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Status Updates posted by NuMetalManiak

  1. are there any gaming mouses that are scientifically proven to never fail, because this is my sixth one i ended up breaking.

    1. leodoom85


      You forgot to say in which lapse of time you had 6 gaming mice...

  2. Looks like my move is successful. This apartment is shared with several other individuals who all work at the same company I work for. Haven't tested anything Doom-related on this laptop I own right now though.

    1. NuMetalManiak


      Seems I can play it, but only in software mode.

  3. Serious talk:


    A friend of mine posted online that he plans on committing suicide in 5 days or less. I really want to convince him it's not the answer to his problems and that he shouldn't feel too depressed about things that happen. The last few times I talked to him he barely responded (or if he did, all he ever does is say a simple "thanks" which doesn't seem to answer anything). If anyone here really knows how to help please do, I care about him and don't want to hear any terrible news. And yes, I am aware of the suicide prevention hotline and mental help, but I want to try to convince him on my own first.

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    2. mun


      Have you tried meeting him in person?

    3. MarketAnarchy


      I swallowed 3 boxes of sleeping pills.

      Best immediate fixes:
      1. start smoking or smoke more often if you're a smoker. <- this is the most important of all
      2. play fun video games.
      3. forget all responsibilities.
      4. have sex if possible.
      5. masturbate if you don't have any hangups about it.
      6. physical activity that gets heart rate up for 30mins+ at least 1x/day (not walking)
      7. eat comfort foods (chicken noodle soup, enchiladas, greasy foods)
      8. avoid extremely high carb foods
      9. listen to fun music, stop listening to downer music
      10. call a support line if it gets to be too damn much

      11. reduce alcohol consumption

      12. clean your room, remove all bad smells and get plants

      Long term fixes:
      1. Get a sun lamp if you're in a low sunlight location, sunbathe if in a sunny location.
      2. Go to social engagements, regardless of how stupid they are.

      3. Get a decent job, temp agencies are good for unskilled people (no call centers)
      4. Say positive things about yourself every morning and night in a mirror, even if you lie
      5. Get physically fit, working out at least 3x/week
      6. Stop consuming carbohydrates including beer
      7. Do something creative, painting, photography, sculpting, whatever.
      8. Do not let anyone be a dick to you, including family, exile them if they don't shape up.

    4. Catpho


      So how did it go @NuMetalManiak? Judging how you are posting so far, finally it went well?

  4. why did you change your profile pic to this I thought @plums came back. :( :( :(

  5. Fucking hell. I can never understand the weather here in Norfolk.

  6. fcount <- read.csv("file.csv", header=TRUE, sep=",")
    data <- fcount[order(friends)]

    Doing some R thing


    trying to sort a csv file with username as x-axis and friend count as y-axis, graph looks like tangled rope, I need it to be a curved line that exponentially grows. How do I sort this so username with lowest friend count is furthest left?

    1. NuMetalManiak


      Nevermind I figured it out.

  7. *installs python 3 and package specifically for 3*


    version is 2.7




    guess i'll fail

  8. I wonder who Mr. or Mrs. "Scam Likely" from Fairfax, VA is, and why they are so desperately trying to call my cell phone. Will "Scam Likely" die if I don't answer the phone?

    1. 40oz


      I've been getting a lot of these lately too.

    2. mrthejoshmon


      We can only hope.

  9. I guess you can say I'm Down with the Sickness again for Christmas this year. Now if I am to survive the infection must die.

  10. huh, so i did reach Forum Staple status after all this time...is it really a bad thing?

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    2. Ahmed


      Yes . It is such a bad thing , that I had to go through my way to mention how incredibly bad it is .

    3. geo


      I didn't know it was a bad thing.

    4. Searcher


      oh man, so sorry, been nice knowing ya.

  11. enjoying music on this site right now. jump in to chat if you want.



  12. Does anyone on this site use Dubtrack? It's this chatroom where you can also queue music and chat with people and I go there sometimes.

    1. NuMetalManiak


      I'm in a room called Mosh Pit right now.

    2. MarsHappyNation


      I used to go there a ton a couple years back. Great site, kinda forgot it existed until now.

    3. NuMetalManiak


      Will be on Mosh Pit tonight again, usually I'm on there on Fridays and Sundays.

  13. I had to say it about myself eventually, but here it is, because I needed to vent:


    I quit my job


    I pretty much had to. The people at the hotel were working me to death over there. My main duty was to empty out vacated rooms of trash and dirty laundry, and take them down to the laundry room. Simple? Yes. Am I fast and efficient. Oh hell yeah dawg. And the overall pay of it was great too. Heck, I was even good with the guests, who were actually the least of my worries.


