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  1. Reviews of Nanopineapple 2018 by @meapineapple and NoisyDiarrhea by @NoisyVelvet


    Speedmaps and monthly-event maps. They're a thing. Yet speedmaps have grown much stronger as time goes on, much like anything else. More ideas get implemented and as a result, things get fun and gimmicky. 2019 has been quite a surge in terms of the popularity of speedmaps. NoisyDiarrhea is one such collection, all made by one author for vanilla, each with unique gimmicks that give each one replayability. There also exists Nanopineapple 2018, a collection of wads done during NaNoWadMo, Doomworld's official take on NaNoWriMo, saw one author make and refine 32 maps for the month of November last year. Again, expect some gimmickry within this one. Perhaps that's the thing that really sets these kinds of maps apart from regular megawads, their usage of gimmicks makes them worth looking for whatever weird ideas get cooked up.