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  1. review of Verdant Citadel:


    what can I say, I'm obviously impressed with the scale and the grandeur. Verdant Citadel isn't really super tough, but is the kind of map that feels great to get lost in, much like Remnant was. this is for GZDoom as it features both slopes and 3D floors, and its the latter that really sells this citadel off. the enemy encounters try their best at keeping challenging, with the main highlights being the shoreline fight which includes cyberdemon as well as the final elevator battle. the sheer balance between verticality and horizonticality (if you can call that a word) is the thing that really makes this unique, and as the ZDoom maps evolve, I guarantee we'll be seeing stuff like that sooner than expected.

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    2. NuMetalManiak


      One more for tonight, I try to keep these status update reviews limited to one day usually. For Could You Would You In A Box:


      Jaws in Space is mostly known for his critique of several wads both classic and modern, but playing this one, his own mapping sure does leave a lot to be desired. granted, the simplicity of things actually isn't a bad thing for the most part, you get to find what you need, fight off monsters in non-linear layouts that seem to work well, and then you exit and the experience in each map should not take more than five minutes. but even after all these maps I still feel as if there could have been more interesting things in the 2048x2048 spectrum. well, there's some levels that stick out: MAP13 Disorder in the Courtyard is quite fun, MAP25 Saucer has several traps in switch areas, with monsters to compliment your escapes, while MAP32 Watch Your Step utilizes tricky platforming. for the rest though, it feels arcade-y which is okay. the overall quality is just average overall, nothing super exciting. MAP12 I recognized from 2048 Unleashed as well.

    3. NuMetalManiak


      NoReason's Speedmaps:


      "a bunch of shitty, unbalanced speed maps made for nanowadmo" well you're definitely right about the shitty part. no balance to speak of, wresting the BFG from the first map proves the mission statement for the rest. this is unbalanced slaughter with some levels trying to pay homage to whichever mapslot they are on. MAP30 has a monster spawner gauntlet before a big 9000+ slaughterfest at the end. you'll be loaded for bear for megaspheres and cell ammo but you'll die a lot too. but since these are speedmaps, treat them as such, not amazing detail, not amazing gameplay.

    4. NuMetalManiak


      Darkest Room review:


      at this point I've played one too many wads made by one too many mappers and frankly I can easily tell what styles people end up going for all the time. Darkest Room is themed for black, gray, and green, evoking shades of Death-Destiny maps in both mood and gameplay. a medium-sized map that has exceptionally tough combat due to resources being conserved in a number of places, plus the green cyberdemon isn't too bad a custom monster. it's worth a go, although it's definitely not the best of the crop and sadly will likely be forgotten for other DD-style maps despite being a runner up in the last cacowards.