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  1. "What do you plan to do when Doom turns 26 years old? Will you be getting stuck in some abandoned mines during the depths of hell? Will you be going Ballistyx through castle walls and hellscapes? Will you be trying to enter an underground bunker? What about going through these damned halls finding a maze, numerous rooms, and even a fake exit? Regardless of what you'll be doing today, know that today is the 26th anniversary of the shareware release of Doom, and with it, the legacy of the main game, it's sequels, and more importantly, it's thriving community of mappers, playtesters, and cool kids. 


    Early this year, we have seen the Doom community hyped for so many announced projects, those which are already familiar to the community, but have remained unfinished for years. Such projects feel like each one is racing to be the top spot for the Mordeth award. It either takes an epic thread bump, or perhaps a new announcement thread from the creators, and the community goes wild. Sure, announcements of new material are simply announcements, but members love screenshots of new things from dormant projects, as the earnest among us always love seeing things get mapped fully, bug-tested, playtested, and properly run so they can replay such wads over and over again. In February alone, we saw the renewal of Deus Vult II, a new map for Sunder, as well as a hype thread for BTSX's third episode, along with so much more.


    And you'll be seeing such projects right here, in this fine selection of wonderful projects we have assembled for checking out."


    I'm working on my fake cacoward writing. How is it.