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  1. My review for Lunar Catastrophe by @Miss Bubbles and @Count651


    Many of Doom's most notable wads include changes to DeHacked, brand new texture sets, or use advanced source port features to create a memorable experience, and those changes end up being easily noted by players and remembered whenever someone else wants to try something with a twist to the original Doom style. With such new and not new twists to gameplay, it can be easy to forget about the original game that gave birth to this community.


    Lunar Catastrophe serves as a reminder of how good that original game was, and it sits as a dark horse amongst a sea of modern sets. There are no new textures, sounds, sprites, or even music, just new levels all done classic-style. Think of it as being similar to say, Doom the Way Id Did. The maps certainly aren't that memorable, but they don't need to be. All they need to be is fun with a decent challenge curve, and that's what they are. Lunar Catastrophe succeeds at being retro and being weird, as its two authors set out to make it. Speaking of authors, this is one of the very few wads in the community created by a boyfriend/girlfriend pair. Now that's something you don't see everyday.

    1. Miss Bubbles

      Miss Bubbles

      Thanks so much for the kind words :) I'm really happy to hear people are liking it so much and are praising it specifically for the goals we had set for ourselves when designing the levels. I love reading everything everyone has to say about it and it's awesome of you to actually review our wad, haha!