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  1. Blockland is a building game that is NOTHING like minecraft, it has a heavy multiplayer emphasis, and it has a lego like building system (EX: Studs, 1x1 blocks, ETC.) It has an extensive and easy to use add-on system so you can quickly get a new weapon to play with, or mabye a new vehicle, anything realy. Blockland also has a mini-game system, making it basicly over 2,000 games in one. You can have a TDM FPS, A racing game, an RPG, and a lot more. You can buy blockland on the site (http://blockland.us/index.html) And it is currently on steam greenlight (make sure to vote for it!) Screenshots (from a crappy computer)
  2. Another DOOM wad that I have made, but this time, there are no real "glitches" to speak of.. All doors function properly, Skybox works normally, I got switches to work great.. I am suprised. If something breaks, tell me and I will upload a V.2 trying to fix what is broken. Download: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/nWJW80ibvG/ Pictures: May look crappy, but believe me, this is my best WAD yet. (I don't make very good WADS...... Yet, I am just getting started.)
  3. Gunpoint is a fun game about Rewiring levels to trick people, stealthing around, hacking the main objective, then finding a way out. And it is all done very well. Created by Tom Francis, Gunpoint currently costs 10$ and is available on both Steam AND the official site! http://gunpointgame.com/ Why I am posting this? Because I think this game needs more attention then it already has. Example of the humor (May contain spoilers!) http://www.pentadact.com/category/conwaysblog/?K=11&U=36&C0=2&E1=1&C1=3&E2=2&C2=6&C3=2&C4=3&C5=3
  4. Fuzzelbob

    The new youtube layout sucks!

    Why not let us choose which layout from whatever year to use? It might make some sense.
  5. http://i41.tinypic.com/9ih444.jpg I have to clear out that desktop..
  6. Fuzzelbob

    Greenbase Charlie

    My 4th WAD, Greenbase Charlie features ACTUAL FUNCTIONING 2 SIDED DOORS! *applause* ....but the textures broke on them in the outdoor area.. *boo!* Download! http://www.fileswap.com/dl/mVIcNg00Fz/ Pictures! Starting Room! starting outdoor area 1st room, including a DBS and invisible enemys inside of Blue Base and there is much more.. thank you, this is probably my best map yet!
  7. Fuzzelbob

    Door Problems..

    thanks, that will actualy allow me to add doors to the game
  8. Fuzzelbob

    Door Problems..

    I have had this problem for every single WAD I attempt to make for DOOM... The doors can open on one side only, even if I put the same event on the other side... help please. (standard event I use: (DR Door Open Wait Close)(also monsters) )
  9. Fuzzelbob

    Chillax video crap [Video heavy!]

    I have no idea what happened with it honestly, all I remember was 1. I did not put in the * 2. it was not a swear
  10. Fuzzelbob

    Chillax video crap [Video heavy!]

    there is only one word that can describe this "**********ly hardcore"
  11. Fuzzelbob

    notbe2.wad [want advice on difficulty]

    Good job, you startled me, but it needs to be easier.. and easier on a machine.. and not involve terry..
  12. Fuzzelbob

    Office.WAD (complete!)

    I sure hope that I do not lower to that level.
  13. This was the result of one of my MANY unfinished levels that I happen to have on my compute, but I thought that the starting area was pretty neat, so I acidently butchered the rest of the level!so I then decided to post it. Although I think I got the dificulty right on this one, it is dificult, and (to me at least) agrivating, but it is completable. most of mine are either to easy or imposible, this one got a good mix Download! http://www.fileswap.com/dl/MyNHXrF8p/ Pictures! enjoy :3
  14. Fuzzelbob


    Hello, this is my 2nd doom wad, and I would say that it is much improved! ------------------------------------------------------------- Known bugs: -1st door does not open on other side! I know this, but I was unable to fix the damn thing -a secret that does not work! I was trying to put in a berserk pack but the secret door was being a bitch ------------------------------------------------------------- Download link: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/lWn0NG2gZ/ ------------------------------------------------------------- Pictures! please enjoy