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  1. My review of Doom Mapping Contest II (all the wads)



    Hellectric Boogaloo. That's the name of the second Doom Mapping Contest created by Vargskelethor Joel to win some nice Twitch prizes. The previous contest had quite a lot of contenders, but more than double the submissions were given to Joel just for this particular contest. Suffice to say, it took a lot longer than than expected, Joel planned to get things done by the end of 2018 or so, but it took about two years, as well as some micromanaging and figuring out just who would win the prizes.


    The good news is that the contest basically allowed for an "anything goes" variety (excepting Terrywads and other wads of extremely bad quality of course). So this contest saw some old-school levels that were pretty much to the point, along with it maps made with ZDoom format for some interesting (and sometimes memeworthy) scripting. And then you have the maps that throw in the DECORATE towel and make way for fun new weapons and monsters in these games. Some maps were meme wads, others were total conversions that worked out. Many of the maps ended up being so long (I'm looking at you, penialassociativedefense and your Living End map) that Joel's attention span would end up kicking the bucket and having to move on from there. Joel did a good job picking his winners, as well as the honourable mentions. Still though, there's gonna be some gems to take note of.


    Notable gems missed from the awards:


    Twitch HQ 2 - doomtherobot's memey sequel to an already memey wad. With Strife mainstays joining in the battles and proving to be quite an adventure.
    Frozen Exuviae - dobu makes you revisit the Iron Exuviae, forcing some nasty puzzles for those who wish to not get their feet frozen. Mind the pads on the ground when you step on them! And know that even though you can skip some puzzles, doing them legitimately can be fun to solve as well.
    The Stalvern Parable - germanpeter: telling by the name, you cannot expect this to be anything but a Stanley Parable parody. Expect some familiar endings done Doom-style here.
    Altera - gorgamesh: practically a new game all on it's own, giving off RPG vibes.
    Metal Meltdown - Hasuman's contribution, with the map titled Death Divine, definitely has the TC vibe, new weapons, enemies, textures, setting. And it's generously grotesque.
    CEREBRUS - lazorinc, Pack your time stopping module and go on an electrical adventure of powerful custom enemies (watch out for those rocket imps!) until you reach a worthwhile boss fight!
    Fallen Comrades - lkymn's wad will set your characters on a journey to help out comrades, which ends up in another projectile-filled journey through hell.
    Dual-Layered Violence - mysteriousharuko's palette-swapped little mini-hub adventure is quite joyous.
    Baron's Fortress - nuff3 gives players an old-school adventure with a modern aesthetic. Not too tough.
    Get Up And Kill - by orangestar1. Sometimes, you do what the title says, and you do it with style. The new weapons help in toasting the hordes.
    Hydrogen - another action-packed level by Senseless that despite only giving you two weapons to work with, is a workable and managable level with a few monster changes.
    Occult - by shadowymv, a chilling story of a friend's mansion being overrun by demons and ghouls, with Blood-like atmosphere.
    The Burial Vault - You haven't experienced 3D Doom quite like this piece by Stormcatcher.
    varg2 - by thedickwolf, this is an RPG-oriented wad with fantasy-style elements and gold to collect.
    Lost Dreams - valkiriforce's contribution also doesn't have any new gameplay mechanics, it's just straight-up classic Doom with teleport ambushes to find.
    Four Elements - xinoea's effort brings Doom 64 weapons, atmosphere, and combines the elements of water, earth, fire, and air in a grim setting, with a tough fight against a dark avatar at the end. Look out for those custom enemies.


    All of the wads as well as the winners are of course on the winners page. Admittingly when I played through all of the sets I could not run sarais's wad and it seems that the download for zeroxdiamond's level isn't the full version.