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  1. My review of DOOM: Perdition


    the question of what has been done before often prevails for mapmakers. we play the IWADs to memorization, we play famous PWADs like DTWID and the Memento Moris to memorize what made them great. well not all of us did but I certainly did. so when I played DOOM: Perdition, my eyes were set on a lot of things. for one, it was advertised as a "spiritual successor to E4". which really sort of doesn't mean a lot from the first map, does it not?


    it seemed from the get-go that it was heavily inspired by E4. E4M1 is a souped up version of the original Hell Beneath. E4M2 that follows isn't as much of Perfect Hatred as it is something else (namely MM2's MAP12). and then E4M9 has those Tim Willits design charms to it that resembled both the original E4M9 and ATTACK.wad. E4M3 is where it takes off and takes off well. it's a weird map, you'll have a bit of trouble figuring out what does what, but it somehow manages to be a fresh level that works out well. E4M4 is a sandbox/town map, evoking the shades of the maps it was inspired by, E3M6 and MAP15. E4M5 draws a bit of SIGIL inspiration, but does it fantastically, making it the overall best map. E4M6 is based on that castle map from Doom 64, E4M7 draws heavy inspiration from Against the Wickedly and MM's MAP08, then you see shades of DTWID's E3M9 in the final level.


    the overall feel of the levels and their gameplay shouldn't really be insane in difficulty, but tough enough for the player to have difficulty conquering. the maps are sized well with quite a few notable homages to look out for. but there's not really anything groundbreaking overall. it's just another decent episode replacement, the kind you're bound to play and be okay with.


    EDIT: Forgot to mention, E4M7, sector 63 lacks a teleport destination so several monsters never came in