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  1. I've had probably the most eventful spring days that I've ever had in my entire life. finals are done, finally, and now I can start on my ACTUAL curriculum classes, in the fall though. I've breezed through pre-calc without a goddamn sweat while others struggled, and my final English composition paper was written at a restaurant (no seriously, the final class was held at a restaurant).

    most importantly though, I've finally got a summer job after a fucking year and a half of searching. granted, it's only housekeeping stuff at some theme park, but at least I got one. can't believe the amount of shit I had to fill out just to get SOMETHING that pays, and hopefully my parents will stop bitchin' and breathing down my throat about it.

    my parents will be vacationing to Las Vegas in June. I'm staying home, cuz I generally hate the big U.S. corporate cities and the populace that dwells in them. also because of my new occupation.

    other new stuff that's been happening, my dad cleaned my computer of crap, and I finally got a good gaming mouse. hopefully all this new stuff won't be too much a burden. wish me luck.

    1. mrthejoshmon


      Best of luck to ya!