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  1. Review of Deep into the Massacre by @MPS


    "A classic-style Doom II megawad with 32 levels. Version 3 music fix released."


    well isn't that right. the gameplay of Deep into the Massacre definitely holds the classic style for the most part, although there's some discrepancies to be had. there aren't any music tracks in this wad, but the wad's music is shuffled more or less. not that I care about that though. the wad was tested with GZDoom, and I played on that too. it says it won't run with Vanilla Doom, but I think it can run at least on a limit-removing port, if not, Boom-compatible, as there's nothing that really screams ZDoom use anywhere here.


    anyways, design-wise, this is nothing special at all. gameplay is all over the place depending on the map. some maps play pretty fine, others try for some gimmicks but come up short. a number of them are a bit boring due to bad baron of hell placement. secrets make things way too easy. some areas are symmetrical and often employ the revenant or chaingunner trap. and then there's MAP26 which unfortunately must be broken because it looks like there's no sector tagged for some of the teleporters required to go through.


    when it's there though, the combat is alright at the best and mediocre at the absolute worst. it's not that bad but it definitely has room for improvement.