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Status Updates posted by NuMetalManiak

  1. Did Doomwiki's clock break? I made two recent changes and it says I did them two hours ago.




    Did the most recent one at 9:32 EST (probably approximately 2 hours before greenwich time but still) and when I checked the Recent Changes it also says I did it at 5:38 which also isn't really right.

  2. We really should give more attention to ilkallio's MIDIs. Plasma is a real nice creeper tune that grows well for E1M1 of Realm of Parthoris, and then Skeleton (on E1M4) is dirty and groovy awesomesauce.



    oh wait...

    1. rd.


      happy birthday! 

  4. I wonder if I'm the only one who hates seeing the Michael Jackson popcorn gif or other reaction gifs.


    I mean it doesn't really contribute anything to a discussion anyways, but whoever posts it could post something more informative.


    (don't attack me)

  5. Holy shit.


    That latest Rain page, it got me. This whole week the three pages of the comic were bound to be some heavy stuff, but damn. This really does mean everything.

    1. NuMetalManiak


      And after I said that, the latest triple-pager given today is a powerful way to show Rain's independence. Hard to believe the comic is almost completely over.

  6. Okay I'm not feeling depressed or suicidal now. I've finally landed a great position and I'm hoping it will work out in the end.

    1. mrthejoshmon


      Hopefully it does work out for you, stuff hasn't been too great for you (to understate it) and I hate to see it happen to anybody.


      You've seen some shit boss, it speaks of your courage and strength that you made it through.

    2. OliveTree


      I'm really glad you're in a better place now. Hang in there. time is linear, so you'll never have to experience the same day more than once. we're all here for you now and in the future :)

  7. I just wanna melt in my car so bad now.

  8. God damn it.

    I don't know if I'm going to live past 2021 after all.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NuMetalManiak


      I dunno if that's gonna help. I dunno if anything's gonna help at this rate. I really do feel as if I'm on my wit's end without a future in sight.

    3. Chopkinsca


      dunno if it sound cliche, but hang in there

    4. OliveTree


      Oh gosh. I'm sorry you're really struggling apparently. I know it's maybe a sort of hollow feeling gesture, but we all really want you to be okay.

  9. Yesterday I narrowly managed to save a kid from committing suicide just outside a grocery store. This is the fourth time this year I had to save a kid from killing themselves.


    This is taking a toll on me. I've been thinking about it all night without sleeping.

    1. Catpho


      Take care, NuMetalManiak!

    2. OliveTree


      Oh god. That is. I'm sorry, that's really heavy. Please hang in there, and know to take proper care of urself and have emotional boundaries, and etc

  10. mREr19L.png

    Congrats @Lüt!

    1. Lüt


      Oh wow, I won VGM's nerd of the month award after all. Wasn't expecting that; I thought he only did those for maps submitted during the previous month.


      Anyway, guess the secret's out that I kinda sorta got into that game a fair bit at one point. Also, guess one of my main design inspirations will become rather obvious if I ever get my Heretic episodes finished.

  11. Alright video card superheroes and superheroines I need your help.

    Is AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series good for playing heavy slaughtermaps like Cosmogenesis on GZDoom (4.5.0)? I've been following this thread's advice and I'm seeing some better progress but I'm still getting issues.


    Processor btw is AMD Phenom II x6 1090T 3.21 GHz if needed.

  12. Megawad releases of 2021 so far (dates are idgames releases):


    Refracted Reality (6/12)

    Half Moon (6/9)
    GOTTAGOFAST (5/30)

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 54: dead.ass (5/30)
    Doom 2 In Spain Only (5/15)
    Imperfect Hatred (5/14)
    Short Maps for Short People 3 (4/24)
    Gridlock 64 (4/24)
    Destroy Hell (4/23)
    Micro-Slaughter Community Project (4/23)

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 53 (4/15)
    Project Unity (4/12)

    Tenth Gear (4/11)
    Plutonia 7: Going to the Hell (4/3)

    Clandestine Castle Crashing (3/15)

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 52 (3/15)
    Bourgeois Megawad (3/8)
    Haunting Outbreak (2/27)

    DOOM: Damnation (2/14)

    Pandemonium Speed Maps Vol 1 (2/6)
    The 128kb mapping extravagant "challenge" (1/31)

    3x3 (1/31)

    DBP31: Santa's Outback Bender (1/31)

    Doomworld Mega Project 2018 (1/31)
    Hellevator (1/24)

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 50 (1/16)
    The UnMaking (1/1)
    Switcheroom 2 (1/1)


    also including non-idgames releases and megawads in beta.

