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  1. Review of CPD by @Cheesewheel


    the year of the megawad ain't over yet, with out 24th (25th if you count both wads in the 64kb project) megawad being a one-man megawad by Cheesewheel. not much in the way of story for textfile, and frankly, not much in overall changes, just a 32-map megawad made by one author. levels are medium-sized and flow excellently, with no major progression hiccups. secrets aren't too difficult to find and difficulty scales accordingly. while typical and somewhat average, it's as charming as a typical megawad. highlights include the brutal mancubus trap in MAP19, the "climb" that is MAP30 which is the slaughtermap (oh and the Icon of Sin is on MAP29 this time), and a somewhat weird story which well I couldn't understand but I don't care. this was certainly a fun romp and worth a try.