeatedly. The default language is English. The manual contains a detailed description of the characteristics of the player, as well as monsters, useful items and artifacts. Screenshots are here: https://d.radikal.ru/d39/2003/6d/e9f9226cc761.png more screens: Updated to a version 1.3. - Added a new map with a new quest - Most of the trees and some other sprite objects are replaced with 3D models - various bugs fixed https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zCdz0tM9jCeQaYvylRrgBULgjafz3eYf/view?usp=sharing Have a nice game!
  7. BigMemka

    New Year's bustle

    So on the eve of the bright holiday of New Year I present to you my new wad. It contains a one level and one level- headband. You are a Santa Claus. On the eve before the New Year, you stopped at a small town on the Christmas tree, to congratulate everyone on this holiday.And you have decided to relax a bit. And you met old acquaintances. What happened next will you can know from wad. Iwad - doom2. Port gzdoom. I test this wad on version 1.56 and 2.05. Recommended illumination - Standard. + Standard fog. By default, you can be disabled the weather by clicking on J. Have a good game! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzqytIXSGDtVaFBMcDI5Smt0VlU/view?usp=sharing http://rgho.st/7zxCxwvwG
  8. BigMemka

    The Inquisitor 3d

    Thank you for your praise of my style and architecture. But inquisitors gameplay is not like the classic doom gameplay. There much depends on you choose development. Game of the warrior or mage is quite different. Particularly in the middle and end of the game. Some places difficult to play for a warrior. Some places difficult to play for a mage. But we tried observe game balance as much as better. I hope you will appreciate our efforts!
  9. BigMemka

    The Inquisitor 3d

    Thanks for eyes). We most likely will take these sprites.
  10. BigMemka

    The Inquisitor 3d

    Dynamic lighting plus color of textures.
  11. BigMemka

    The Inquisitor 3d

    Good!Why eyes don't shine?
  12. BigMemka

    Temple of spider

    Oh! I totally forgot about it. But that version I made changes. If moderator want, he can delete this post. I will write message in the old post.
  13. BigMemka

    Temple of spider

    Hello everybody! This is my second map fo doom (fest map was very bad and I don't show it to you). I finished this map in 27th November in 2011. This is a very big classic map for doom2.wad. Ports - prboom and so on. Huge level for exploration and intense fighting. And this map a very darkly. You can add brightness in options. Nice game! http://rghost.ru/7jtyxdpY8
  14. BigMemka

    Bloody Steel (project)

    Yeah I read your review. The review was very interesting, thank you.