    Tarnsman's Projectile Hell

    Gates of Death

    Haunting Outbreak 2


    About 33 so far, and I know I'm probably missing a few, but this year of the megawad might beat 2020. April was a month of releases for sure.

  13. I am SO glad I can search up Locked threads in the custom search function.

  14. First time I've used a cover photo.

    I am never changing this. Ever.

  15. Happy Trans Day of Visibility, everyone!

  16. History of Doomworld Forums drama (I'm posting this cause I want to aight):

    1999-2004: Doomworld was a young site, with many users of old no longer being here for various reasons such as moving on but then again there still is more than a handful who are still the hardcore Doom enthusiasts of they were years ago. At the time, there were quite a few dramas that have been left to fade, such as python_junkie = crendowing thing, the stupidity level thread, King REoL's crap, and the infamous "ball shit snakes" incident which is still a Doomworld meme. Also the Shadowrunner thing. One of the most infamous examples there.


    2005-2010: Site grows well, plenty more members came in and did or did not understand things depending on the user in general, which is okay. Main dramas were over certain wad projects, the most famous ones being darkexodus and Glassyman perhaps. Also mattbratt. Plenty of idiots thought they made super cool stuff except it wasn't well received and butthurt commenced. There was also the fall of Newdoom, the "nickbakery", CjWraith79 (or whatever his name was), as well as KDIZD drama.


    2011-2015: Drama still tended to get mixed in with some major forum projects here and there, if I recall there was the D-D leaving CC4 thing, the DTS-T dramas (there were two, one on sourceports and the other because some guy kept whiteknighting it), several TNT2 dramas, plus one on DTWID. Lakisoft's Ultimate Doom unofficial patch was him basically pulling a darkexodus. LittleTemple thing happened here, as did human body allegory. Numerous BDL moments were sporadic, as well as the popularity of Brutal Doom causing some stirs on occasion. My favorite drama is still the idSoftware981 posts on "Doom 4 Should Have" thread, though.


    2016-present: Doomworlders got really political in 2016 and always got into arguments, which basically was the reason a moratorium was drafted in order for people to STFU and take it somewhere else. Aside from politics, not a whole lot of drama really occurs unless someone was either spamming or really was triggered or if they just wanna be asshole. There were two notable instances of speedrunners cheating during this time period, with one heck of a post from BK. There was the recent plagiarism fiasco. Also can't remember if the anime avatar apocalpyse happened in 2015 or 2016.


    I don't intend to start drama with this post. I am just so interested in the history of things that have happened here. It's been fun reading all the crazy stuff that has happened over the years and I remember a whole lot of it.

    1. OliveTree


      this is very interesting! i love reading about the history of fan communities and cultures and stuff

  17. Can I ask why you're following my thread if you don't like my reviews or

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      In case you hadn't noticed, I did post a comment there, which means this forums software sets my status to "follow" by default...


      Furthermore, there is at least a chance you might review something I'm interested in, so I don't see the harm in keeping an eye on it...


      If there's one thing you should actually ask yourself, it would be why you even give a damn that I'm following your thread in the first place... Do I sense a whiff or paranoia over there..?

    2. NuMetalManiak


      Yes it is paranoia because this kind of stuff happens to me elsewhere and it always weirds me out.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Looks like you have something to take care of, in that case...

  18. Review of Boaty McBoatwad:


    December never seems to end given what we've been dealt when it comes to all these damn megawads. and yet we are granted yet another one this year, although it was only 16 maps this time around, and many are actually quite quick too. anyways, Boaty McBoatwad drew its inspiration from the excellency of Jimmy's 25 Greatest Sector Ships, and as always, the results, though varied, manage to make quite a few memorable vessels of vassals. expect to board and be boarded, expect harboring of harbour monsters. expect some of the boats (looking at you MAP12) to look far, far better than those around it. it's a fun coffee break, excuse me, rum break of a mapset and did its job well.

  19. Review of DyingCamel's Demons #3:

    "wait a second there's MORE megawads in 2020?" YES! for some reason whatsoever @DyingCamel has this stream thing and a bunch of non-Mayhem-related schmucks come together and well I don't know the details or what actually transpired during these things because sadly they don't mention what were the guidelines for this session in the textfile. someone may as well respond what you guys were supposed to be doing because I don't know.


    but from what I played, it lures people into a false sense of security. for an uninitiated player the first few maps seem like quick and dirty speedmaps, nothing exciting but nothing offensive. it makes you think that this was a speedmapping session of sorts. then MAP05 happens and you say "wait this isn't a speedmap this is a full-blown odyssey". and then every map from MAP08 onwards is some form of slaughtermap, designed for maximum pain and zero pleasure. with some maps having numerous megaspheres or invulnerabilities scattered one must wonder if they made this stuff as a joke. these maps definitely don't play like they're beatable levels and 0% of filthy casuals in the community will find this to be a fun wad. who wants to dispute?


    that being said this is the first wad I played that had the 3D Pinball music in one map. that's something right there.

