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  1. WTF happened to my activity page? Everything I post disappear due to site glitch?


    MAYhem 2019 - Blood for the Doom God Review

    each year Mayhem gets started, worked on, given resources to fuck with, maps get made, and then the entire set waits until next year to reach idgames. that last part makes no sense but some people are just lazy or something. the last few Mayhems (at least the ones I played) all certainly had quite a few standouts, the first one in 2012 had that last map, 2048 had quite a few memorable levels, as did 1500. while I haven't played 2016's Mayhem I definitely had a hand in Super MAYhem 17 which is still the best one, and 2018 was a double pack which featured...basically the direction this one is headed to resource-wise.


    and I am so not a fan of it...


    can we just not with custom monsters and weapons please. I don't want to see another MAYhem with them again. these guys in this wad weren't all that amazing even though they at least don't modify original monster behavior for the most part. but what I see basically are different variants of hitscanner, a skeleton enemy and a golem enemy that function as an imp and a hell knight respectively, a dark bishop-like enemy that functions a bit like a revenant, another that is even more bland in design and gameplay, a few bomb enemies (one is a blue orb that functions like a lost soul, and the other is a pain elemental like thing that shoots mancubus fireballs but still has blast radius), a few boss monsters (well the maulotaur got more use, but it's not a good enemy and STOP WITH THE MANCUBUS FIREBALL MONSTERS USE A DIFFERENT PROJECTILE FOR ONCE), some bats which are fodder, a modified red imp, a cacolantern with different attack, two arachnorb variants that actually have really low health for some reason now. the best enemy are those stationary cube things which function well as plasma turrets. probably missed a few but screw it. bottom line is, apart from the cubes and probably the bomb enemies the rest honestly feel very vanilla-like, and that's kind of lame when put up against the creative monsters used in the 2018 packs.


    amazingly enough I'm not as much of a hater of the custom monsters as I am the levels though. the first few maps up to MAP08 are entirely unmemorable, nothing sticks out, it's DMPhobos's map that is the first actually good one. MAP09 tried something cool, but like Impie's other map didn't deliver in combat. MAP10 and MAP11 annoyed me due to spending minutes trying to find the next required switch, please princess please give some hints as to where to go god damn I hate spending so long in maps that have low monster counts. also MAP11 has two secrets that I so far have not been able to find solutions for. MAP14's beginning section needs to fucking go away, the rest of the slaughtermap was okay. and MAP16? when will dobu make a completionist-friendly map? or actually one that is fun AND interesting instead of fun OR interesting? this is one of his worst and I can't stomach it. so either most of the maps are nauseating or they are boring, really.


    the good maps besides MAP08 though are MAP12 (a nice pacing map), MAP32 (yes that's right, a fucking joe-ilya map manages to be one of the better ones), MAP15, and MAP17 (both better done for slaughtermaps than MAP14). however, MAYhem as a wad series needs to stop with the dehacked stuff now and just make something with a texture pack and a limitation for next time, plus BETTER LEVELS PLZ. 1/5

    1. rdwpa


      I found this while randomly looking at the Status Updates feed and talked with friends about how Status Replies generally get fewer responses than the old blogs. That explains the sudden influx of profile views. Just mentioning that because I'd probably be paranoid if that happened to me and I didn't know why.