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  1. I had to say it about myself eventually, but here it is, because I needed to vent:


    I quit my job


    I pretty much had to. The people at the hotel were working me to death over there. My main duty was to empty out vacated rooms of trash and dirty laundry, and take them down to the laundry room. Simple? Yes. Am I fast and efficient. Oh hell yeah dawg. And the overall pay of it was great too. Heck, I was even good with the guests, who were actually the least of my worries.


    So what made me quit? Well, the main reason I can think of would be the annoying coworkers. The other housekeepers there won't stop complaining about their job all the time. And they get at me for some dumb reasons like I'm not stripping their rooms fast enough and what not. Hey newsflash I'm on another floor! I've got a whole slew of rooms to empty out most of the time and these impatient housekeepers really drive my patience. Especially considering how I'm the fastest worker there overall and I actually have to wait until the others are finished, so depending on how fast things go, I wait about six hours for them to finish up. Yes, I actually have to wait for the slower housekeepers before I clock out; sometimes I directly help them out on their last few floors if necessary. Another reason I quit? Most of the people I actually liked on the job either got fired quickly or decided to just stop showing up altogether. The fact they ended up being uncooperative makes my work days even longer, cause assigned slots get moved around and things just move slower. And one more thing! Barely any fucking AC. I find this to be a big one considering its hot as hell outside and everything. So overall, this job would've nearly killed me if I stayed a little longer than I currently had. I just can't work with a team of people who complain a lot and frequently never show up. If I'm working with a team, give me one that's competent and doesn't complain or skip work frequently.

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    2. leodoom85


      It totally sucks not having a proper team with the right members to do the job, otherwise, you'll end up raging 24/7. And, yeah, I did some jobs in the outside too with an extreme heat but not as bad as you with a suffocating place to work. You made the right choice to leave man.

    3. Fonze


      2 months; that's it? Boy man up. I understand where you're coming from, but no job is without its problems; gotta take the good with the bad.


      The food stealing otoh would have infuriated me beyond belief and would've been what would've make me quit, or do something and get fired.

    4. leodoom85


      Try for 7 years like I did...