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  1. Review of DyingCamel's Demons #3:

    "wait a second there's MORE megawads in 2020?" YES! for some reason whatsoever @DyingCamel has this stream thing and a bunch of non-Mayhem-related schmucks come together and well I don't know the details or what actually transpired during these things because sadly they don't mention what were the guidelines for this session in the textfile. someone may as well respond what you guys were supposed to be doing because I don't know.


    but from what I played, it lures people into a false sense of security. for an uninitiated player the first few maps seem like quick and dirty speedmaps, nothing exciting but nothing offensive. it makes you think that this was a speedmapping session of sorts. then MAP05 happens and you say "wait this isn't a speedmap this is a full-blown odyssey". and then every map from MAP08 onwards is some form of slaughtermap, designed for maximum pain and zero pleasure. with some maps having numerous megaspheres or invulnerabilities scattered one must wonder if they made this stuff as a joke. these maps definitely don't play like they're beatable levels and 0% of filthy casuals in the community will find this to be a fun wad. who wants to dispute?


    that being said this is the first wad I played that had the 3D Pinball music in one map. that's something right there.