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  1. my landline is apparently a magnet for phone calls since the past month. lately, I've been getting a lot of calls on my home phone. usually, I end up with no message on the phone, most likely due to some dummy getting the wrong number. this is fine, mistakes happen. but what I've also been frequently getting is something even more interesting, and rather catastrophic to think about had I answered the phone that time. that's right, I'm talking about phone scams, the ones where someone is demanding money over the phone from my paycheck, or something among those lines. and I seem to get them once or twice a week that it's getting ridiculous.

    the most recent one happened just yesterday. around the morning time where I live, I got a message, apparently from New York of all places. so I played the message and I was quite shocked at what I was hearing. someone had called my number, claiming to be from the IRS and saying some shit about having a lawsuit filed against me and an arrest warrant. I figured it was a scam since I really don't do anything wrong (plus I had already payed for my taxes last weekend). I had a gut feeling that the IRS doesn't directly call random peoples' phone numbers. I decided to Google this particular scam, and I found out that it seems to be targeting others in the states as well. so I showed this to my father and he called the police about the message we got. my dad knows when something's a scam anyways, since all these people want to do is take money out of our pockets.

    I fucking wonder how these crooks could come up with this sort of sophisticated scheme of masquerading as IRS agents and I hope I'm not the only one who is ending up receiving these messages. I also am wondering if I should disconnect my landline, given how I am so tired of people constantly calling my home phone number.

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    2. SYS


      GreyGhost said:

      I get a lot of those, usually calling to complain about viruses I'm spreading all over the Internet. Most times I just hang up but occasionally I'll have a bit of fun with them, angrily demanding that they identify my IP address usually results in them hanging up, and if that doesn't work I let it slip that I'm running Ubuntu.

      The nuisance callers I don't like are the ones that hang up when they hear a male voice.

      If they're using logmein it's fun to fire up a VM of windows and have them remote into that instead. After pretending to enter in the url & pin code incorrectly 15 times each, restart the vm once they get connected. "oh sorry about, I accidentally turned my computer off."

      Get them all riled up to the point where start raging about how they murder white people in India.

    3. AndrewB


      What's the big deal? Block em.

    4. zap610


      The problem I've been facing is that on caller ID they just show up as the land line number of my house. The way I see it next time they call I'll just blast this over the phone: (If you haven't guessed, it's ear rape so srsly lower the volume) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJdkeDxkqAQ