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  1. revan1141

    How does my WAD look so far?

    Noted. I'll have the branch on the right lead into a big nukage processing room with the switch needed to open the door to the bridge raising switch on a ledge. The second branch I'll have a few big rooms dedicated to processing waste. I REALLY enjoy being able to do little details like this now that I have GZDoom Builder. This is all very neat. Loving the new powers this tool gives me.
  2. I'm working on a Doom E1 replacement set on a space station. Yada yada yada. Anyways, here's what I have done of Map 1 so far. https://youtu.be/AJyZUzka8gY How does the layout and stuff look so far? Basically your goal in the level is to raise the bridge via two switches located in two separate 'branches' in the level. Only branch I have work done on is the one on the right.
  3. revan1141

    Wad Release: Doomin'

    Alright I just updated the map. I've added more challenging encounters to the big red hall(I call it the hellrun in the scripts :3)and I also messed around with the red key traps. I'm gonna add in a more climatic ending too.
  4. revan1141

    Wad Release: Doomin'

    Thanks for the critique! I'm actually working on some changes as I type this - I know what you mean about the Pinkies and the red key room. That's a problem I'm gonna fix.
  5. revan1141

    Wad Release: Doomin'

    Bump for feedback :3 (i hope this doesnt make me look desperate ;-;)
  6. So yesterday after listening to the Duke Nukem 3d theme song for 30 minutes, I was suddenly struck with an idea for a map, and spent 3 hours making the outline and texturing the beast. Doomworld, I present to you - Doomin' Other than a few misaligned textures, the map is pretty much done. Note: The map was made in Doom in UDMF format, and utilizes scripting. The map itself plays like a slaughter map/action map, and the main enemies you'll face are Imps, Pinkies, and some Barons. Hope you enjoy it: https://www.mediafire.com/?qlqyf9yfxf79uoq Also note: Feedback is welcome :D
  7. revan1141

    Doomguy's Total Kill Count

    7,339 for Final Doom... So that means overall the Doomguy has killed 15,604 demons, which bottoms out to: 2 brigades or 12 battalions I wonder if that's all Hells armies had.
  8. revan1141

    Doomguy's Total Kill Count

    I went through the Doom Wikia and looked in the thing-count and added all the numbers.
  9. revan1141

    Doomguy's Total Kill Count

    Ah son of a bitch. I don't wanna... ;-;
  10. So for fun and curiousity, I decided to systematically go through every level of Doom 1 and 2 and tally up the total amount of monsters for each level(on Ultra Violet/Nightmare). So, with that in mind, assuming that the games are played on Ultra Violent/Nightmare, and assuming the Doomguy killed every single monster in every level... Game E Total Doom1 E1: 926 Doom1 E2: 1319 Doom1 E3: 697 Doom1 E4: 1736 Doom1: 4678 Doom2: 3587 Total Monsters Killed: 8265 The Doomguy has killed the equivalent of 8 battalions worth of demons. Not to mention killing off its commanders and bosses. NOTE: This list does not factor in Doom2's secret Map31-32.
  11. revan1141

    Mapper's Block?

    After making the first map for my new WAD, I have stumbled into something sort of resembling what writers call "writer's block". I have had Map02 of the WAD open for the past 2 weeks, and for the life of me, I just can't figure out a good map design for it, or come up with any good ideas as to how the map should look and play and feel, at all. It sucks. I have tried planning it out, going in blank(which ends up with me just making generic boring horrible squares), but it just won't come out nice. It's especially disheartening because I feel like the first map of this WAD was me finally getting the hang of mapping and creating very open and fun levels which change with the player, but now in Map02 I feel like I've lost the mindset I was in for Map01, and I can't figure out how to get back in it. I feel like I've unlearned all that I learned in the creation of Map01. I have literally restarted this map approximately 17 times, before I lost count. Not even joking. I honestly have become frustrated to the point where I'm tempted to just throw the WAD out and keep the first level and upload it somewhere as just a small little quickplay level. Does anyone have any advice for this phenomenon? Has anyone else ever experienced this frustrating change in their mapping mindset?
  12. So instead of downloading music that is probably copyrighted and have it not be uploaded to the archive as a result, I've been really itching to make my own music for my WAD, in the style of Doom of course. I keep having good rhythms and beats in my head that I think would be easy to reproduce, but I honestly don't know shit about music or how to even make music for my WAD. I've always been more of a writer than a musician. That being said, how can I start exactly?
  13. So I've never really saw the need to make a thread about this problem, as really it only occurs during a few moments of normal gameplay, but I figured I might as well go ahead and just fix it and get it out of the way. Alright, so my GZDoom plays perfectly well UNTIL I start using the Rocket Launcher and gibbing alot of enemies, or using the BFG against groups of enemies. The FPS drops down to levels ranging from 1-6, which is VERY annoying. It's REALLY bad in Brutal Doom, because when I gib an enemy in Brutal Doom, it just instantly kills my framerate. I have no idea why this is happening, as my computer is well above the required specifications for playing both. I think it's a problem with my settings? I dunno. Here are my hardware specs: CPU: AMD Fx 8150 GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7700 4 GB of RAM Pls save me. I wanna give Brutal Doom a whirl.
  14. Well it is the first level of a Pwad!
  15. So I've finally gotten around to making a WAD, and I wanted to try my hand at making a lengthy WAD, with slaughter-house themes going on. I've started work on a WAD I will call "The Tortured Base", which will start out difficult and have the difficulty ramp up over the course of the levels, the first 5 taking place in a base themed thing, and then 3 Hell levels which involve getting into a fortress. I'm trying to be alot more detailed and open in my mapping, and use alot less doors. There's not a single door on the first map, except for a secret one and the blue door. So here's the first level, let me know what you think. NOTE: It uses scripts, and was made in Doom in Hexen Format. http://www.mediafire.com/?xomb3kcfdcm02ag Also, I have made it so the map has full support for different difficulty settings. I recommend playing on Ultra Violent, as that's what I had in mind while making it, but it works for lower difficulties too.