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  1. Review of 7 Deadly Sins by @Dub:


    when it comes to making your first map, it's honestly way better to make it underwhelming instead of overwhelming. this follows the overwhelming approach, and not in any good ways at all. 7 Deadly Sins appropriately titles its levels after the sins, and at least tries to make a level out of each concept. ultimately it doesn't make anyone happy, in fact, it seems to do everything it can to make you regret playing it.


    Sloth and Greed are the shorter maps, but neither are particularly fun even though they try with the concepts (Sloth tries to be somewhat of a starvation map, Greed goes with the first room having you dodge cyberdemons and enter square rooms to telefrag them before the final room where you would get invulnerabilities to take down cyberdemons). Wrath and Envy are more medium-sized, but both have long, drawn-out areas, which are even more prevalent in the slaughtermaps Pride, Lust, as well as the sort-of hub map Gluttony. this combined with the "my first map design" does not abode well at all for this wad as a whole. the two first maps are slaughter maps, but it seems like all the meat is concentrated weirdly, like Pride has the majority of them being in the obscenely huge cargo room and most are imps, while Lust just has LOADS of zombiemen in the beginning while the other areas are milder, albeit still stupidly long and boring. Gluttony tries to spice things up but goes so slowly it's not worth it. finally there's a game-breaking bug with Envy as that one library room seems to function like a door which means that it can close all the way and be locked out.


    overall the wad is very generic and definitely has the "my first wad" feel. although inspired by WOS I didn't see a lot in that inspiration, as the textures were not used as well and the layouts are bland and overdrawn. encounters should be made much more fun too. it helps to look at how other maps were designed, both in design and gameplay, when it comes to making your next map.