    So what made me quit? Well, the main reason I can think of would be the annoying coworkers. The other housekeepers there won't stop complaining about their job all the time. And they get at me for some dumb reasons like I'm not stripping their rooms fast enough and what not. Hey newsflash I'm on another floor! I've got a whole slew of rooms to empty out most of the time and these impatient housekeepers really drive my patience. Especially considering how I'm the fastest worker there overall and I actually have to wait until the others are finished, so depending on how fast things go, I wait about six hours for them to finish up. Yes, I actually have to wait for the slower housekeepers before I clock out; sometimes I directly help them out on their last few floors if necessary. Another reason I quit? Most of the people I actually liked on the job either got fired quickly or decided to just stop showing up altogether. The fact they ended up being uncooperative makes my work days even longer, cause assigned slots get moved around and things just move slower. And one more thing! Barely any fucking AC. I find this to be a big one considering its hot as hell outside and everything. So overall, this job would've nearly killed me if I stayed a little longer than I currently had. I just can't work with a team of people who complain a lot and frequently never show up. If I'm working with a team, give me one that's competent and doesn't complain or skip work frequently.

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    2. leodoom85


      It totally sucks not having a proper team with the right members to do the job, otherwise, you'll end up raging 24/7. And, yeah, I did some jobs in the outside too with an extreme heat but not as bad as you with a suffocating place to work. You made the right choice to leave man.

    3. Fonze


      2 months; that's it? Boy man up. I understand where you're coming from, but no job is without its problems; gotta take the good with the bad.


      The food stealing otoh would have infuriated me beyond belief and would've been what would've make me quit, or do something and get fired.

    4. leodoom85


      Try for 7 years like I did...

  14. Looks like Doomwiki is down again...

    1. Ichor


      Seems to be working fine now.

    2. NuMetalManiak


      Wonder what was happening earlier, says "connection was reset with multiple failures to get in.

  15. All these people have such good reputations, and I'm just sitting here...wait a minute, where am I exactly?

    1. Doomkid


      Your theme song


    2. bzzrak


      The shitposting is weak in this one!

    3. Misty


      What is reputation anyway. 

  16. Utterly devastated to hear that Matt Holt of Nothingface had passed away at 39. Of the many nu metal bands I've known, Nothingface was among the best ever music-wise, and all my hopes for a reunion are gone. Never hated a single song and always liked Matt's vocals.

    1. sirjuddington


      Oh really? That sucks :/, always liked Nothingface despite not really being into nu metal as a whole. Guess that means there definitely won't be any more now - the two new demos they recorded post-Skeletons were really promising, though I guess even that was a long time ago now.

  17. No one's seen my profile aside from myself in literally a week. I am invisible!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. bzzrak


      You can't stop it anymore

    3. Bashe




      Luna avatar was best avatar :)))

    4. AverageWalrus24
  18. Why is it that I always get that one professor that never answers their email when I have urgent questions, urgh.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. NuMetalManiak


      I can understand an overburden and it happens to a lot of professors, but my email I sent to this professor was like a week ago and it's still unanswered. I have been clueless as to what to do on a multipartition simulation project, neither my supplemental material (textbook) or my countless hours of googling pages helped me and I've only got three days left before the deadline. So far I've got this lame-ass C++ thing and less than half of it is what he wants. Oh well, effort made I guess.

    3. Decay


      Send a reminder, it's not a big deal. Things do slip through the net, and chalking it up to "oh well effort made" sounds incredibly lazy/you don't really care.

    4. NuMetalManiak


      That was more like a "give up" statement in truth actually. I'll go ahead and make a reminder, and hopefully the guy will respond. Maybe I can save this.

  19. Hey did you know the South Park kids were in Deus Vult II? Currently documenting the wad's secrets on wiki, as well as suicide exits.

    1. bioshockfan90


      What map are they on?

    2. NuMetalManiak
  20. Just want to say I'm documenting how to get every secret in Ancient Aliens on Doomwiki. Currently on MAP31.

  21. my landline is apparently a magnet for phone calls since the past month. lately, I've been getting a lot of calls on my home phone. usually, I end up with no message on the phone, most likely due to some dummy getting the wrong number. this is fine, mistakes happen. but what I've also been frequently getting is something even more interesting, and rather catastrophic to think about had I answered the phone that time. that's right, I'm talking about phone scams, the ones where someone is demanding money over the phone from my paycheck, or something among those lines. and I seem to get them once or twice a week that it's getting ridiculous.

    the most recent one happened just yesterday. around the morning time where I live, I got a message, apparently from New York of all places. so I played the message and I was quite shocked at what I was hearing. someone had called my number, claiming to be from the IRS and saying some shit about having a lawsuit filed against me and an arrest warrant. I figured it was a scam since I really don't do anything wrong (plus I had already payed for my taxes last weekend). I had a gut feeling that the IRS doesn't directly call random peoples' phone numbers. I decided to Google this particular scam, and I found out that it seems to be targeting others in the states as well. so I showed this to my father and he called the police about the message we got. my dad knows when something's a scam anyways, since all these people want to do is take money out of our pockets.

