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  1. Serious talk:


    A friend of mine posted online that he plans on committing suicide in 5 days or less. I really want to convince him it's not the answer to his problems and that he shouldn't feel too depressed about things that happen. The last few times I talked to him he barely responded (or if he did, all he ever does is say a simple "thanks" which doesn't seem to answer anything). If anyone here really knows how to help please do, I care about him and don't want to hear any terrible news. And yes, I am aware of the suicide prevention hotline and mental help, but I want to try to convince him on my own first.

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    2. mun


      Have you tried meeting him in person?

    3. MarketAnarchy


      I swallowed 3 boxes of sleeping pills.

      Best immediate fixes:
      1. start smoking or smoke more often if you're a smoker. <- this is the most important of all
      2. play fun video games.
      3. forget all responsibilities.
      4. have sex if possible.
      5. masturbate if you don't have any hangups about it.
      6. physical activity that gets heart rate up for 30mins+ at least 1x/day (not walking)
      7. eat comfort foods (chicken noodle soup, enchiladas, greasy foods)
      8. avoid extremely high carb foods
      9. listen to fun music, stop listening to downer music
      10. call a support line if it gets to be too damn much

      11. reduce alcohol consumption

      12. clean your room, remove all bad smells and get plants

      Long term fixes:
      1. Get a sun lamp if you're in a low sunlight location, sunbathe if in a sunny location.
      2. Go to social engagements, regardless of how stupid they are.

      3. Get a decent job, temp agencies are good for unskilled people (no call centers)
      4. Say positive things about yourself every morning and night in a mirror, even if you lie
      5. Get physically fit, working out at least 3x/week
      6. Stop consuming carbohydrates including beer
      7. Do something creative, painting, photography, sculpting, whatever.
      8. Do not let anyone be a dick to you, including family, exile them if they don't shape up.

    4. Catpho


      So how did it go @NuMetalManiak? Judging how you are posting so far, finally it went well?