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  1. Review of The 64 kb challenge

    and say hello to megawads #16 and #17 and community project #13 of 2020. are we gonna get to 20 megawads for 2020 or 20 community projects for 2020? so here we have not one, but two megawads, where each level is done so that the file size does not exceed 64 kb. which equates to small levels. hey, this is good, since I can get through it quickly. of course, <64kb maps tend to be very unmemorable overall, those that try to make things interesting end up making their maps more annoying in retrospect. the more memorable outings are in the limit-removing set, and that set utilizes "YAMFSCMWHO" or "Yet Another Mancubus Fireball Spewing Custom Monster Wow How Original". Scypek's map has the first custom stuff, and was interesting. I am left wondering if Aurelius's map was intentionally glitchy. overall what else can you expect aside from mixed bag.


    and now I hear that there's a 128kb challenge. personally I'm sitting here waiting for "64kb 1024x1024 32 grid 5 textures 5 flats 69 monsters in the style of joe-ilya Community Project"

    1. mrthejoshmon


      You ever thought about having a website or page like KMX E XII or (God forbid) my old misbegotten one? I'd read it, I wonder if you could get your reviews in the Wadzine? You're stuff is definitely worth reading.