  20. Review of Abysm: Dawn of Innocence by @jazzmaster9:


    while rummaging through everything that has shown up in the Cacowards of 2020 I stumbled upon a prequel to a runner-up by accident, but here we are. leave it to jazzmaster to come up with interesting ideas for a TC, this one combining elements of the Doom clones while incorporating the Doom monsters and several other new ones. health bars can help in determining how much it can take to finish off the enemy in this mod, plus you get several interesting tools of death to use. the crossbow felt great against singular opponents, the raven and serpent staff do the jobs of the Heretic Dragon Claw and Doom shotgun respectively, while the Hellforge Cannon is obviously the rocket launcher. the former two weapons require White mana to use, which is dropped by most enemies and can be replenished with blue potions, while the Hellforge Cannon and another fire-using hand weapon use Black Mana, requiring purple potions. some of this stuff is inventory items, along with several powerups to also help.


    there's RPG elements to this stuff too. the main map is this huge-ass hub that thankfully has several warps and even has enemies reappearing once you revisit some areas. the towns of course are where your allies are, so check the quest log and buy stuff that's really all that's necessary. jazzmaster makes sure you keep the run-and-gun action going, so it's recommended to run past most of the enemies that reappear as you go about the quests which are required to progress. the separate levels are either one-off side quest levels where you can find treasure (oh and there's chests to loot, by the way), or fight bosses, and the main levels although much smaller than the hub offer incentives to progress, even the bosses. certain enemies are buffed and have names, and these enemies are bounties which you can trade for more moolah.


    overall this isn't one to pass off, as it does an interesting premise along with decent gameplay so that you're not gonna get bored with it. just remember not to lose yourself in the hub and you're fine. now I shall play Abysm 2, which actually was the runner-up.

  21. A 2020 Cacowards review corner mini-pseudo-thread-thingie where I will play everything I haven't played this year that will be periodically updated.

    Clock Out by @Afterglow


    (disclaimer: I will eventually play Isolation after this)


    "Ready to leave work today?" "Uh, sure". Clock Out is a map clocked out of a project for going overtime, which is quite a cut above the project's intended pay grade. in any case, it is designed as a speedmap. Afterglow is one of the unsung mappers that people know for specific certain maps, but is still somehow underrated in the community by quite a lot. this map definitely reminds players of his Jagermorder levels of old, the level is reasonably sized with ebbs and flows of difficulty. highlight that rough beginning with the chaingunners, then you go from there. other chaingunner encounters prove to be difficult. the encouragement of cacodemons, which seem to be one of the guidelines in Isolation, was used to full effect here, even flinging cacodemons, literally, into the main area. the bridges section is well done. my only complaint is one of the final areas with the arch-viles on the conveyor and the cacodemon horde, which well it's difficult to even hit the former enemies there. Afterglow sure does make some of the better standalone levels in any case though.

    1. Show previous comments  19 more
    2. Scotty


      Thanks for tagging me just to make sure i see you slagging off my map.

    3. rd.



      but it's easy to see why this was only a runner-up.

      Hundreds of wads come out every year, and 5+ dozen are realistic "maybe HMs" at some point, even if some are improbable.


      There is no sense in which the "runner-ups" reflect anything but high esteem. If the committee felt down on a thing, it would not be on the list. Taking its place would be a near-miss someone really wanted to include (this year, candidates for that would have been Nova 3, DBP26, 1000 Lines 2, and Akeldama).


      "Only a runner-up" and "Not even a runner-up" are inherently contradictory phrases. 


      Thanks for watching my TED talk. 

    4. NuMetalManiak


      Intergalactic Xenology by @Dreadopp and @Lord_Z:

      these two mappers have had small bits of spotlight by being community project members from time to time, but if there's anything to say about their mapping prowess, is that they always deliver some goodness. we have a five-map wad with Ancient Aliens assets thrown in. the maps are not difficult, especially for any seasoned player, but each one has their fun. the open spaces of MAP04 and its three-key hub can prove deceiving when the monsters start coming in, and the forced arena battles of MAP05 feel nice, especially the final fidget spinner battle. maps before those provide great buildup but nothing seems boring. just simple Doom fun!

