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  1. You are such an underrated reviewer and very valuable to the community, you ever think about making a review site/blog?


    I'd personally love that, just make it better than my old one cheers.

    1. NuMetalManiak


      I do have a blog, except it's JRPG-centric and I usually don't blog about Doom stuff since I like reading other blogs more. Am I really that valuable though? My maps are disgusting flies in a trash bin and although I'm redoing all my shitty reviews to make them better and doing loads of playtesting, um, I'm not really that valuable. I guess if I can actually write articles here then maybe that'll make me valuable. I just lack the motivation and possibly even the time to do that.

    2. Catpho


      Is there a link to your blog somewhere NuMetalManiak? I'd love to read it!

      You reviews were nice too Joshmon, though it seems your blog is down? Though if you can't find the time and motivation for it, I understand.