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  1. theserbiandoomer

    My Doom Collectors Stuff....

    I have... -Doom (playstation) -Doom (SNES) Doom 2 (Playstaion) Final Doom (Playstation) All The doom floppy disc's Doom 3 (pc And xbox) Doom 3 resurrection of evil (xbox) Doom collectors edition Doom 3 BFG Edition Doom 64 Doom (Jaguar)
  2. theserbiandoomer

    My Doom Collectors Stuff....

    Hey im interested. How much are you asking?
  3. theserbiandoomer

    Chocolate doom online

    I try to play chocolate doom online and it gives me this message. NET_SDL_InitServer: Unable to bind to port 2342 idk what this means so if anyone know the trick to get it to work, please help
  4. theserbiandoomer

    Online trouble

    Im having a problem connecting to a game. Here is the message it gives me. Execution could not continue. Script error, "skulltag_actors.pk3:actors/misc.txt" line 16: Invalid state parameter a_faceconsoleplayer
  5. theserbiandoomer

    Dosbox wads

    I was wondering how to load wad files for dos doom. There are some cool wads that i want to play that wont work with the modern engines, plus i like to play doom the same way i would play it back in the day.
  6. theserbiandoomer

    DosBox Doom

  7. theserbiandoomer

    DosBox Doom

    I load the game to dosbox and the sound isnt working. Am I missing a file? Please help!
  8. theserbiandoomer

    Chocolate doom issue

    I know how to make a text file but I dont know what to put in the text file.
  9. theserbiandoomer

    Chocolate doom issue

    How do I go about doing this?
  10. theserbiandoomer

    Chocolate doom issue

    What kind of launcher can I use?
  11. theserbiandoomer

    Chocolate doom issue

    Im trying to play Ultimate Doom using chocolate doom. I drag the IWAD into chocolate doom at it wont play the game. When i first downloaded it, it would play Doom 2. Now somehow its playing the Plutonia experiment. Does dragging and dropping not work? Please help!!
  12. theserbiandoomer

    Online trouble

    So are you saying uninstall everything and re-install both skulltag and zandornum and make a user folder and save it there?
  13. theserbiandoomer

    Online trouble

    IDK why this is happening but when i open Zandornum,i try to join a server and it tells me --------------------------- Doomseeker - join server --------------------------- Client binary cannot be obtained for game: Zandronum Executable for Zandronum client: C:/Program is a directory or doesn't exist. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Ive never had this issue before. Another issue i had was when trying to download the wads for some servers. Some times it will download them and it will give me a message saying how it couldnt open my skulltag folder. Then sometimes it will download it and ask me if i want to download it again. it will just repeat itself. PLEASE HELP!!!! Heres an example: CRITICAL ERROR: Failed to save file: C:/Program Files (x86)/Skulltag/d2reload.wad
  14. theserbiandoomer

    Forseen Version 3

    pretty good for a first map. 3/5