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  1. Review of Three is a Crowd:

    so who could imagine, that in 2020, that not only would we have so many megawads, but also a one-man megawad made by possibly the most interesting modern mapper yet? @Scypek2 is known for participating in just about every community project, but whenever you play a map by this guy you're not gonna get conventional Doom. instead you get, well, the weird, but still playable level. the big bonus here would be that the entire set is vanilla-compatible and follows an interesting story. here, you are dealing with not one, but three marines, each setting off on their own adventure, with death exits and such to differentiate the different characters. the levels all try to combine neat concepts throughout and are assured to be fully playable and the gimmicks understandable. MAP24 is my least favorite though, because the switch puzzle for the blue door is bad, but this was still a fun megawad.