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  1. Review of 180 Minutes Pour Vivre by French Doom Community:


    180 minutes = 3 hours, so essentially this is 3 heures d'agonie 4 just under a different title. our 27th/29th megawad of 2020 is a treat of speedmaps with a few doses of custom content. so if there's any indication you're playing these maps, is that they are speedmaps, so generally small layouts, plus you get to accommodate yourself with specific author styles, such as @WH-Wilou84 preferring organically-constructed locales that lean to slaughter at times and having music from Hell Revealed 2, or JC preferring more orthogonal layouts with the same gameplay, or Datacore being more or less a traditionalist. and a wild Darkwave0000 also made a map, but it's by far his easiest or so. and as you can expect, slaughtermaps are in the back. every megawad doesn't need a slaughtermap at the end you know. for custom monsters, the multi-eyed caco which shoots a one-two punch of imp and mancubus fireballs is actually kinda neat, but I'm not a fan of the heresiarch. that's about it there. despite their size, the level layouts are tricky and the authors really really want to hide those secrets somehow. crazy, don't you think?

    1. Endless


      Those custom monsters while looking neat, are pretty damn evil! :P