    I fucking wonder how these crooks could come up with this sort of sophisticated scheme of masquerading as IRS agents and I hope I'm not the only one who is ending up receiving these messages. I also am wondering if I should disconnect my landline, given how I am so tired of people constantly calling my home phone number.

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    2. SYS


      GreyGhost said:

      I get a lot of those, usually calling to complain about viruses I'm spreading all over the Internet. Most times I just hang up but occasionally I'll have a bit of fun with them, angrily demanding that they identify my IP address usually results in them hanging up, and if that doesn't work I let it slip that I'm running Ubuntu.

      The nuisance callers I don't like are the ones that hang up when they hear a male voice.

      If they're using logmein it's fun to fire up a VM of windows and have them remote into that instead. After pretending to enter in the url & pin code incorrectly 15 times each, restart the vm once they get connected. "oh sorry about, I accidentally turned my computer off."

      Get them all riled up to the point where start raging about how they murder white people in India.

    3. AndrewB


      What's the big deal? Block em.

    4. zap610


      The problem I've been facing is that on caller ID they just show up as the land line number of my house. The way I see it next time they call I'll just blast this over the phone: (If you haven't guessed, it's ear rape so srsly lower the volume) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJdkeDxkqAQ

  22. today I celebrated a rather tranquil birthday today. that's nice, I don't need fancy parties and stupid surprises. this morning I finished a game with Doom in the title that I started about two weeks ago (any guesses?). then I had to do a presentation in humanities (I picked my birthday for the due date because that's a day I can actually remember) before actually inviting my parents to a dinner. at least I'm no longer in my teens so that's cool. definitely had a better birthday than my last one where I was severely depressed and I pissed off my mother so much she left home in spite. tomorrow I'll celebrate my friend's birthday in which he is going to be 18, so that's important for him.

    so far so good I guess. no fucked-up thoughts at the moment. I've been thinking about where the heck I'll end up in the next few years, hopefully going to a full 4-year uni that supports CSC classes well. and then try to find the right job for the computer majors.

    also I found out that Huy Pham shares my birth date, so happy birthday to him too.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cupboard


      Nice job surviving.

      Let's see the year I was 20 I brewed my own wine because I live in the US and wanted to get messed up. I was also extracting DXM from cough syrup, taking LSD, ketamine, and other designer drugs pretty regularly. It was an amazing time. As a bonus, 20 is the age when I decided I would stop smoking marijuana to keep myself on the right path. I can't say I don't regret those times, but I wish I would have gone to lecture more often and taken my grades more seriously. Also remember to have a social life if that kind of thing is important to you.

      Eventually all you want to do is make money and some of the frivolous things in life no longer seem important.

    3. joe-ilya


      You're as old as doom2, meaning you were born in 1994 and for me that year is a blessing in America with all cool albums, games and stuff.

    4. dg93


      Happy Birthday Getsu!

  23. I've had probably the most eventful spring days that I've ever had in my entire life. finals are done, finally, and now I can start on my ACTUAL curriculum classes, in the fall though. I've breezed through pre-calc without a goddamn sweat while others struggled, and my final English composition paper was written at a restaurant (no seriously, the final class was held at a restaurant).

    most importantly though, I've finally got a summer job after a fucking year and a half of searching. granted, it's only housekeeping stuff at some theme park, but at least I got one. can't believe the amount of shit I had to fill out just to get SOMETHING that pays, and hopefully my parents will stop bitchin' and breathing down my throat about it.

    my parents will be vacationing to Las Vegas in June. I'm staying home, cuz I generally hate the big U.S. corporate cities and the populace that dwells in them. also because of my new occupation.

    other new stuff that's been happening, my dad cleaned my computer of crap, and I finally got a good gaming mouse. hopefully all this new stuff won't be too much a burden. wish me luck.

    1. mrthejoshmon


      Best of luck to ya!

  24. You know that mapset I was working on called tracks.wad? The one I released a six-map demo for? Yeah, I really haven't been able to work on it ever since, I'm not getting any more ideas for it. But hopefully I will in the next year. Mapper's block sucks.

    What's worse is everything in my personal life is fucking me up right now. I've been focused on getting hired for an entry-level job ever since leaving high school, and no one has the balls to hire me. At the same time I'm trying to keep my college grades up. My mother has become so hell-bent on getting me a job before the Christmas season because she worries too much that I will not have any money left. Then again, when not at work, she's the one sitting somewhere with her iPhone games all day, so I'm really not understanding this shit at all.