  22. Review of NoReason's Speedmaps 2 by @NoReason:


    I have a feeling I'm going to be the one to list every single megawad in year of 2020 for this year's cacowards, but if we count each and every single one released on idgames in this year, including alternate versions of certain wads (as well as BTSXE2 which had its idgames release this year), we have hit at least the 30th milestone with NoReason's Speedmaps 2. one year ago NoReason had compiled a megawad for NaNoWadMo with the same intentions as this one, speedmaps that are made in the unbalanced slaughter category, with no rhyme or reason in most cases.


    well, the same thing more or less applies here! maps will have MOD music, hordes, teleporting hordes, platforming (timed platforming for the two Zandronum levels too), death exits at times (and ResetInventory as an added measure). some maps are quite detracted from the rest of the set, especially MAP25 which isn't anything slaughter-like but still hard. others are incredibly long they make me question if they are speedmaps, MAP16 is the biggest one for example. again you're probably just gonna put your favorite overpowered weapon mod and god mode everything if you're gonna play it. the spiderdemon has changed, and the cybruiser acts as an additional rocket-shooter again. have fun not having fun and then having fun I guess.

  23. Review of Rowdy Rudy II: POWERTRIP! 20 Vanilla Maps by @Doomkid and co.:


    (I've already done and gone and recorded this as one of the megawads by the way, just wanted to wait until the idgames release before I went ahead and reviewed it).


    well I don't know much of the story behind Rowdy Rudy, considering I never played the first one. but in any case, we got 20 vanilla maps, plus two Boom-compatible ones in an extra wad. and there's some subtle changes to the weapons, namely the pistol is now an assault rifle which I enjoy for reasons obvious and not obvious, while the SSG and shotgun have been made much faster, same with the chaingun. monster changes are overall alright, each has a niche that works out well, with the best being probably the flame caco. yes, there's one of those chaingunner types that only drops a clip and replaces the SS, but for some weird reason, a mini version of the spiderdemon exists to replace the chaingunner.


    onto the levels themselves, honestly I can see them actually being memorable! many of them have sense and purpose to make sense with the backstory, none are particularly huge in size (except MAP22 but that's a bonus map), and all are fun to go through. a few homages to some maps, like one has a Toxin Refinery homage in two places while MAP17 takes after Plutonia well. there's an obligatory slaughtermap at MAP20 but it's actually super easy and kinda disappointing. overall though, this is one of those romper megawads, where you'll be progressing well and fluidly.

  24. Review of 180 Minutes Pour Vivre by French Doom Community:


    180 minutes = 3 hours, so essentially this is 3 heures d'agonie 4 just under a different title. our 27th/29th megawad of 2020 is a treat of speedmaps with a few doses of custom content. so if there's any indication you're playing these maps, is that they are speedmaps, so generally small layouts, plus you get to accommodate yourself with specific author styles, such as @WH-Wilou84 preferring organically-constructed locales that lean to slaughter at times and having music from Hell Revealed 2, or JC preferring more orthogonal layouts with the same gameplay, or Datacore being more or less a traditionalist. and a wild Darkwave0000 also made a map, but it's by far his easiest or so. and as you can expect, slaughtermaps are in the back. every megawad doesn't need a slaughtermap at the end you know. for custom monsters, the multi-eyed caco which shoots a one-two punch of imp and mancubus fireballs is actually kinda neat, but I'm not a fan of the heresiarch. that's about it there. despite their size, the level layouts are tricky and the authors really really want to hide those secrets somehow. crazy, don't you think?

    1. Endless


      Those custom monsters while looking neat, are pretty damn evil! :P

  25. Review of 2048 Units of /vr/


    oh god I lost count, this is probably the 26th megawad of 2020 (27th if we count both 64kb ones). actually now we can possibly say 28th too considering this one consists of a clean version of this particular wad (without dehacked weapons) and the normal 2048 Units of /vr/. wow, this year feels like FOREVER and yet despite all the shit that's been going on this year it seems that Doom megawad making is at its all time high.


    anyways this iteration of /vr/ isn't necessarily timed to speedmaps, it is yet another 2048 megawad though, so sizes are compact and the levels small, for the most part. luckily no stupid slaughterfests snuck in but there is gonna be mixed quality in general. and sadly, the levels despite using the decent textures don't really stick out, and just sort of feel like levels that you run through without remembering much about them. there's an extra set of levels that didn't make the cut, and it's up to your discretion whether or not they deserved those extra slots (some did have annoying usage of voodoo conveyors which felt longer than needed, so I say yes they deserved it). how far do you think 2020 will go for megawad making?