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  1. Review of 1000 Lines 2 - Community Project 1.0:


    okay so let's look back at 2020 so far in terms of how many megawads released (at least on idgames): Interception II, BTSX E2, NOVA 3, Akeldama, MAYhem 2020, OOPS All Techbase, Modest Mapping Challenge, Deep Into The Massacre, Texture Extravaganza, Hellforge Speedmapping Session 1, Short Maps for Short People 2, Death in Excess, SINERGY, SlaughterMAX, and Czechbox.


    HOLY CRAP. that's 15 megawads so far, and 12 of those are community projects. now we have the thirteenth of those community megawads for 2020 bringing us to sixteen 2020 megawads. good lord. and with several more projects finally getting releases there will inevitably be more. anyways, I probably missed a few or something, but in any case, the title of "year of the megawad" has to go to this year by now. maybe a future year will usurp that? maybe not.


    here we have the sequel to the first 1000 Lines Community Project, so the levels will still not be as huge as they appear, well for the most part anyways. we have 34 of them, and to make things sleeker, these mappers all used VOTEX. what the heck is this VOTEX well it's a vanilla-compatible texture pack version of OTEX which people should be familiar with by now (and if you're not get the hell out of the rock you're under). also included are plenty of music tracks, particularly several new ones by @AD_79 who composed the majority of it.


    so as you'd expect, this being a community project of course quality varies, however consistency is nicely done so that no map (well apart from one) feels expurgated in a way. things scale nicely and there's distinctions between short maps, long maps, slaughter setups offered in spades, traditional death exits, yes. well I was only disappointed in MAP30 but most IOS fights in megawads are pretty bleh anyways.


    as for that one map. I think after people play it it'll be the one map to be talked about for months. let me give you a hint. revenant rockets

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AD_79


      Hoping you enjoyed the music! I'm quite pleased with my work there, here's hoping it along with some of my other music gets placed in other projects!

    3. NuMetalManiak


      Also @Aurelius that In Flames song is in my head forever now.

    4. Aurelius


      Well, to be fair, out of all the possible songs that could find their way lodged into your brain, Colony is a kick ass candidate.