    I've been having a lot of conflicts in my immediate family (mother and father only) and they have been getting more frequent day by day. Most of the time, the arguments are usually about me and getting a job. Yes I'm fucking applying for shit, why don't you two realize that it takes a lot of time and effort and oftentimes I don't get called for an interview? It doesn't matter if I'm involved, when they're yelling at anyone, I'm always uncomfortable. This whole month there was some argument with them every other day, and I've been getting more depressed because of it. I've almost wanted to take my own life just so they could realize how much they're fucking my life up. I didn't for one reason.

    Because now today is my birthday, and due to all the shit that's been argued about, I feel like they fucking ruined my 19th. In that morning I told them to never argue about anything for at least an entire fucking day. I just hope this day doesn't become a war of words between everyone. So I did get some presents from other friends and relatives, money, gift cards (for shit I don't use), and maybe the occasional weird gift. My parents gave me some cards telling me they love me and are sorry for stuff, yeah I've heard it before, it's appreciation, but they should have not pressured me to the fucking brink on something I'm trying to do myself. They should allow me to have some free time as well, maybe I can cure that mapper's block I'm currently having.

    EDIT: geo, this is what I meant by tracks.wad.

    1. geo


      First of all, happy birthday! I can understand mapping is a release, an entertainment and a diversion to whatever shitty is going on.. Third, time to move out? Or at least ditch your family for a day and hang out with some people that don't argue.

      As for a job before Christmas, it should be easy. I've heard quite a lot of radio ads to hire more people for the Holidays.

      I don't know anything about your tracks map pack, but throw a little of your life into it. At the center of a map have a giant enemy pit where the player can fire a single gunshot into the pit and set all of the enemies off in a fight to the death just for the LOLz.

      The 'tracks' idea makes my mind think of a railroad with subways, opening up to wide areas, bridges over blood with rocky chasms. City scape with a railway going through it. A switch yard ala Half-Life 2 or even Uncharted 2, jumping through box cars and over other train cars.

      Since its a train track idea that comes to my mind, you can have rolling hills and ramps with 1px height differences. There is a lot you can do with a train tracks theme.

      Tracks could also mean like a big game hunter following a new giant boss at the end of each level. But I think having new enemies might require programming and adding more enemies than Doom would allow.

    2. geo


      I think 5 minutes after I posted I thought.... wonder if he mean's racetracks. As the saying goes.... moar impz.

      Is it some sort of coop mode where 4 players race against one another to pull the trigger at the end of the map?

    3. Springy


      First of all; Happy Birthday and sorry to hear about the trouble you're having at the moment. Second:

      Hurricyclone said:

      I've been having a lot of conflicts in my immediate family (mother and father only) and they have been getting more frequent day by day. Most of the time, the arguments are usually about me and getting a job. Yes I'm fucking applying for shit, why don't you two realize that it takes a lot of time and effort and oftentimes I don't get called for an interview?

      If it makes you feel any better, you're certainly not the only one. On Friday when I went to pick up mum from the train station she kept asking if I've heard back from anyone and even asked if I was okay as I apparently haven't been acting like myself, I seem to be getting this a lot. It's a tough world out there (especially in the job market, not to mention the huge shit load of problems in the world) just keep on applying you're bound to get some response eventually. On the mappers block thing (you've probably been recommended this before but I might as well offer the piece of advice in case you haven't) have a look at other maps and extract some ideas for game play/architecture (by this I don't mean literally extract said things) expand upon their ideas make your own twist on them, combine ideas from various maps you've enjoyed. I hope that last bit helped if it didn't, then I'm not sure what else to suggest. I hope things pick up for you soon lad.

  25. Uh yeah, the storm was a dud.

    Although I will say when I registered here I didn't even know there was a tropical storm out there, and that it would hit my area as well.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. GreyGhost


      Actually, I think it translates to "My printer rejected the invisible ink cartridge you sent, displayed something about an "invalid region code" on screen then self-destructed. Please send a compatible printer."

    3. NuMetalManiak


      I don't know who BDL or Soldat are. Sorry if you're misunderstanding. I just enjoy independent reporting and tracking on hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclonic storms. And Hellbent, I have read your posts, they are better, I'll admit, but I like to talk about storms too.

      Also, I voted for Interception because no one else seemed to have voted for it. I thought it was gonna be a given, (like CC4 last year) but I apparently was wrong.

    4. Joshy


      Hurricyclone said:

      I don't know who BDL or Soldat are. Sorry if you're misunderstanding. I just enjoy independent reporting and tracking on hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclonic storms. And Hellbent, I have read your posts, they are better, I'll admit, but I like to talk about storms too.

      Also, I voted for Interception because no one else seemed to have voted for it. I thought it was gonna be a given, (like CC4 last year) but I apparently was wrong.

      If you're not BDL who has an unruly obsession with cacowards and top 5-10 megawads, etc, etc, then you've got nothing to worry about! :)

      FYI, this is BDL, and this was his latest attempt under alias Soldat.

      EDIT: Also, welcome to the forums!